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Lounging around in lounge wear ✔️ @adoreme #AdoreMeGlow #ad

Heute hatte ich Besuch von den zwei süßen @nina_lessia & @luckyme_online 👭 Eva wollte leider nicht mit aufs Bild 😉
Wie es aussieht, wenn wir unsere #fromwhereistand Bilder machen seht ihr in meiner Story und in der von @nina_lessia 😂🙊 Wie ist das bei euch? Jedes Bild ein Treffer oder braucht ihr auch mehrere Anläufe? Ich hab manchmal 20 Bilder gemacht, bis eins dabei ist, das mir gefällt 🤔🙊 #we #girls #ootd #daily #outfitpost

Me Today 🌸
Ich hoffe ihr hattet auch einen schönen Tag ☀️ leider habe ich beim Shoppen nichts gefunden, außer das ich mir 3 GB mehr Datenflat aufgebucht habe 😯6GB sollten jetzt reichen 😂oh mann Insta macht einen echt fertig🙈!! Heute Abend ist Finale 🌹wer gewinnt was meint ihr ? Ich hoffe ja Clea-Lacy, habt einen schönen Abend Ihr Süßen 💋
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I'm not much of a cookie person, but these soft cookies blew my mind! I want to marry that coconut cookie and together, we'll make more coconut cookies.
@benscookies #benscookies #nyc #newyorkcity #manhattan #cookie #🍪 #newyorker #newyorknewyork #newyorkstateofmind #ilovenewyork #thebigapple #breakfast

Sending my love and thoughts to everyone in London today ♥️🇬🇧♥️ #staystronglondon

I see ⭐⭐⭐'s // #thatsoteemoments

Ube Brioche Donut & Ube Crinkle sitting on Lavender Matcha Drinks, k-i-s-s-i-n-g.
💜: Their Brioche Donuts are available only on the wkend, so make sure you pick some up before they're all gone! Thank you @kaperepublik for having us! 💜

All of the pretty little bridges


about 2 seconds before he crashed the cart into my knee 😆

Love exploring tiny towns within other towns. Chinatown in Philly.

This gem in Lower Queen Anne is becoming my favorite place to grab a tasty beer 🍺 It always reminds me of my time spent in Munich and all the lovely bierhaus 🙌🏻 And of course you can't go wrong with a good charcuterie + cheese board 😛

Teaching value and color mixing never gets old, it's like a magic trick or science experiment every time. 💙 #spring #value #mixingpaint #kidart #fromwhereistand #fromabove #experiment #play #findjoy #choosejoy #igbethlehem #iglehighvalley

Hint of spring.
Suede bomber jacket: @allsaints
Gingham shirt, chinos: @jcrewmens
Wingtips: @tobootnewyork

When he asks to take a bath instead of a shower 💛

You betcha I'm soaking this in.

Stamp #649 - Jordan 🇯🇴:How to get the perfect Treasury view 👀?! The hike ascends 150m northeast of the Palace Tomb in #Petra . A way of steps leads uphill. First you will reach a hilltop Nabataean cistern, with fantastic views of the Theatre. Continue walking to the south and you will reach the viewpoint. The climb takes about one hour.

Thank you @jory.luis for leaving your #ShareYourStamp !! ✈️🌎 For more awesome #travel and #wanderlust tips and #adventure download the Stamp Travel #App Today. The link is in our bio! ✈️--------------------------------------------------

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As much as I want to kick up my feet and relax..I still gotta work work work work work! Only 7 more shoots and 1 wedding until my maternity leave!! #sixfootphotography #sixfootbride

"forget your perfect offering. there is a crack in everything. that's how the light gets in" leonard cohen

Santa Barbara Courthouse

if you told me six months ago that I would go on a yoga retreat I would have laughed. if you said I would practice 5 hours a day + hike on said retreat I would have thought you crazy but just smiled (because you should never call a crazy person crazy😜). but here I am. it was a powerful reset and an incredible way to welcome spring. I am SO thankful for the experience I had, the connections I made❤, the good food that powered my practice and my work on the mat which always leads directly to the work going on in my heart and mind. my heart is full and my mind is at peace. here's to not knowing what's around the corner... and welcoming it with open arms.📿🌿 #selfcare #justbreathe #hotyogaerrdamnday #roadtrippinghangs
ps shoutout for my husband, my mother-in-law, and my aunt who all did double-duty to cover me. it does take a village and it reinforces why taking care of ourselves (as mothers) is so important. I was joking when I told my husband it took three of them to replace me but at the same time it's so true. we mama's work hard for our families and without proper care, we can burn out. it's no little thing to be the cheerleader, housekeeper, gardener, homework helper, driver, cook, event planner and personal assistants to our children. we are bomb dot com and the best way we can model healthy living and radical self-love for our children is by living it.💚

I cleaned and tidied our entire house from top to bottom a couple of weeks ago and I'm pleased (and shocked) to say that it is STILL mostly clean and tidy over two weeks later. 😁 It sure does make a HUGE difference coming home from work to a room like this instead of a room that looks like a tornado hit it! 🌪 This also means that Momma gets to relax and have a little more fun this weekend instead of wasting so much time cleaning up! 🎉 On a side note, I blogged about the pom poms trend for spring today! Lots of cute picks including a couple of dresses, a clutch that is to die for, and two pairs of sandals that you need! The direct link is in my profile.

Feeling so fueled and refreshed. I've been spending a lot of time reading, listening to podcasts, dreaming and living. I've been working on following those dreams and it gets so hard sometimes..but it's nights like these that remind me why I stick around🌞✨

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