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#flashbackfriday to an unforgettable weekend with my ladies. Love you all. ❤️
Thank you @legaseany @moxytimessquare @baccarathotels

#flashbackfriday 🐶"Hey Pumps what cha thinking about?" 🎃"How we can help the Elephants. I don't understand why people are so mean to them." 🐘❤️ I will never understand why anyone would want to bring harm to these gentle giants. Sign any petition you can to help stop this insanity. #savetheelephants #BeKindToElephants

Last time we played Dallas... #TZTD #FlashbackFriday #BeatDallas #FlyEaglesFly

Laughing everyday. That’s how I roll. Me or anyone trying to tell you how hard life is and how to handle it is dumb. I don’t know jack about your problems so who am I to speak. Everyone’s different and life isn’t a one size fits all #flashbackfriday #dieliving

Elephants are highly intelligent, graceful, loyal and have amazing memories- so much so that they even recognize one another after years and years of separation and greet each other with wild, boisterous joy. Lifting the ban only puts them in further danger.  Trophy hunting of any kind should be universally outlawed, as it does not aid in conservation.. 🙏Please leave our animals friends alone 🙏#flashbackfriday #fbf #bekindtoelephants #savetheelephants 🐘#hugs

#FBF: 9 years ago today, on the brink of the lion falling in love with the lamb and creating a global #Twilight obsession. (📷: Getty Images)

#flashback to when we had Isaak Presley on the show. I have this sneaking suspicion that this kid is gunna be really famous one day so I'm trying to get in on his good side now.
#fbf #flashbackfriday #fullerhouse #fullhouse #shirt #thiskidissomuchmorefashionablethaniam @isaakpresley

This is me “watching” 👀😴 my Daddy’s tennis 🎾 match when I was a baby 👶🏼🍼 Sorry Daddy, but if I’m not the Ball Boy tennis is boring! FYI I make a really good ball boy minus the Frenchie drool on the tennis balls! #BabyGomi #naptime #lilgomitheillesthomie #gomithefrenchie #fbf


#flashbackfriday I love you. 😘😘😘

Who wants to snuggle 😍 #flashbackfriday to a lil chicken nugget I like to call #lilterv

Baby JaeLah MaeLee. #flashbackfriday #prettygirl

#flashbackfriday to this beautiful transformation

#flashbackfriday of my friend Rebecca and her experience with our Soothe Regimen, here is what she had to say... "HOLY SMOKES! 🙊🙉🙈 First let me say I can't believe I waited so long to post this because let's face it...my skin is totally transformed! I have always had a fear of going out in public without makeup because of the severe dryness and redness of my skin. Soothe was just the beginning of my skin transformation. I am now able to treat my skin with other regimens because my skin is finally free of damage😁

Y'all I stand here today to tell you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Don't be afraid to invest in your skin! Using Rodan+Fields has been nothing short of amazing which is why I am building a business around these products." You may be like Rebecca and have really inflamed sensitive skin or you may have redness and dry skin in certain areas. I would love to help ease the sensitivity and dryness you are feeling.
Watch this short video on how and why Soothe WORKS!! Then message me!


#flashbackfriday to last Friday, meeting the Worlds Cutest Tag Team, @candicelerae and @joeyryan You guys were so amazing and so kind! You guys kicked ass! Thank you guys so much!

My face to Uncle Shane when he says I don’t post on my Instagram enough 😜👅 #flashbackfriday

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