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Weekend recap 150th Fisk Homecoming #FISKFOREVER #2011 πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’™

WE WELCOME #FISK21 ! 🐢🐾 Fisk Fusion was LIT! It doesn't stop here either! (Swipe left to view the videos from tonight!) #swagsurf #jiggatrain #fiskforever πŸ’™πŸ’›

Inaugural Talented Tenth Gala & Award Ceremony last Saturday in DC. Thanks again to the Washington Fisk Alumni Association for the recognition! #FiskForever #webdubois

I would like to thank Maya for giving us great inspiration for the Spring Art Show 2017. This was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do but I'm glad I did ... πŸ’–πŸ’ž #FiskForever

Yay! A new fish bar has opened up in my hood, can't wait to try it out @ Bar Fisk 🐟 #barfisk #amsterdam #hotspot #newintown #fiskforever

#Fisk21 prospective student, Alexis Brown and her counselor, at the Top 20 College Commit Day at Princeton High School in Cincinnati, Ohio! Current Fisk students from the Cincinnati area, Dylanne Twitty, Drew Taylor, and Angelica Kollie were in attendance to bring gifts and officially welcome Alexis into the Fisk family! #FiskForever πŸ’™πŸ’›

JOHNNETTA TAUGHT ME // Spent the afternoon in the woods at the Fisk Student Leader Training Retreat where I talked about Fisk's institutional history. We talked some about campus, buildings, towers + tunnels--debunking some myths along the way--and reinforced the true HBCU stories of Ella, W.E.B., John Hope, L.M., Beth, Nikki + of course, Johnnetta. #HBCUstory #HBCU #FiskForever #FiskFamily

Fiskites at the home of Judge Allegra Walker! #fiskforever

Of course shout out to all the graduates of Fisk University today. But I have to give special consideration to my beloved Blu and White family. We just make scholarship look so good, don't you agree? #PhiBetaSigma #ZetaPhiBeta #FiskForever


Pi chapter Brick fundraiser at my beloved Fisk!!!!!!!

Fiskites at the home of Judge Allegra Walker! #fiskforever

Yay! A new fish bar has opened up in my hood, can't wait to try it out @ Bar Fisk 🐟 #barfisk #amsterdam #hotspot #newintown #fiskforever

We haven't talked in maybe 10 years, but we just sat on the phone for over an hour talking like we talk everyday! We never skip a beat and its always love. We always pledge to do better and this time I hope that's true because TRUE friendships are so rare! #myforeverfriends #truefriends #realfriends #ilovemyfriends #nottoomanypeopleinthatcircle #butonceyoureinyoureinforlife #relationships #friendships #Fiskmadeusfamily #fiskforever

Calling all #Fisk21 students! Be sure to join your Fisk University Class of 2021 Facebook class group today! Ask questions, meet your future classmates, view external scholarship information and much more! We'll keep you updated on the go! πŸ’›πŸ’™ Search "Fisk University Class of 2021" on Facebook and request to be added to your class group. This group is the Official Fisk University Class of 2021 Facebook Group created specifically for the Class of 2021 students only, where official news, etc. directly from the university will be posted. It was designed to help members of the Class of 2021 network, be informed of pertinent up-to-date Fisk information, serve as a posting for scholarship information, as well as answer some of your questions before New Student Orientation in the Fall of 2017 and serve as a great resource tool throughout your 4 year matriculation at Fisk University! #FiskForever

2000. Back when I wasn't comfortable with my lanky frame and tried to hide it in big tees and jeans. Still have that shirt and the shoulders though. #fortheculture #flyshitonly #fiskforever

Happy Mothers' Day from two Fiskites and two Jubilee Singers at First Baptist Church Capitol Hill! #fiskforever #jubileesingers #fbcch

I still get #excited when I see my images in use. I took this during the #KGis50 celebration at Fisk University (my home chapter) @fisk_sa. Mom and daughter joined the same chapter. I can tell how special this is for Malika (Mom). I took a few moments and gave them a quick mini session. Just the two of them. That moment was all about them, their love and the #legacy. I was honored that my image was considered by @realzetas for their Mother's Day graphic. I never thought or sought for the image I caught to end up giving Tam D photography international exposure. THANK YOU for the photo credit... I appreciate it!

Graduation party tonight for my favorite twins, Kristen and Christopher! #collegebound #fiskforever

It's #NewMusicFriday and brother Fiskite @jusreallmusic has blessed us with this gem! Such a beautiful message. This will be a new personal theme song of mine.
That "Soul Sista" sample! πŸ™ŒπŸΎ #CoppedIt #OnRepeat #FiskForever

Life changes so quickly. My son Wellington @blissbodywinnie was in a terrible accident here in Georgia coming from @morehouseschoolofmedicine Graduate Interview. Prayers please for WellsπŸ’• Link in bio for GoFund page. I appreciate everyone of you πŸ’•
#fiskuniversity #fiskforever #strongtogether #prayersplease #prayformyfamily #nashvilletn #seattle

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