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1⃣Better form when Squatting.
2⃣Back support when Weightlifting.
3⃣Perfect for (Construction workers)
4⃣Helps with better Posture.
5⃣Thermal core to help you sweat & lose belly water gain.
6⃣Can be used while cleaning, jogging, gym, walking, cycling, working and more...
7⃣Can be hidden under clothes.
8⃣The Band is adjustable as you continue to lose inches.
9⃣Assists with smoothing rolls and bulges.
🔟If you have Scoliosis this will assist your back during training.


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Sin duda este ha sido uno de los movimientos más complicados de mi reciente entrenamiento. Bien pude haber dicho no puedo — no los voy hacer pero de nada me sirve eso! Nunca quiero caer en lo que las personas flojas dicen cuando no empiezan hacer ejercicio! A absolutamente nadie le compro el pretexto de no hago ejercicio porque no me gusta o porque no puedo. A otro lado con esa MENTIRA porque hay un sinfín de maneras de como puedes ejercitar tu cuerpo. La verdad es que muchos son FLOJOS y están llenos de pretextos!!! La mayoría prefieren atajos o NO se aman lo suficiente para cambiar. Es la triste realidad!!! Yo prefiero retarme y sobrepasar mis propias expectativas todos los días. No estuvo perfecto el movimiento pero lo logré. ¡Vamos! #workoutmotivation #ejercicosencasa #getpaidtoworkout #freedomchasers #getpaidtoliveyourlifestyle #getpaidtogetfit #latinoboss #seekgreatness #greatness #fitprofessionals #fitmenteam #entrenadores #entrenamientos #healthylatino #latinosaludable #timednutrition #fitcouples #couple #parejasaludable #hombresfit #fitguys #fitguysworldwide #trusttheprocess #fitspiraton #fitspo #fitinspo

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Sorry for the blurriness lol and for some reason it's not posting the the video and it won't let me post the rest 😩🤦 buuuttt here's a glimpse

Just in case u missed my live streams the other day 😜. When I say I wake up everyday and love what I do. Literally... Here's Another one of my clients. These ladies came to me with goals and I will be sure they see results within a month. As long as they stay dedicated and continue to trust my process. I appreciate each and everyone of my clients... These ladies put in workkkkk that day! along with a few of my other clients. When u have a passion to help others the success in the field is limitless... My job is not just to train but to help ppl in all aspects, physically,mentally, and emotionally and believe it or not spiritually too... at the end of the day it's a lifestyle change not just a hobbie... Make sure y'all get y'all workout in today 😛💪
And feel free to check out my other workout vids

Always remember,You can do anything you put your mind to. Never give up,stay focused,set goals, have patience,keep the faith,stay positive, appreciate the ones who have your best interest at heart...And KEEP GRINDING!! Discipline y'all!! Fit liffeee😜😜🙌🙌💪💪
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[VULNERABLE POST] I want to bring you more raw and authentic content like this where my stomach area is still not where I want it to be! I could be fit from other areas of my body, but this has always been the hardest for me to work on! I had the urge to post this video just how you see it because more people on Insta need to be real! The reality is many people struggle with food addiction, binge eating, weight gain and negative self image. Many people don’t admit it, but deep down they are not happy with their bodies. I was one of them. I would always put myself down, talk horribly about it and never really appreciated everything my body allows me to do. Because I’m sick of seeing other men and women on social media showing off their 6 pack and “filters” and calling themselves inspiration. The majority of them won’t tell you how they got there (yeah hard work.. but what does it look like?)... they don’t show the process and in attempt to break with that bullshit I’m showing you here. In my opinion all they are doing is creating self doubt in the other 99% of the 🌍 who think that’s what defines success. Their shirtless selfies and bikini pics don’t help anyone. Cut that crap and show your human side filled w/ imperfections. For the past 3 years I’ve committed to being healthier and I’ve fallen off the wagon so many times, but that just goes to show I’m just like you. Before I’d be ashamed of falling off, but now I’ve learned to embrace it and speak up about it because I’m by no means a #fitnessmodel!!! Soy una persona igual que tu con adversidades pero no me doy por vencido. 💪🏼💪🏼 I’m writing this post because we need mental and emotional health to speak louder people! We need to feed more and more positive content into the brain!!! When was the last time you read personal development???! Fitness isn’t about looking good physically, it’s about FEELING good emotionally. The weight loss comes automatically when you love yourself UNCONDITIONALLY for who you are in that moment. My message to everyone reading this... don’t wait to loose the weight to be happy. Be happy because your beautiful, strong and unique. #fitnessjourney #workoutfromhome #fitspo #fitspirstion

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Thursday exercise let dance #cardio🏃 #fitnnes #fitfood #fitmenteam #fitfamily let dance💃

Como #fitnesscoach veo todos los días como algunos cubren sus traumas, inseguridades y miedos con cosas materiales pero en realidad lo que necesitan es trabajar y afrontar el problema desde la raíz! Deja de mentirte a ti mism@. Es allí donde no muchos desean viajar... ya deja de vivir con el miedo por encima de ti. ¿Tu controlas tu miedo o el miedo te controla a ti? Arregla de una vez y por todas lo de adentro para que lo de afuera se solucione solito!!! De acuerdo??? #frases #qotd #qotd2

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