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As #GE2015 is trending😛

Which do you choose?


Empower Your Future! Aljunied GRC Is Still Under The Workers Party! Hammer All The Way! #workersparty #ge2015 #aljuniedgrc

Today we is be closed geylang. For you know what. Please remember to vote. We will reopen tomorrow as usual. HANDSOMELAH SINGAPURA !! #ge2015 #ge2525 #geylangtakeover

Alright Thursday, you've been good. Now bring on the long weekend! 🙌 #ge2015 #sgelections #mithflowers #paperflowers #flowersthatlast

A wefie with all at our rally tonight. Feeling magical with the handphone torchlights in the crowd.
#GE2015 #PAP4SG #OurTampines #rally #needbetterwefieskills

漫漫长夜。#YES933 和你一起关注新加坡大选2015!


Ended my campaign at Jalan Besar tonight, right at the heart of Singapore. Thank you for coming to support me and my team. We appreciate it.
On Friday, you will cast your votes. I hope you take it seriously. This is a General Election and all seats are contested. You will be voting for the person to run your town council. The party that wins, will run the government. You will be choosing the government for the country, the leadership to work with you, and the direction for Singapore’s future.
If you support me and my team, please vote for us. Vote for a better future for your children.
This is my promise: the PAP will always work with you, for you, for Singapore.
Thank you! – LHL

Pritam Singh talks about the need to send more bills to Parliamentary Select Committees to ensure that bills are rigorously scrutinised before they are passed. "Select Committees are not created to prevent the government from working or to jam up the government." #GE2015 #EmpowerYourFuture


So I was in The Observer on 10th September. Article about #eddieizzard @eddieizzard campaigning in Finchley for #ge2015

I've found the location of the Stone @Ed_Miliband #Edstone #ge2015

Three good things, plus a trip to bonnie Glasgow, after a tough old week at work (and that includes #GE2015!) 😴🚂🛍

When you've trudged round the West End on a sticky Sunday trying on jeans that don't suit you and you deserve a treat. #Concrete is a @phaidonsnaps feast for the eyes. Sister publication to #Brick (which I bought to cheer myself up after the 2015 general election results), my coffee table just got a little bit whorier.
#jeanshopping #whyiseverythinghighwaisted #fashionfail #bookwin #concreteporn #brutalism #ge2015

My latest "LEGO" mini-figure collection satirising the incumbent and opposition political parties in Singapore 😂🤣

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