Thanks to @tbn @propelwomen @lisabevere @christinecaine for making this training available #today!

We would love to know if those in our survivor homes could be scholarshipped to attend future nearby events. We train survivor leaders to lead in recovery programs and a growing number of industries. #WomenLead #FORFREEDOM


#TogetherWeCAN #PreventDetectEndHealTrafficking

Just getting started at the Freedom Business Alliance Conference #humantrafficking #forfreedom #endit

Record attendance of 400 at Walk For Freedom San Antonio this year! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 You made this possible! The weather was perfect and everything came together. Thank you for coming out and being a part of this global event. Our work isn’t over! We want to simply say thank you for supporting this cause and for shining a light on modern day slavery. 🙌🏼
Abolish slavery everywhere forever!

#WFF2018 #WalkForFreedom2018 #WalkForFreedom #A21FreedomChasers #FreedomChasers #SanAntonio #HumanTraffickingAwareness #Endit #EndHumanTrafficking #A21 #ForFreedom #SA300

Incredible privilege to again be part of A21's @walkforfreedomzuerich A solumn but fulfilling experience. #walkforfreedom #a21 #humantrafficking #slavery #worldwide #forfreedom #makingadifference #zurich #switzerland🇨🇭

PART I: “I’ve been traveling for seven years. I've always been fascinated with the idea of hitchhiking and living outside. I was pretty sheltered for most of my teens. I lived though stories in books and all I wanted was my own adventure. I had no idea people actually still lived in ways I read about. In my early 20s, I got a job as a waitress but also go-go danced at a gay club in Boston one night a week. My friend and I would go to a local bar to drink and smoke with all the travelers. It was really only a matter of time before I fell for one and hit the road. •
I fell in love with traveling right away. The freedom was all I had ever wanted and everyday was an adventure. I started dreading my hair, learned how to play the ukulele, and got gifted the most amazing dog in the world. I have been to all 48 continental states, as well as the Caribbean. I've road trains and hitched and walked miles and miles and miles. I met some of the most amazing (as well as terrible) people. I believe that having incredible times in your life, means accepting some crazy low points too. And I embrace every second of it. Even when it rains for days, and all my stuff gets wet, I'm still glad to be where I am, because I know the next day could bring some incredible experience I haven't had before. •
I've seen areas of the country most people will never get to see. I've spent many nights around a fire listening and playing music with the most raw and genuine people I could dream of meeting. I've seen people get lit on fire and smashed with crow bars, and I've seen people embrace their freedom and be free of their fears.”

“Raskull I” Cambridge, MA 2018
Now added to the series “Lost and Found”
#adventure #brave #vulnerability

every step we take locally leaves a footprint. every poster seen, every person made aware of the issue of human trafficking, adds up to one global impact - a world where everyone is free. #walkforfreedom #iamanabolitionist #freedomfighter #humantrafficking #awareness #a21 #survivor #hope #forfreedom
thank you 💕 @danafarisrd and @slim_roethlisberger for your support!! ✊🏻👟🌎

A glimpse into our evening with the community of Rosamond, CA and our friends Pastor Dave & Linda Hernandez. We were privileged to serve last night during their three-day revival. Our joy is full after reuniting in God’s glorious presence. The message: ours is to abide in Jesus while He abides in The Father. In Jesus the requirements of the law, the words of the prophets, and the demands of a holy God are fulfilled. Ours is to abide in the finished work of the cross of Christ by doing two things . . . Love God with every part of ourselves & Love our neighbors with the same self-love we use to look after ourselves. Putting God first in every area of our lives and contending for the greatest good of friends and strangers alike; this is what Jesus commands. -ra 🎶 #revival #GoYe #musicmatters #forfreedom #love

Don't wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect. ❤️🔥🎉 #BusinessSummit2 #NewDirector #TrueHealth #ForFreedom #WeekendWarriors

We are in AWE at your generosity Pittsburgh! Plus what people gave in person today at the walk we are over $9,500! #forfreedom #fortheone #walkforfreedom

Skazany Za Niewinność a jak F3D brand
@artblant1234 pozdrawiamy 😎😎😎🤓🤓🤓😈😈😈 #blant #aro #skazanyzaniewinnosc #f3dbrand #forfreedom #dlawolności #pdw #smokeweed #dope

Join us #today 10am at @calvarylighthousenj in @lakewood.nj.local #Forfreedom

Location: http://www.calvarylighthouse.org

@can.abolition @CAN_ABOLITION

Today was more than I could’ve E V E R asked for. I signed up for this walk less than a week ago as a last minute endeavor. I didn’t completely understand the mission, or truly how big of a deal #humantrafficking is. Today I watched a community filled with every ethnicity, gender, and background come together to raise awareness about human trafficking, the sex slavery business, and how we can join together to help put an end to this problem.

Did you know that only 1% of human trafficking victims are ever rescued?! I’m making it my personal mission to celebrate my freedom to raise awareness that not everyone is free, and the sex slavery business does not discriminate. It’s up to us to put an end to this.

So, how can you help?
1. If you see something, say something. If a situation looks fishy to you, call the PD and report it. Cops would rather you call in and report something, and it be nothing vs you not reporting it and potentially missing the opportunity to save someone’s life.

2. Know the signs of someone who may be a victim; like keeping their eyes down, with someone walking close by them at all times.

3. Reach out to your local churches or organizations for ways that you can volunteer or donate to help support this mission.

#walkforfreedomsatx #walkforfreedom #forfreedom #humantraffickingawareness #a21 #freedomchasers #SATX #sextraffickingisreal #endhumantrafficking

⭐🎶🎵Star of light, that leads me 🎶🎵⭐Today is a day for the Brazilian people to be on the streets in defense of democracy against fascism. the Rio de Janeiro football teams have united in defense of a free, diverse, democratic, inclusive, social and environmentally fair Brazil. Among them my Botafogo team 😍😍😍⭐💖 right-wing candidate Bolsonaro manipulates elections here in Brazil with robots that spread fake news on social networks. 100 thousand robots contracted for 3,5 millions dollars (12 million reais) by boosting. Imagine that !! Public Acts today throughout Brazil. #TorcidasUnidasDemocracia
# cauxa2dobolsonaro #crime #fraudeeleitoral #eleNAO #eleNUNCA #eleJAMAIS #nothim #againstfascism #forfreedom #democracy #braziliandemocracyinrisk #Haddad13 #HaddadPresidente #eleições2018

Savannah, WE LOVE YOU! The very first Walk For Freedom in Savanah, Georgia was a success thanks to YOU taking the time to walk with us, hand out flyers, and support A21 financially. We couldn’t raise awareness of the issue of human trafficking without you. Who else is already looking forward to Walk For Freedom 2019?!
#forfreedom #walkforfreedom #walkforfreedomsavannah #slaverystillexists #a21 @a21

“This is what the LORD says: "Maintain justice and do what is right, for my salvation is close at hand and my righteousness will soon be revealed.” Isaiah 56:1
What an amazing day friends! Woke up in beautiful Vancouver, and got straight to business. @a21 Walk for Freedom!!!!!
We had the honour to raise awareness, to this amazing campaign, being Gods hands and feet, and coming together to educate the world around us about human trafficking. And not only that, but the fact that it happens here...outside our front doors.
We want to send a special shootout to the lovely people we got to meet on the walk, especially to our wonderful hosts @benjoellush @ebonyariyanlush @walkforfreedomvancouver
Benjamin & Ebony Lush! We appreciate you greatly!! Already super excited for next year! But we hope to see your awesome faces again very soon!!👇🏽
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