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• Merge | I keep finding bits and pieces of writing all over my phone in several different kinds of apps. In related news, I’m making really good progress on a book.

I like to focus on what feels good...
I like to start my day most every day focusing on thoughts, emotions, things that set me into a good vibration throughout the day.
Some days I do this better than others.
Some days I do this so well I can feel the good vibes floating through the air.
Some days I wonder if I'm even doing this right.
I know if it's working by the way I feel and by the way things are turning out.
I've had dreams lately that have been steering me in the right direction and also readings that have confirmed so much of what I have been thinking and feeling I know I have tapped into a way of BEING that is riding it's own very cool current in the Universe.
I do a lot of this thinking and processing and essentially...it's a whole lot of recreating in my journal.
And it's absolutely amazing to see the results of this daily practice really come to life.
So much so I wanted everyone who had a desire to get intimate with their conscious mind to be able to have a guide to get started with so I created a booklet on how to do just that.
It's free, it's awesome and it is a really intimate way for you to start to unravel in a safe and cozy place.
If you want this for free I'm super happy to pass it along. Links in my bio @cassie_mjeans and you can get started on it today or tonight, whenever you happen to be reading this.
Amazing happens all the time and quite often it happens in those quiet moments of reflection. Slow down, read, Journal, mediate and listen.
Love always ✨🌏 - Cassie

"The colour of happiness isn't blue, the colour of happiness is you." #poetry #forTheLoveofWords #happy

Jean-Pierre Simeón
: something I read today.

Pretty cool thing here...was at a local bookstore and she was quite taken by my "author-ness". 😂😂My daughter was listening so I did hold my head up a little higher. I love books and words and places like this. I could have stayed all day- alone 😏. #booklover raising #booklovers #momlife #attic #bookstore #read
BUTTERFLIES & SKIN is 13.95 on Amazon😊. I can also take care of signed copies if that's important to you. #fortheloveofwords

What a phenomenal morning! 🙌You see that big stack of books in the middle!! Its a cake!!!!🎂We were at the official lauch of the 10th anniversary edition of LitFest in March 2018 and Ally was chosen to be Festival Champion from her school this year! She's the youngest festival champ eva and it makes me so proud to see her journey at the festival from being a toddler at the Time Out story sessions to having this wonderful opportunity to speak at her school, strategize and let everyone know about her love of the festival! It'll be our seventh year at the festival and she's supremely excited about her entry in the Short Story And Poetry Contests under the theme of Memories as well! Psst there is a phenomenal line up of authors this year from Alexandar McCall Smith and Kevin Kwan to Cheryl Strayed, Kate Adie, Anthony Horowitz, Jacqueline Wilson, David Walliams and a ton of others. We were so excited that we ended up booking a few early bird sessions at the venue this morning! Ah! If we could only just fast forward to March already! If you're a foundation friend too you can grab your tickets before everyone else for the next 25 hrs! 🤓booknerd #fortheloveofwords #eafol18 @emirateslitfest #blessedbeyondmeasure


• Merge | I keep finding bits and pieces of writing all over my phone in several different kinds of apps. In related news, I’m making really good progress on a book.

A poem from Hearts + Words ❤Elies

“Barn’s burnt down / now /
I can see the moon”
- Mizuta Masahide

Truth leaping from fingertip to fingertip
Those two magic words, “Me too.”
This is where is all starts, healing takes ahold, and a fellow sojourner helps to excavate a buried soul.
It’s amazing how bright a shared lantern can be.
Hand in hand, our iron-clad grip keeps us on the path and ensures that we take the safe way home.


in lumbar regions ..stretch

letting his tail out
telling it without
heavy breaths
in sweet scented necks ‘you’re so soft’
he said.. Heaven

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#dressember #itsbiggerthanadress
Artwork courtesy of Von de Haas (@something.i.did) for @dressember *
The aisles were filled with racks upon racks of beautiful dresses. I had never been able to choose my own dresses. They were always chosen for me and they were always gaudy, tight, revealing numbers that left little to the imagination of the steady stream of perverse clients that Max sold me to. Night after night I was sold to whom ever was willing to pay. Never once did I know how much money Max had made nor was I ever able to “be sick ”. If I was sick, Max would inject me with a shot of heroine, or as he called it “Antibiotics for whores like me”. I shuddered. It was a miracle that I was rescued and even more of a miracle that Penélope the kind grey-haired house mother of the mission took me in. She had helped me detox from the heroine, which wasn’t easy and she vouched for me at the salon. I had washed the hair of all the other women who were also Max’s captives, and I became quite good. So good in fact that I was often called on to help the others get ready for their so-called dates. “Choose any items you want”, the red-haired lady said from her perch behind the counter. Penélope knew a really rich socialite who once a year donated all her dresses to women like me-women held captive, enslaved, mistreated. According to Penélope, she had escaped a similar situation years ago and had built an empire. If she could succeed, I thought, we all could.
As I searched amongst the racks of designer dresses one dress caught my eye. It was simple. Black and white checkered pattern and not one of the many designer dresses. I picked it up and held it out.
“This one.” I said with a smile.
“Good choice love, this is the dress I wore when I testified against my abuser. It represents strength, power and possibilities-it suits you well.”
She winked and walked away.
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Freedom Friday!
Hey you-YES YOU! Stop for a minute and read this feed.
Sure it’s not as pretty as some (okay most) Instagram feeds and I get it, I’m not selling anything that you want or think you need. Heck, now that I think about it I’ve really got nothing special going on, except a few stories here and there, additions to writing prompts and a whole lot of quirky photos.
I’m kinda cute but I’m not that stunning, Instagram stopping square that makes you want to stop and hit follow...I get it! But for a quick moment humour me and hit PAUSE. I’ve got an important message. Collaboration, Community, Caring...An opportunity to make an impact, a difference, feed the soul of others and care.
I have had the honour and pleasure of collaborating with two like minded women-Von de Hass and Jed Wylde (a.k.a @something.i.did) Image and illustration in this square belongs to them, created specifically for these Freedom Friday squares. Over the past few weeks these two women-who I don’t know (I follow them because I love their poetry/ illustrations and they inspire me to write!) and I have connected to collaborate in @dressember, a cause that has become near and dear to our hearts. They have poured their heart and soul into these creative pieces to help and I want to say THANK YOU!
#dressember is #itsbiggerthanadress. And life is about building #communityovercompetition and #makingrealconnections Don’t you think? Okay scroll on...
#activecitizens #beheard #fashionforacause #dressingforacause #bethechange #impactpreneuer #supportacause #femaleempowerment #womensupportingwomen #consciousconsumer #youmatter #showyoucare #ladybosswriter #ladybosses #writersunite #creativepeopleunitev#spilledink #fortheloveofwords #writersofig #globalwordsmiths #fortheloveofthecause #poetry #illustrations

No. 7 of the collection "How to be Less of an Asshole" .

i'll love you
happy and broken
beautiful and messy
laughing and lost
in pieces and whole
agreeing with me or not

i won't try to change you
i'll listen and disagree
but i'll be stronger
than to only use words
that make me seem bigger
but no closer to you
and me

i'll let you say
you're sad and lonely
even though i'll feel useless
standing right by your side

i'll listen
never a nuisance
to hold on to us
for when your eyes open
and you lift your head
and step out of that page

i'll be there
we'll be here
// hold on to me //
. .

Feeling my pen connecting to paper, the paper to the tree, the thought of it connecting me to earth... other planets... my mind... a tiny soul binding with the whole galaxy. When I write, it’s that connection I’m looking for.

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No. 6 of the collection "How to be Less of an Asshole" is dedicated to Stella @merkabahmachine for whom the most annoying people are the ones sucking good energy out of everyone. This card is my positive take on it.

A snippet from "differenc3", on my #ExpressionsByLewis blog on #Wordpress. Been a minite since I found myself watching my wife sleep. Something about her being pregnant makes it tempting. Sensible, even. In itself, "differenc3" is part of a poem I wrote in my mind the other day, laying next to her, with my hand on her ovary... Anyway... my contribution to #WriterWednesday this week. Y'all feel free to go check out my poetry blog. It's free. Takes a click or two. A variety of stuff on there. From sex to apartheid, yo. Y'all be blessed in ya humpin on this here #humpday 💪😠 #HumpOn
#Differenc3 #LewisPBryon #SpokenHeart #ForTheLoveOfWords #WriteResponsibly #EpicPoetry #LoveLetter #ForTheMrs #WomanCrushForever

Title: Enough
Sometimes it’s hard to believe that someone else can see the real person we are and the true value contained. When you find that person, they will Love you for your strengths just as much as for your flaws. Be confident that you are worthy. .
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#confidence #selfworth

This has legit been my life in every spare moment the last few days! Why have I never read this book before??? #redeeminglove #francinerivers #reading #booksarelife #books #bibliophile #readingaddict #christianbooks #redemption #hosea #borrowedbooks #sogood #blogger #fortheloveofwords #wordgirl #inlove

Life as a teacher (as I am sure with any profession) has its ups and downs. 👍🙏🏻👎. But there are some days when the stars align ⭐️ and the light bulb goes off 💡 and they just get it 💯! Today my 2nd hour was my inspiration for coming in to work despite the snow 🌨 and the cold ❄️ and the wind 💨! They work so hard and motivate me to never give up... no matter what gets thrown your way! ❤️ We have been working a lot on growth mindset this year and making sure we go into class giving it our all every single day with a positive attitude! These little angels made me proud today! 😇

#inspire #middleschool #teachermom #fortheloveofwords #wordshavepower #teach #growthmindset #reachhigh #cantnobodyholdmedown .
#harrypotternerd #fitmommy #mywhy #nevergiveup #boymom

My heart empties out into the ocean.
Vessel to vessel
I ask with a sadness,
Am I free now?
and the sea, with a gladness, replies:
Child, you’re free
when you fill yourself
with what you just gave to me.
Then she rises up with her waves to meet me
and her sight without eyes receives me
and she pours back the life into
the place where through the core of my soul
she becomes me.

👁 from the Arthur Rackham Fairy Book, 1933

When Jesus spoke again to the people, He said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”
•John 8:12•
We need the light, so we can see. We need the warmth it offers. We get to enjoy it’s beauty, as it just is. I’m loving all the wonderful illuminations that are found all over the city now, in thoughtful preparation of the Christmas season.
But what really is it about the light that captivates us so much? What power does a little flicker poses that would make us feel so drawn to it?
I’m reminded that Jesus told us He was the light. And not just a light, but THE light of the world. He was effectively saying that every reason we can see or feel exists because of His radiance. It is the stunning brilliance of His light and love that allows us to be drawn to Him more and more, wrapped up in that luster.
It is a reassuring feeling to close my eyes and contemplate how there will be a time where the entire world will be enveloped in one unified blaze of light that will be Him; all of our eyes will see THE LIGHT, and it will be glorious!
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