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Mood board for a Mediterranean-inspired terrace in the heart of Hong Kong. The materials start feeling right when they begin to sing together.

New Yorkers do #Floridian #polo

I love being a #Floridian ! It's always pool time ❤👙

Good morning from Florida! ✌🏻 #domingo #floridian #miami🌴

That moment you become a real Floridian and buy a Disney Annual Pass! #toomuchexcitement #disneyparks #annualpassholder #floridian

Last taste of this snow trash before I become a Floridian!

#LaterSnow #LaterMI #Floridian #Snow #Skiing

Life is made up of definable moments, many often go unnoticed. Tonight, I think I can say with certainty, this is one of those moments for me. Tonight I have officially become a Floridian. #lifemoments #awful #tacky #floridian #smile


John and I rented bikes yesterday to explore the island and head all the way south to Tahiti Beach - famous for its giant sandbar and ever changing tides. We failed to account for terrain and road condition, and soon discovered our leisurely island bike ride was a BIT more of an adventure than we had expected. But the physical effort was worth it when we arrived and discovered this giant and beautiful starfish! And we rewarded ourselves with a resort pub crawl on the way home. (Which turned out to be an adventure also once we realized just how quickly the sun goes down.) YOLO, right?

Just a girl and her palm trees- on cloud 9 right now! #palmbeachstateofmind #floridian

Why can't there be a dinosaur emoji 😩

Enjoying the beach on this beautiful Sunday.

Morocco 🇲🇦

@sparky18888 and @vtm_theking_4 , when i was in FL last december, my wet dream was to meet you both, so when I found this car I thought it was a one of one build BC, too bad it was @lamborghiniks driving his transformer Veneno in the stealth mode 😂👊🏽😜🔥🔥🔥🔥 #pompanobeach #florida #weird #floridian

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