No matter what. You will always be my baby! And will always be here for you even when I can't! #loveyoubaby #godknows. And on day you will to!

🙌🏽God sees all and knows all🙌🏽You can't hide🙌🏽 #GodsWord #Bible #GodKnows #StopHate #FixItJesus #DoRight #Life

#keepgoing #loveyourself #godknows #love #thinksgiving

Sometimes you just have to embrace the glorious mess that you are... God knows the intentions of my heart, He knows my damaged mind and He knows the pain of my physical limitations... Yet He loves me regardless of my frailty and failure... When I am weak God is stronger Amen?! #Godknows #Godloves #Godcares #Godisallineed

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Selamat Pagi Sahabat RPK! Mari mengawali hari ini dengan memberikan yang terbaik!

Di saat banyak godaan jahat terutama mungkin dari orang terdekat dalam hidup anda,berani untuk menolak godaan tersebut. Jangan mengutamakan hubungan dengan manusia dan kuatkan hubungan dengan Tuhan,dengan menghindari perbuatan yang Ia tidak inginkan.God bless you always 😀😀. #goodmorning #selamatpagi#rpkfm #sahabatrpk #grateful #bersyukur#thankful #godisgood #instagood #igers#instagram #godbless #pagi #greetings #tuhanmemberkati #harijumat #jumat #ucapanselamatpagi #kasih #godisthegreatest #Godisgoodallthetime #godisgood #katabijak #godknows

So ironic how the loss of a loved one brings family together. Today was filled with emotion and sadness but what prevailed above that was a sense of fellowship and faith that offered comfort. Its what she lived for and would have been proud to see. May she rest in peace. #godknows #family

When we give up on our own idea of what's best for us, we allow God's best for us to take place.
I've seen this happen countless times in my own life.
I played my best basketball when I stopped worrying about the outcome and decided to just play for the love of the game.
I ran my best barrel times when I realized that all I could do was control the controllables, and have fun doing it.
I met Matt when I was satisfied with my walk with the Lord and embracing the single life for awhile.
I got offered my current job when I felt underqualified and was just praying that the job would go to whoever needed it the most.
God provided me with a home-based business when I was feeling burnt out and asking Him to make the path clear.
I'm learning that surrender to and trust in God's perfect plan are the keys to living a life of joy and freedom.
I'm so thankful for these past reminders that He always has our best in mind.
Reflecting on God's faithfulness, especially during seasons of waiting, and not always knowing what He's got up His sleeve, is so crucial to moving forward in faith 💜

I continue to do my best to remind myself of this mentally, physically and spiritually each and everyday. This is just me and the competitor in me. But if I expect to be or become greatness. Then I best be prepared or preparing for unexpected and unwanted circumstances to come at me with great force. To try and knock me off my game, plan, mission, vision, purpose and calling. Because my view of being successful isn’t spelled or viewed as $UCCE$$. Of course I want financial stability, who doesn’t #letskeepit100 But success has a totally different meaning and view in my life now more so than ever and it isn’t just #💵 . But let me guess🤔 some, few or many will think or say “it’s probably because he has not, or doesn’t have enough of, or has experienced an overflowing of income even when she’s sleeping 💤 “ #lol hey if that’s what they’ll say or think #itsallgood #mytimeiscoming and my worth is limitless #Godknows #itshistiming and my responsibilities to work hard, stay the course and be a servant leader to receive the blessings here on earth 🌏 he’s got coming for me🙏🏽

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