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Muscle is built the same way character is -- slowly by repeatedly undergoing stress and tension. Challenges and "failures" in life can either break us, or MAKE us. Remember, in your toughest moments, you are refining your character. You are writing your legacy. www.kelseywells.com/app
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I've been working a lot lately on stomach vacuums and can tell my stomach is slowly getting tighter. When doing stomach vacuums you're contracting a muscle we sadly don't think much about today (myself included & I have a lot of work still to do), which is the transverse abdominis or TVA.
The TVA, which lies under the rectus abdominis and obliques, is the deepest of the abdominal muscles. It's a unique muscle because it doesn't connect to and move bones closer together like most other muscles. In fact, many of its fibers don't connect to bone at all. Instead, they run across the midsection, hence the name transverse abdominis.
But the TVA isn't just for use when we're lifting; it also serves to hold our internal organs up and in our abdomen where they should be. Think of the TVA as the anti-distended-abdomen muscle. And that's exactly why you need to train it!
For beginners, give this a try:
• Start by lying on your back with your hips and knees flexed such that your feet are flat on the floor or bed.
• Next, exhale as much air as possible. This raises your diaphragm and, much like an empty stomach, allows for maximum contraction of the TVA.
• Lastly, pull your navel in as close to your spine as possible. The more your navels draws in, the more the TVA is contracting.
In the beginning, try to hold the vacuum for about 5-10 seconds or so on each set. I've been doing 5 sets of 5 every morning when I wake up, on an empty stomach. As with any exercise, you'll want to progress over time. Work up to holding the vacuum for 30 seconds each set. 💪🏼

Who would of thought that this day would have ever came a few years ago. For those who have been following me for along time, you know I've been chasing this dream for years now. Dreams happen with action. Never lose sight of your vision and never let someone make you believe that you cannot make it come true. But like always, it's grind time! 💯✊🏽😤
-This Is Just The Beginning

Blissful days ⋆ in the sunshine🌞✨😇

6 years ago I was told I'd always have pounding chronic migraines when I did physical activity. 6 years ago I was homeschooled and stayed in bed most of the day. 6 years ago I used sleep to escape my mental health. 4 years ago I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis (incurable chronic bladder condition) and IBS. 6 years ago I began battling extreme anxiety and mental health. And yet looking back now.. I wouldn't change a damn thing. I've hit rock bottom, and hell I'll probably hit rock bottom again, but this time I'll know that I can take whatever life throws at me. Im still working on myself everyday, and my mental and physical health isn't perfect, but I wouldn't be half the person I am today without my struggles. Whatever you're going through, from big things to small things, know that diamonds are made under pressure 💍 even when it may seem like there isn't any light at the end of the tunnel.. keep pushing. This is where life is testing you to build or break.

😎Snippet 2 of my posing routine for competition this past March, designed by none other than the great @desrick_ifbbpro and performed in front of coach @ludachrisifbbpro , @yuliaberezina and my woman @sexyirochka 🙏
♩Which song would you like to see a bodybuilding routine performed to?💪🏼🤡

While on a long road trip, I snuck in a little workout while pumping gas. 🚘 Our Raptor has a HUGE gas tank, it took a good few minutes. Apparently, I had a car or two stop to watch my quickie! 😂😂But hey, get it in when/where you can!!


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Work in progress. Always learning, always improving!

Successful workout today 💗💪🏽🤗

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🍓You and me and everyone around us here in Instagram Land is uniquely different. I love that. We've all got our own story and that, I think, makes each of us incredibly powerful. But regardless of our uniqueness, we also have a lot in common. Like, a lot a lot. And 4 of these "a lot a lot's" begin with the letter P. So whether you want to get rid of some stubborn fat or put on some muscle or get stronger or a combo of all 3, let's see what you and me and everyone watching shares as a requisite for fitness success.
☃️PATIENCE: I say this all the time and not because I want to sound like a dodo bird but because it's true. Patience is everything. I know it sucks to hear but you will not achieve your "ultimate physique" in a week or month or probably even a year or two or three. It takes years and years and years of consistent hard work and, even then, it's a never ending process.
🏓PERSISTENCE: you *will* have bad days. You *will* miss workouts. You *will* go off track with your nutrition. That does NOT mean you failed. It means you're a human being and living life. And all you need to do is persist and get right back on track. Because the sooner you get back on track, the sooner you'll get momentum in your favor and move closer towards your goals.
🌽PASSION: you don't need to have passion for fitness. But you do need to have passion for yourself. For prioritizing YOUR health and YOUR goals and what YOU want in life. It's easy to forget about yourself and put everyone else first. Stop. Take a minute and listen to what YOU want. Find that passion, harness it, and direct it relentlessly towards your goals.
🦄PIZZA: truth is I couldn't think of another "p." But, then again, pizza is the best invention in the history of ever (next to unicorn blood☕️, obvi) and we all need some flexibility in our diet. So don't feel guilty for having a slice or two or six. Have it, enjoy it, post a filtered pic of it on IG, then get right back on track.
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Time to workout, y'all! Sipping my pre-workout and getting ready to CRUSH it. I currently do all muscle groups 3x/week, run a day or 2 and do abs/core another day. --------
It's not just about the workout, though. I've been slowly cleaning up my diet after giving up from a plateau about a year ago. When I look back, it annoys me knowing how truly close I was to my goal. I was too focused on the numbers on the scale. Learned that lesson hard! Haha. --------
Don't give up!!

ᴮᴱ ᵞᴼᵁᴿ ᴼᵂᴺ ᴿᴱᶠᴸᴱᶜᵀᴵᴼᴺ 📸 - #bepardomas

Everything comes to you in the right moment.

Be patient.
Be grateful.🙏🏽 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Outfit by @apparelenvy these ladies have it all!!💕 Looking for new yoga, training or even summer outfits... EVEN more they have the 👌🏽Bikinis
One stop shop!! Plus some are designed and made local 💁🏼🤗 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
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Think of 7 things you are grateful for! Scientists proof that being grateful makes you a happier person 😊 #behappynow #thursdaymotivation

Just in case you were wondering.. I survived double gym day! I'm sweating like a monster. I'm a healthy shade of purple. I'm exhausted. But I did it. I did it dammit 😅 And I could not be prouder ❤️
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Some girls get their confidence when their abs start to come in, some feel it when their butt gets perkier- neither is me, y'all can have that shit✌🏽 when my back starts leaning out and getting thick AF is when mine blows TF up 😎😤👹 where the 100s at? I got some dumbbell rows to crush👅🏆#GameTimeFuckers ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #whatsyourexcuse #holdstrong #fitnessmotivation #backattack #shownomercy #undergroundathletes #fitfam #npcfigure #npc #roadtoifbb #ifbbpro #gymrat #wideload #gotwings #figurecompetitor #inked #delts #keepgrinding #stayhumble #whatilivefor #focusonthefinish #fitspiration #preplife #purebliss #tunnelvision #xweeksout

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