For October only, prices are still R70 for blow dry and straighten/curls and R50 for straighten only😁🌺 #mobilehair @mobilehairstylist #parttimebusiness #fulltimepassion

Brownies nutella cookies..yummmy 😋😋 Comes in mini jar. RM10/ jar (22-25pcs)

Whatsapp 0162384744

COD Hillpark, Saujana Utama, Puncak Alam & nearby area


Accepting people to join my team for a new group challenge starting November 5th!
Holidays are tough but being part of a team to keep you accountable will help.

Let’s get through the next two months together!
Drop a comment or your email addy and I’ll send you the info!


I wonder all the time what this little girl will dream about growing up to be, what her path will look like...
Watching her explore her world often leads me to reflect on my own path. .
I never dreamed of being an online health and fitness coach as a little girl. Who did right? I wanted to be everything, at some point or another - from massage therapist, to dentist, to physical therapist, to nurse. The common thread between all of those dreams was I wanted to do something that made people feel good through their health.
That dream stayed with me and when it was time for college I did what I was supposed to do - got my degrees and worked in the real world. I worked for years in the health field doing clinical research with the *hope* my work would one day help people. And while I loved the work itself, I felt so far removed from directly making people feel good in their everyday life. But I didn't exactly have any better option. And then I got pregnant with Tommy. .
After having Tommy, and many hard talks with my husband, I had to come to terms with leaving the outside working world to become a stay at home mom. The money after paying daycare just didn’t justify being away from him. But stay at home mom - THAT is a job I definitely never dreamed of. All I could think about was how I was throwing away my degree, giving up on my dreams, and wasting 5 years of my life until Tommy was old enough to go to school (makes me cringe to say out loud now, I know)
You know that saying, one door closes another one opens? As soon as the door to the corporate world closed, the door to becoming a health coach opened. I wanted to shut it real fast because I had all the normal fears. Did I have the time? Did I have the skill? Would everyone think I drank the kool-aid?
But then it hit me - Here is this once in a lifetime chance to live out the dream I'd held onto since I was a little girl. A chance to directly help people feel good, and the perks of getting my own health in check with an actual paycheck. This was it. This was the dream and my chance. I chose not to waste it. .
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Here comes some fresh effectivi-TEA!
New @heydude_icetea drinks for our office fridge just arrived ❄️

I love getting paid to work on my dream job (part time) in my pajamas on my oversized chair in my cozy home! Life is good ❤
#dreamjob #passion #followyourheart #intuition #parttimejob #fulltimepassion #goaldriven #girlsontherun #gotrpocono #lifeisgood #dreambig

Stop comparing. The only person you should be in competition with is YOU.

Shooting a new commercial series for @tomrasorting on the FS7


When your mom works for Hershey and you visit her for the weekend...let’s just say “some” chocolate was consumed...🍫🍫 Point is, we all have days that we’re not on our best behavior when it comes to our nutrition. The important thing is to get right back on track. One day won’t derail you, but 6 days might.
Stay consistent and use every Monday as your fresh start👊🏻

New construction, new beginnings! Drywall is up in my client’s new home and so is the siding! It’s all coming together beautifully!! This process can be overwhelming if you don’t have someone in your corner helping you speak up and double checking you’re getting what you asked and paid for. Give me a call to help you in your dream home build!


#closedbycrystel #soldbysaturday #cummingnewconstruction #dreamhome #atlantacommunitiesrealestate #cummingrealestate #cummingrealtor #fulltimepassion

It’s never too late to start a new journey. Step outside.

#deepthoughtsbyjenn #stepoutofyourcomfortzone #fridayfeels #fridaymotivation #fridaylove #makeithappen

Weekend Tingz!
Friday-solo @byronbaygolfclub but it’s a private function so your not invited 😂✌🏾(but come anyway lol)
@wharfbarballina from 8pm.🥂
Back at Hotel Maclean for a Country Session 3pm.

#friday #saturday #sunday #giglife #partimejob #daddylife #fulltimepassion #blessed #withmusic #grind #for #mine 💯❤️😎
📸 @demicasha

Exercise doesn’t have to run your life!! Months later, I’m still at it and getting incredible results!
I’ve been eating very clean throughout the week and indulging on weekends 🍺🍩🍪🍕 (probably more than I should be). Guys...I work full time, I’m a mom, and I’m 40 😳. I’m not doing anything crazy or dedicating hours to working out. It takes 35-40 minutes of my morning four days a week! I’m not starving myself either. I eat 4-5 meals a day.

What if I told you that you could try it FREE for two weeks? Would you at least give it a shot?🤔

Round ✌🏻 Week 4 and my biceps feel like they’re going to burst 😂
Coming into October strong 💪🏻! My team just got their first taste of this program and they are already obsessed!! Ready to join us? Drop your email addy for the link!!👇🏻👇🏻

New week, new month, new goals!! My FAVORITE program has finally been released!!! Start this month off right!! Drop a comment below and I’ll send you the link!!
Don’t wait until January! Do it NOW!! 👇🏻🎃👇🏻🎃👇🏻🎃👇🏻🎃👇🏻🎃

I’m so freaking excited!! 😱😱 The program I’ve been doing since June is finally being released on Monday, October 1st!!! Seriously, this is by far my favorite program that I’ve done.
Drop your email below and I’ll get the link out to you on Monday👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 and you’ll be entered to win my absolute favorite product that gets me through these workouts😬😬😬 4 days a week. You DO have time.
Let’s go!!!💪🏻💪🏻 #thisis40 #40yearoldmom #dancemom #momofgirls #workingmom #cleanfreak
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Let’s see what this beast can do 🚀


Rainy Tuesday ☔️ Yesterday was my late night at work. I left my house at 7am and got home at 9:15pm.
I still packed breakfasts and lunches. This morning I still got my workout done and put some pork tenderloin in my crockpot for tonight.

Yes, it CAN be done! Don’t tell me you’re too busy! You’ll find time if you want it bad enough!

#thisis40 #40yearoldmom #dancemom #momofgirls #workingmom #cleanfreak
#busyaf #busymom #greyhoundmom #momofgreyhound #eaglesgirl #phillygirl #hypothyroid #thyroidectomy #thyroidcancersurvivor #parttimejob #fulltimepassion #jenniferlynnfitness

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