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it’s been 5 months since I did this amazing thing so I thought I’d share my birth story! So here it is! The birth of Noah Kristopher Bridgeman! Noah Kristopher's Birth by Courtney Bridgemann
Noah is our little rainbow miracle baby. We spent 1,035 days waiting, thousands of dollars on IVF and many sleepless nights, tears and triumphs to get to this moment. I knew from the moment I was pregnant with my first child that I wanted a home birth, but at the time it wasn't possible for many reasons. Part of me also knew what I wanted and knew about how to advocate for myself and avoid unnecessary interventions in hospital, but I still ended up with an experience that was far from ideal, though I won many battles which I am still proud of.
I met Gail (our midwife) 4 years ago as I was right into the local homebirth group. Throughout our infertility journey she helped us; for years she put up with my complaining, phone calls, crying, meeting up for talks and she even would visit us at home to show us how to do our IVF injections. Gail supported us through one of the hardest times of our lives when we lost our IVF baby in October 2016 (miscarriage), and then celebrated with us again when we got pregnant with Noah. She is amazing! And that's an understatement! We even moved back to Armidale so we could have our homebirth with her.
At about 30 weeks pregnant I started having preterm contractions and Gail instructed me to stay home and rest. It seemed to work and my contractions didn't get any worse, but they didn't go away ether. I thankfully made it to the 37 week mark and my contractions ramped up again. The prelabour was exhausting; I was practicing all of what we had learned in the SheBirths course including yoga, acupressure and massage, and we even made the eggplant parmigiana under the loving guidance of our doula Gretta. I can't speak highly enough of having a doula for those hard times, not just in labour!
Finally on the 21st of September I started early labour in the morning. I woke up that day in such a lovey haze. .... story continued in comments .. ↘️

“É tutta colpa della luna... quando si avvicina troppo fa impazzire tutti.” William Shakespeare 🌓🖤 #moon #moonlover #lunatica #photooftheday #picbyme #canon #photography #blackandwhite #tbt #fivemonthsago #10sep #love #life #future

Viajar es más que ver lo que hay para ver; es iniciar un cambio en nuestras ideas sobre lo que es vivir que continúa en nosotros de manera profunda y permanente. 🌊🌅🐚🐰💙 #garachico #piscinasnaturalesgarachico #lomasbonito #adoroesatierra #necesitovacances #fivemonthsago #inlovewiththesea #tenerifelicidad #tenerife

•Wedding Day• 💒

First time seeing the Opera House. Miss you guys !!
#fivemonthsago #firsttimeaustralia

|Training session today| -
- making up for #Deadcember.. 5x5 @163. Muscle Snatch and Clean from the power position prior..
Repping the @ksuowlsstrength today #smoothcriminal #patellarepair #fivemonthsago @johnmhat with appearance!

Hôm nay đi làm có người bảo "Nhìn e chắc không đến 54,55kg đâu nhỉ?!" Sai rồi anh ơi. 😂
Em hơn 60kg rồi, được cái cao nên nhìn gọn thôi. Nhớ hồi xưa quá huhu...
Hồi 5,6 tháng trước này còn 54,55kg nè. Còn đẹp nè. Còn tươi nè. Thích mặc vest, ngày nào đi làm cũng được mặc vest nè. Giờ có muốn mặc cũng mặc không vô. Giờ ai cũng chê tàn tạ là sao 😭😭😭
#cskh #top9 #miss #fivemonthsago 😞

I mean.. what happened to me since I came to London? #flashback #fivemonthsago #fatgirl

Prije 5 mjeseci❤💓💕🚼🎀
#fivemonthsago #mybabyboy #mylife #lovetotakephotos #proudmother

I forgot I took this?? 🤔 But I sure am glad I found it! @kingsteph7 #BonobosFamily #FiveMonthsAgo

“Mi piacciono i tramonti.
Sono la dimostrazione che a volte anche la fine di qualcosa può essere spettacolare”. #fivemonthsago #mallorca 🌅❣️

**sweet home Alabama
where the skies are so blue**
#polishgirl #instagirl #colors #goodmood #justsimle #fivemonthsago #lynyrdskynyrd

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