All set up and ready to go at the Winter Warmer market at East Ulverstone Primary.
It’s a beautiful day outside so get out of the house and come and check out all the things. 10am - 2pm 🤗👏🏼🤩#pia #paintinginacrylic #abstractart #abstractpainting #fluidart #fluidity #fluidacrylic #fluidpainting #market #marketstall

The Blue Lobby of the Pacific Design Center is a wonderland thanks to artist Jeremy Holmes and his creation ‘1/4 mile’. Holmes used thin boards of white ash hardwood molded into continuous abstract shapes to convey movement, fluidity and enticement in this one-year temporary installation. In a word, breathtaking. @holmesarts

La fluidez del agua en nuestras vidas... Nada es permanente!
The fluidity of the water in our lives ... Nothing is permanent!

#enjoyinglife #fluidity
#greatday #goodmorning #being_alive #comtemplation #walking #seoul #enjoyingsummer #beinghappy #traveling #my_pics

Essential oils have been such a magnificent part of my life. I have been drawn to them for a long time now, initially making the switch to these beauties, rather than drowning myself in chemical ridden perfume
But only in the last year have I witnessed their power to truly change my life, from assisting my digestion, to calming my nervous system and being my go to when I’m sick.
Every night I religiously diffuse lavender and balance my diffuser an hour before I drift off to sleep, to ground my body and mind.
Essential oils for me are the most beautiful self care practice and have allowed me to tune into what my body truly needs
If you would like to learn more about these precious gifts from earth and bring them into your life, please feel free to comment below or send me a direct message
Have a beautiful day x
📷 @katepenberthyphotography

For Pride Month, I'm talking about sexuality, my identity as a pansexual as well as my desire to not have a sexual identity at all, the everyday awkwardness of "coming out", and unlearning heteronormativity in our everyday lives. This episode is for all sexual identities and anyone who wants to explore the topic of sexuality as well as unlearn heteronormativity. To listen, click on the link in my bio or subscribe to Live A Conscious Life podcast in iTunes 🎧
Enjoy, and happy Pride! 🌈
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When we change our perspective, our world begins to change
Daily gratitude is so very important on your path to living an extraordinary life. Gratitude lets the Universe know your purpose, your deep love for like and joy for being here now⠀
Before you close your eyes at night, take a moment to say out loud 3 things you are grateful for each day. This could be the people in your life, the roof over your head or connecting back into your body.⠀
Connect within and share loving kindness to ourself foremost, and then to others

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