it’s hard to know the right thing to do or say when you have a friend hurting. there is no perfect answer to this question. each person is unique in their grief, pain, and healing. but by sharing stories, we’re able to learn more about individual experiences and become better friends. that is why this account exists. to open the conversation about the hard moments we often experience without judgement or advice.

Monday, July 16th
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How to be a supportive friend: miscarriage
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The anxiety of opening ✨ #PemaChödron
A first step [in remaining open] is to understand that a feeling of dread or psychological discomfort might just be a sign that old habits are getting liberated, that we are moving closer to the natural open state. Trungpa Rinpoche said that awakening warriors would find themselves in a constant state of anxiety. Personally, I’ve found this to be true. After a while I realized that since the shakiness wasn’t going away, I might as well get to know it. When our attitude toward fear becomes more welcoming and inquisitive, there’s a fundamental shift that occurs. Instead of spending our lives tensing up, as if we were in the dentist’s chair, we learn that we can connect with the freshness of the moment and relax. ✨ #pemachodron
from the book "The Places That Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times"
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Feelings from my ancestors stir these days. Letting go of my Grandma Mary a couple of weeks ago has sunk in slowly. It has taken time. I sing her songs, hear her voice and feel my hand in hers. She holds space in my heart day to day. Peace and gratitude holds it all. The vessel that holds the past and the now mingles. It's a melting pot of being, karma, familial dances, souls journeys and our deep sweet love. She loved, laughed, softened and held herself up until the end. I am grateful to have had a chance to be with her in this unfolding.
Even though it's really only the present #beherenow I am grateful for the whispers, sayings, songs, breaths and love of my grandparents that will keep being alive in my expressions and heart. They are all always in my being. THANK YOU THANK YOU
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This hits me hard and is definitely truth. #grief #loss #quotes

Yesterday, France celebrated their Independence Day. That isn't what I celebrate the 14th if July...
Happy 4th birthday, tiny Bastille day baby. You were only alive for 10 short weeks before I miscarried you, but you are always with me. I watch my friends' toddlers, remembering that you would have been that size.
Your life and death impacted and changed me. I see pictures of myself before you, and I am surprised that I was once so naive in my happiness. Now my joy is anchored deeper down, surviving swells of searing loss. You taught me that.
I've realized that being connected to my past, having it flow into my present and future, is important to me. Maybe this is why I embrace this pain. It isn't the raw, hot, red pain of watching that heartbeat-less sonogram screen four years ago. .
It's the empty gray ache of not feeling connected to you except through this tether of pain. So I hold on to it. Proof you existed, proof I loved and love you.

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It was a year ago today that we were celebrating my sweet daddy-o's life. Stories, laughs, tears, tons of hugs, good food, 'real water', songs, memories and so much love was shared.
Dad's best pal, Hutch (left), gave the most stellar eulogy EVER - so much so that everyone present wanted to sign him up to do theirs when the time comes!

I love you like crazy, San. Thanks so much for sticking around to help, love and support me from across the veil. You're still flying, hummingbird.
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A little while ago I was reminded by a beautiful friend about the wonders of using essential oils at #bedtime.

Yep. I work with them everyday yet I myself wasn't using them at this time. Bit lije a mechanic and his car 😉
😴😴 When I arrived home I immediately made up a bottle of our #sweetdreams Pillow spray for my daughter.
😴😴 This blend smells so nice. It has hints of #mandarin, #lavender, #bergamot, #ylanylang & other #essentialoils that help you drift off to a #peaceful #sleep 😴😴 For adults this spray is also perfect and we also have our Peace Of Mind Oil which is much stronger, uses essential oils that also assist with #anxiety #depression #grief to name a few.
😴😴 By using high quality, pure plant based essential oils in our products you reap the benefits the ancient art of #aromatherapy provides every time you use verissima 💖💖

@itsbelkys shares: I’m a woman. That means I break hard, and mend like a motherfucker! All sexy and full of heartbreakingly beautiful scars.
Two miscarriages and still trying. Trying to hold on to hope. Hoping to become a mother.
#IHadAMiscarriage #miscarriage #grief #loss #lifeafterloss #1in4 #fertility // Photo by @pdbym.

Title: A Great Calling Upon Your Life

Description: A Sympathy Poem for the Loss of a Son

Written by: Joshua Cintron

Poem: My son, a great calling was placed on the crown of your head. Your birth—

your journey through life—

touched and moved hearts a plenty.

Your infectious laugh, laid-back demeanor, joyous presence;

all given and welcomed with open hearts. You are not gone; no! You are alive in the

silent force that moves us all. You
live in the memories adorned on the

walls of hearts and souls you infectiously touched.
Go and rest for you feel pain
no more.
You are with your creator now,
resting in their gentle hands.

Continue to touch our lives, guiding us now as our
guardian angel.

Rest in peace my son.
#missingyou #inmemoriam #restinpiece #grief #griefquotes #bereavement #condolencepoems #grieving #grievingmother #grievingfather #newnormal #lifeafterloss #mylove #myworld #theloveofamother #theloveofafather #ilovemyson

Happy Birthday big bro, can't believe you would of been 27 today xD I miss you loads, love you always, RIP Mattie aka Fingerz #happybirthday #happy #birthday #flyhigh #brother #bigbrother #missyouloads #grief #sad #sadness #depression #depressionrecovery

We need to make spaces where it is okay to be broken... We need to claim what we're already doing in grief and name it as healthy and normal, instead of naming it as a pathology. •
@britaaart created this animation using an audio clip from my recent appearance on the podcast @InDeepWithAngieCoiro. (Find the entire podcast here: http://indeepradio.com/podcast/megan-devine-ok-youre-not-ok/) •
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Love is funny. Life is strange. It doesn't care so much about our perfectly laid plans. Nevermind. #love #unlikely #partners #joy #happiness #life #death #grief #hope

When the show loses a band. So it eats a Magic mushrooms, adds Black Pyramid, & makes the show bigger. You stoner doom band fans better be creaming yourselves. #ralphsrockdiner #worcester #stoner #doom #sludge #grief

Trauma and Grief
Resources and Strategies for Ministry
BY R. Scott Sullender
#trauma #grief #ministry #cascadebooks #wipfandstock

In today’s world, trauma and traumatic loss are increasingly common. This book surveys the important constructs, concepts, and dynamics of trauma, loss, grief, and growth, offering resources and strategies that ministers and other spiritual caregivers can use as they support and facilitate people in their journey from trauma recovery to grief work to spiritual growth. �The book presents a framework for understanding the interrelationship between trauma recovery work, grief work, and spiritual growth. The author argues that each of these components is essential for a full and complete healing from trauma and traumatic losses and that they work together in the ongoing process of healing. �Traumas and traumatic losses are times of “crisis” in the sense that they are turning points in people’s lives; people can either grow through the experience or decline under the weight of their unbearable sorrow and anxiety. How people handle traumas and significant losses may be the most important variable in their psychological, relational, and spiritual health. The author gives special attention to describing ways in which God might draw close to the traumatized and bereaved in their process of recovery and healing.

R. Scott Sullender is a licensed psychologist, ordained minister, and recently retired professor. He has over 45 years of professional experience in a variety of clinical and religious settings.

“It was all #intentional to get you to your #next place!” ~Tera Carissa •
#Push Through to get to your #next level. Trust the #process God has you going through because it’s serving a #purpose! •
30 women share their journey & strategies on how the process leads to the promise. •
Soft-Cover & E-Books are available for purchase. Head to www.crystaljoyel.com & click on PRODUCTS.
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