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So now whatever exercise I'm doing, I can't help but think "Hmm - If I ADD a MINI BAND will it be HARDER?" 🤗
Yes I do have my low energy days (I swear I do 🙏) but when I feel good I always like to have fun & push my limits. Sometimes my ideas don't work out & I am sure I must look pretty silly to anyone watching me.
This idea on the other hand, ended up being TOPS 🔝
Today’s Combo:
✅Jumping Squats {quads & glutes}
✅Chest Squeezes
✅Side to Side Walks {outer thigh - adductors}
✅Lat Pull-Backs
Remember the best thing about resistance bands is that the possibilities are ENDLESS. The different colors usually represent different intensity levels so you can mix & match depending on your goals for that particular workout.
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Good morning guys and happy transformation Tuesday! It's been a while since I posted a transformation picture so here you go.
Just a quick reminder... I NEVER was a skinny girl. Like never never in my life. I always liked eating junk food, sweets and to barley workout. Even tho I used to dance a lot it didn't help much because when you eat junk you can train 20 hours a day and it won't help you!! 😂😩Lol sorry guys but it's true! 🤷🏽‍♀️Back then I didn't know that losing weight is 80% eating CLEAN and having a healthy lifestyle!
Today I'm still the same woman just with a different mind set. I still love junk food & sweets but the differences from back then to today is that I always find the balance between having it all day long , to eat clean during the week and have a cheat meal / cheat day to just enjoy life. I can not change who I am and I don't want to. I love how I managed my weight loss journey not only because I've learned so much about health & fitness, also because I NEVER prevent myself the things I liked to eat. I always found the healthy way to satisfied my cravings. Sometimes I still struggle with eating clean but it's OK! Take everything in proportion and remember that moving on and sticking to your goal is the key to successes.
I'm the happiest woman on heart! 🙏🏽
Do that one step for yourself, for your health & your happiness and change your life. It's never too late. 🙌🏽💪🏽 ------------------------------------------ Email me for more info about my nutrition plan & gym workout schedule! 📩 dorielfit@gmail.com

The first step in recovery is being sick of being sick.
Which sounds simple enough especially when an eating disorder makes every aspect of your life miserable. But it’s not.
An eating disorder is safe. It’s a barrier between you and the rest of the world. It’s a way to cope.
And without it you have to face everything. So being sick of an eating disorder is just as much about being ready to face the world and everything that comes with it as it is about losing the disorder that makes you miserable.
So when you think about recovery, ask yourself “are you ready to learn how to face the world again?”
Because that is the first step.
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After I created six figures in my online fitness coaching business in my first 9 months in business (starting from homelessness, with no experience, and overdrafted in my bank account), other coaches started asking me how I grew my business so quickly.
At first I was like “hell no, i’m not sharing my secrets,” But then i realized transforming my body made me feel like I truly got my life back. And I wanted as many people in the world to experience this unbelievable gift. If I was going to help accomplish that, then it would happen fast by me sharing my secrets with other fitness coaches to grow their businesses.
Because I’ve learned when other fitness coaches go full time in their business, the world gets fitter, faster.
It’s a fact and definitely what i’ve seen since we started the Academy 10 months ago. With dozens of fitness coaches going full time in their businesses through our system, many making $7k, $10k, $20k in their first month in the program.
If you’re tired of not creating the online coaching business you know is possible for you, and want to take the next step to make it happen, click the link in my bio to apply for the Wealthy Coach Academy and let’s take your business to the next level immediately. 🙂

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Always a big fan of @BodyBossMethod 12-wk Ultimate Fitness Guide ! The high-intensity workouts deliver big results in a short amount of time 💪🏻 Takes only 24 active mins for 3 times a week! And just for you girls - Black Friday came early! Special 25% Off just for you guys on your #BodyBoss Fitness Guides NOW! Use promo code SWEAT25 - what are you girls waiting for? 😉 #BossEffect #ad

Haters would say Fake 😂😂


live with your soul; feel all that there is to feel. contrary to popular belief, a "perfect body" will. not. make. you. happy. but live freely and find the things that do! happppyyy tuesday!! hope you're all having a great start to your weeks. i was feeling low yesterday & debated the gym allll day but i finally made it at damn near 10 pm lmao NEVER miss a monday, it sets the tone for your entire week. and now i'm here for my HIIT session & tomorrow is leggg dayyyy 😬 safe to say i'm pumped ❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨✨ ••• #weightlossjourney #fitnessjourney #trusttheprocess #enjoythejourney #fitfamily #gymjunkie #weightlosstransformation #progress #healthy #healthylifestyle #fattofit #obesetobeast #endorphinjunkie #fitnessjunkie #flex #fitspo #inspo #weight #loss #cardio #femaleswholift #strength #strengthtraining #toning #selfcare #bodypositivity #love

Such a fun workout just done with a friend! 😍 tested out new exercises too. very funny. my back is burning now😂😂

got my workout in this morning because i knew that once i started on my assignments i would lose all motivation. so i got my ass to the gym and i’m about to make some lunch, and then i’m going to hit the books!
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Är ganska nöjd med att jag kunde hålla sub 4.30 tempo och allting höll ihop, inga kroppsdelar som lossnade eller fallerade och jag blev inte särskilt trött. Ser ljust ut inför framtiden men jag fortsätter nog ta det hyfsat lugnt ett tag till, jag har annars en förmåga att börja tokköra direkt det börjar kännas lite bättre.

It’s #transformationtuesday 💪🏾and for today I have to again own that the biggest transformation for me is on the inside—in my head 🧠 I’m sharing a before/during my #fitnessjourney pic because there’s no after, yet. And I’m kinda scared to share it but, here we go... Saturday I had a meeting scheduled at a pizza and pasta spot. Usually I go to a restaurant and order from the menu, without much preparation or thought. BUT I have #fitnessgoals and recently I’ve been slipping.
Sooooo, I checked the menu online ahead of time and realized they really didn’t have anything that I could eat on my plan (w/o modification that would make it taste like cardboard) and I didn’t want to feel crappy about making a poor food choice. So I opted to eat one of my #ladimaxlifestyle prescribed #healthy whole food meals BEFORE the meeting and then just order some simple steamed broccoli 🥦- mainly so my meeting mates didn’t feel uncomfortable (ppl are really weird about food and when ppl don’t eat, etc. post for another day). WHEN I GOT HOME 🏠 this outfit 👙 that I’d ordered holla @fashionnovacurve 🙌🏾 (knowing it would like not fit, yet) was waiting for me in my mailbox 📬. It doesn’t fit the way I want YET but it made me realize that I’m stretching myself. & reaching toward the version of me physically and mentally that I want to see. And if I’m going to win (& I am going to win trust & believe) then I have to be strategic and make hard choices. Like eating steamed broccoli when surrounded by yummy sun dried tomato Alfredo (sorry had a moment 🤷🏾‍♀️💯🤤). #realtalk I wanted that crispy buttermilk chicken sandwich with fries across the table from me. 🤷🏾‍♀️ OMG it looked so good. Anyway, so yes I have no after pic for that #romper yet, but I feel really good about the choice I made. It’s a lifestyle, it’s a #mindset, it’s a #journey and it’s mainly within our control. #blessup We’ve got this #business #love #fitness #life 💯👊🏾👌🏾💋

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