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I've been wandering through the vineyards & cobbled streets of France's famous wine-growing region, spending my days getting lost down sunny side streets & my nights curled up in quaint Chateaus. The charming teams from @visitfrenchwine and @_oliverstravels_  have given me a glimpse of what it's like to spend some town in this area and it's been a treat- life moves much slower here, the locals smile at you and the wine really does taste better when you drink it on a vineyard. @visitfrance @thepcagency #Spon #VisitFrenchWine #FeelFrance #FeelBordeaux #whydoordinary

Talk about living in an Instagram bubble 😉. There are times when an image goes to plan, when it’s quick and easy to do - I like those times. Then there are the times when you spend 30 minutes lying on soaking wet grass, freezing cold, trying to keep perfectly still while Dom attempts to angle a bubble over the right place (turns out bubbles are harder to photograph than kids and animals). I don’t like those times as much 😂

‪An unexpected journey...(I forced Julia to take this photo with me) #ForcedPerspective #Hobbit #WBStudioTour

"Forced Perspective" is a fun photography trick that allows you to make things look bigger, smaller, farther or closer, depending on the distance between the camera, the subject and the background. Almielu @travers_la_lentille was able to fit the setting sun in the palm of her subjects hand. 🖐☀️ Check out this hashtag #forcedperspective for some other great examples. Happy clicking! #stcaug #startingtoclick

My better half and I having some fun with forced perspective on the #saltplains of #uyuni. No this isn't photoshopped. #forcedperspective #bolivia #faandmainlatinamerica


This is a #NoFilter pic of my wife's perfect cheesecake #ForcedPerspective makes my toes look very small #VerySmallToes

The High Line - New York City
🎶Took the Blue Line ↪ to The High Line 🚂
🚸 Went to the sideline, to sit and recline
To read the headlines, and watch the skyline...🏩
Could've jumped but I declined 🏃, cuz in New York, I feel fine! 👌😆🎵
#Dontreadit_Rapit 🎙😂
📷 by @samtheslyguy & @lisatang13

Sometimes, we captured a moment that we personally get amazed with it. Sometimes, our photography giving us something more than what we expected.
#elpi_juan_sp #elpi_documentary #phoblographer #streetphotography #forcedperspective

Yo dude does it look like I'm holding the building with my fingers? PC: @mynameisntgreg1 #freelilfil #vusquad #europe #budapest #forcedperspective #5pmsomewhere

Bodie Island Lighthouse, 156 feet tall
Lauren Judith, 5’ 9”

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