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How do you build strength?

🤘🏼Focus. Stay on a program (and specifically a strength program.)
⚡️Be consistent. Maintain form and practice the movement with lighter weights in addition to the heavier ones. .
🤘🏼Remain persistent. It takes time and can’t be rushed. You have to gradually increase your weight overtime. .

⚡️ I avoided training bench press for so long because it was always hardest for me. But it helps with your overall strength and muscle development! •

🤘🏼If you’re just starting out:
-Practice with a pole first. Like a PVC pipe or a broom!.
-Keep an arch in your back and keep your upper shoulder blades planted into the bench. There’s many force loading reasons for this.
-Use your breath! Take a deep breath in when you begin and exhale as you push the bar up. .
-Remain focused, consistent, and persistent! •

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Describe how “Unrest” felt... 😂😂😂


Thoughts on this poem? Like and comment if you can relate
Want to say thanks to my aunt @lladyk_ for always having my back and helping me build when I fall off.
. .
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I know you love these things (and I'm not going to deny it) but this one is especially funny.
Literally my @atorrass and I tucked into a pair of trousers I was wearing this past summer. The best of all? Laughter this morning putting both of us inside.
The worst ... Think that before filled it whole.
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#memberspotlight: incredible progress by @natalieehret besting her @usarmy PT exams since college. Goes to show with a little determination and discipline you can achieve feats that are greater than you imagined. #KEEPBURNING Natalie! 💪😅

I can. I will. I must.

Act like a lady and lift like a BOSS @cristina_tee Makes it look easy! Thanks for posting these incredible shots
Waist trainer: KIM
Model: @cristina_tee
Available @: www.glamo.bigcartel.com

Wanted to get an early run in this morning before it gets too hot!
4 miles done, but today was a little slow.

Eating before you’re workout definitely can make a difference. I had a lighter meal than usual because I wanted to get out the door sooner... and I could tell I struggled more in the run. 😬

BUT I know better for next time! 🏃‍♀️ Do you normally eat before a workout, or do you like to go on an empty stomach?

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