We think adding an egg to your pasta would be eggsquisite 🙌
Recipe & photo: @bubblechildcook

Right? 🤔😂

Plants overgrown? Make pesto! Add it to our high protein, low carb spaghetti and you have yourself a flavourful easy meal 👌
📸: @branchingouttv
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This macaroni salad is too legit to quit 🙌
Healthy ingredients, arugula, peas and fresh herbs. Be warned: it’s so tasty that leftovers will be unlikely, so if you want to keep some in the fridge, we recommend you make double 😆
📸& recipe: @bubblechildcook

gabbypasta, our kid approved meals, come in 3 yummy gluten free flavours:
•mac n cheese
•butternut squash ravioli
•sweet red pepper penne
Also kid approved, the cute mini fork mascot playing ball 🏀
#linkinbio for more info
📸: @jesse.lumsden

High Protein Fettuccine + Roasted Red Pepper Sauce = an easy & quick meal your guests will think you slaved over 😬👍.
#weslay #youslay #weekend
📸: @sailor_bailey

It’s Product Day! Yay! (Sorry it’s been a bit since my last post - I’ve gotten quite busy and backed up). So let’s jump right in to my review of these products I’ve recently tried. (Swipe left).
#1 Gabriella’s Kitchen 😋 Skinny Pasta. gluten free, soy free. From Sprouts. I keep going back for more. I also got creative (and a little desperate for some soul food love) and mixed some Beyond Meat crumbles and homemade greens. Pic #2 Also reminds me of healthier a hamburger helper. Lol!.
#3. OWYN plant based cold brew coffee. 😋. Was just in the mood for a coffee/smoothie taste. And needed a caffeine kick. Sprouts.
#4. Trader Joe’s Jackfruit Curry. Yum! 😋. Seasoned well. I sub brown rice for the jasmine rice sometimes. .

#5. Koldwave kombucha 😋 New company. Cool young dudes. I happened upon them at a vendor exhibit. Be on the lookout for them in stores, coffee shops. .
#6. The Impossible Burger 😋 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’ve heard about this burger and was excited to find it at Fatburger. The taste is great! It finally has been approved (after four years) by the FDA who deemed soy leghemoglobin - its secret ingredient as ‘generally recognized as safe’. So hopefully this won’t won’t come back to bite us in the ‘buns’ 🍔😆.
#7. Starlite Enchiladas! Yum! Yum! 😋 I devour these! Gluten free. Dairy free. Soy free. Non GMO. Sprouts. Love ‘em. There are three kinds. The red sauce is de-lish! Ole’! 💃🏽 .
#8. 😝. Sunshine plant based burger patties. Sprouts. My only not-so -great-review. The sun is not shining on these in my opinion. It needs a little seasoning to shine down. I had to disguise it in a burger combined with another kind of patty which is the (drumroll please)...
#9. Trader Joe’s Qunioa Cowboy burger patties. Let’s give a big ol’ ‘Yee haw!’ 🤠 for these yummy patties. The black beans, roasted corn and peppers add the flavor you’re lookin’ for. I say, so far, the best in the West! 🤠.
So there you have it! Whew! 😅. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and what you think about them. Or if you have any recommendations. Until next time - #eathealthier #gabriellaskitchen #beyondburger #owyn #traderjoes #sprouts #plantbased #knowyourworth

Riderflex - EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE THAT OUR RECRUITING FIRM HAS PARTNERED WITH GABRIELLA'S KITCHEN (Skinnypasta)! They are passionate about empowering everyone to nourish and celebrate healthy living and it's an honor to serve their team! https://buff.ly/2AAalhK Learn more about Riderflex and how we're growing our client base at: https://buff.ly/2L6KNOe #riderflex #recruiting #staffing #skinnypasta #gabriellaskitchen

You can't make everyone happy, but this Avocado Alfredo Penne can 😏🥑
Celebrate #NationalAvocadoDay with this delicious recipe from @bubblechildcook

It's Friday, which means tomorrow you can rest your eyes 🙌

What’s for dinner tonight?! 🍝

📸: @savvysassymoms

Extra Parmesan is acceptable when the pasta is super healthy, right? 😬

📸 & easy recipe from @maddileighfit

Herbed lobster and asparagus pasta. The ultimate Friday shellabration meal 🦀😏.
📸: @sicilianfoodie64

Calling all cajun fans 📣...this Garlic Teff Penne with Cajun Cauliflower recipe from @veganricha is for you!  It's garlic-y, vegan, and creamy yet healthy.  Plus, the addition of our Teff penne means an extra boost of nutrition 👍.
We'd happily eat the garlic pasta and cajun cauliflower separately but together, well, together they are perfection 😍


May as well of eaten a pile of wet paper. 🤐🤢😷😝
My thought is: pasta in moderation. Zucchini is a wayyyy better substitute. So is spaghetti squash.
#gross #moderation #illnevergetthattasteoutofmymouth #gabriellaskitchen #sendhelpformytastebuds

Bowls on bowls! A great way to incorporate different ingredients and flavours. Plus, it's a fun switch from a salad 😎

Featured in this beautiful bowl is our HIGH PROTEIN Kale Pesto Linguine created by bowl master, Kyla! As Kyla likes to put it, #findingBOWlance is very important 😄

#linkinbio for more info on our Kale Pesto Linguine

📸: @findingbalance_14

Hands up if you love fresh herbs on your pasta 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️
📸: @eats2know

Dinner goals 🙌
#summer #pastaandwine
📸: @bagaleenies

What's the best way to spend #FourthOfJuly? Chowing down on a big plate of healthy pasta with family and friends 😉🍝.
Happy #independenceday!

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