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IMAGINARY FRIENDS!!! (I wish they had imaginary emojis) @missamandaparis @chuckmiester_

Actually I don't know what the name of this dish because of Thai font. Lemme give it name "THAI PORK SOUP" You got to believe me, this watery dish is totally recommended. Their soup was strong on taste and creamy. So it supported pork becomes delicious in every bites. You can choose kuay teow or noodle as companion but both are awesome 👌🏻
If you guys want to find this food, I direct you from the Hotel that I stayed (U HATYAI) In front of lobby, there's a road, you just turn left and straight ahead until the first intersection and then turn left. Walk about 10 metres (before first left turn) and you will find the mini restaurant that sell that soup (hook position - on the Thanon Boonrong UTHIT 1 Road). DM me if you need more explanation 🤙🏻
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[🍗😍Sukjai Set]


Pesta ayam goreng 😘👍 dulu ya Bunciters

Buat kalian yang sedang liburan ramai-ramai ke 📍🇹🇭Thailand, boleh nih cobain aneka Bucket meals dari @kfcthailand. Seperti yang Buncit coba ada New Sukjai Set (399 Bath - 160rb), terdiri dari 8 pcs ayam goreng, 2 pcs WingZ Zabb (rasa-nya asam gurih mirip tom yum), 1 set Chicken POP, 1 french fries, dan 4 minuman. 👍😘Mantaps
KFC Thailand
IG: @kfcthailand

#KFC #KFCThailand

What's up IG world? Sorry I've been kind of quiet lately, life has gotten the best of me and I haven't had much time (or energy) to conjure up my usual snarky-as-fuck, yet emotionally raw and vulnerable Instagram posts. Not to mention, I'm having a tough time determining what type of pictures to post on this account. Most of y'all followed me originally for my food and beer porn. Some of y'all followed me cause of my quirky personality and ever-changing hair colors.
Post shower pic, sans makeup. Dyed my hair purple last night. The color change was long overdue, but it took awhile for the inspiration to come. It actually looks cooler in natural (aka sun) light. Didn't get a chance to snap a shot during the day, though. Life, it happens. Adulting, it happens.
Hope everyone is having a great week thus far! Xoxo, Ashley

WHO knows the name of this edible flower 😊? Usually I always decorate my cakes with roses, tulips or other scrumptious flowers but today I want to take a minute to honor the more simpler and wild dandelion flower 😊🙏
The flowers and the leaves are both edible and with the flowers you can make a delicious flower tea 🌼🌼🌼👏the leaves contain Vitamins like A,C,K and B- vitamins and can be used for stabilizing blood sugar 💚💚💚....I made these cakes yesterday on my day off as it was a short notice order from the makers of the German series "Löwenzahn" 🦁🌼😀
I already watched this series when I was a child so if course I couldn't say no 😀💚....If you want to see both cakes just swipe to the left 😀! One is made with strawberry and Cashew Yoghurt and the other one is chocolate and hazelnut 💚....They are both more on the simpler side as I only had one day to prepare but I hope u like them anyways 😅💛I'm wishing you all a beautiful day and much love as always 💚😘 💛 💛

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cooling off in this sweltering new york heat with some vegan ice cream from @vanleeuwenicecream 🐰☀️! ok ok hear me out: if there's one thing that vegans do better, it's ice cream. especially at this place. super creamy, and creative flavors like this blue "planet earth" made with spirulina and matcha 🌏 oh, and toasted coconut brownie sundae. yep. ya welcome.

🎋Shake shake shake. Shake your BUDDAH 🐲#buddahbowl #albacoretuna #kale #avocado

No yolk, this was delicious. Personal faves from this spread was the burrito and huevos rancheros! Thanks to @pacifichideaway x @breadandbutterpr for hosting! 🍳
- 🍽: Porridge (quinoa, chia, peanut butter, banana, toasted coconut, almonds), Rio Bowl (acai sorbet, house-made granola, blueberries, banana), Black Bean Hummus, California Breakfast Burrito (scrambled eggs, bacon, waffle fries, avocado, cheddar cheese, sweet Thai chili sauce), Huevos Rancheros (sunny side up eggs, black bean purée, oaxacan chilé sauce, pico de gallo, cotija, & Grapefruit Juice. 🙌🏼
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Pasta & Truffle 👌 @sagramelbourne |Handmade Tagliolini, black truffle butter, shaved clack truffle, Parmigiano Reggiano|
#trufflemelbourne #brencktruffle #brenckliveloveeat

BREAKFAST AT BUBBYS 😋 $20 for a stack of pancakes - definitely to share. Try these banana nut pancakes 🥞 #budgeteatsnyc

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a plate of #pannacotta with a #strawberry on top ✌️💜

Yesterday's Birthday 🎉🎂 Dinner I made for a friend. Fried drumstick, white rice, black beans, sweet plantains & side salad

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Días atrás os enseñamos como hacemos las migas de tomate. El resultado es este refrescante plato veraniego con sardinas marinadas y su pipirrana. #Claustro2017 #welovegrx

Wueenak naann!!

Recuperando regalos fotográficos que nos hacen nuestros clientes. Este es de @solele.fisio Gracias! #ExperienciaBacus #Bacus2017

Want to know the best way to keep your food safe? Wash your hands in soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. Rinse your produce and gently scrub - no soap needed. Cook your meat to the recommended temperature. Store your food properly. Food safety is a science, but can be relatively simple in your kitchen.

Finally let my new coworkers in on my little doughnut secret and im now the most recognized new hire lol. 90% of them still dont know my name but im now the "doughnut guy" or "That guy with the good doughnuts".

🇩🇪 Lange ist’s her, dass ich #Sushi zum Frühstück hatte. Hat aber auch geschmeckt. Wie sah Euer Frühstück aus ?
—————————————————————— 🇺🇸 Sushi for breakfast is not the baddest idea.

Este es lo que podríamos definir como un arroz de invierno, aunque en Valencia nunca hace frío de verdad. Doña Teresa (El Tossal) utilizaba la variedad Bomba, que se cultiva en el Parque Natural de Pego, provincia de Alicante, al lado de Denia. Tras haber experimentado con otros (el Arborio italiano, por ejemplo), llegó a la conclusión de que este le ofrece unos resultados culinarios idóneos.
Una aportación de esta familia es que le dan más o menos minutos de cocción a sus arroces dependiendo de la cosecha, pues esta gramínea también tiene sus años buenos y menos buenos, dependiendo de la climatología y de ciertas plagas. Suelen cocinarlos en un caldero metálico.
Este arroz montañés, llamado así a pesar de que el conejo es de corral, aunque no las setas de temporada y tampoco los caracoles, es muy sencillo de elaborar. Se sofríe el conejo. Cuando está bien dorado, se le añaden nabo amarillo y patata, troceados. Después, un diente de ajo, laminado, cebolla, que debe quedar también dorada, y tomate de pera rallado. Cuando todo está muy sofrito, doña Tere incorporaba pimentón dulce y azafrán. Lo remueve suavemente todo para unificar los ingredientes y pone agua. Hierve durante unos minutos – a ojo sabe cuándo se ha ablandado el conejo y el nabo – y echa el arroz y los caracoles. Cocerá unos dieciocho minutos. Lo rectifica de sal; antes lo ha aromatizado con una hierba autóctona, pebrella, y lo sirve caldoso. Buen arroz montañés.

When you love puns and cocktails, this is what your wedding signs look like. #TBT (sign: @kenanhill, photo: @tezzamb)

🍴🐠🍴Salada de Sashimi 🤗 Ideal para um almoço de verão ☀ Venham experimentar esta deliciosa e leve maneira de comer sushi ⛩ #buzzfood

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