airplanes... I really am here for them, romantic or not.
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transitions are mine I think.

dt: any of my fellow murven warriors

I love the development🙌🏻

Can y’all belive that they were enemies but now how good a relationship they have?😍

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[Au-Octavia sees Raven and Finn]
But this is not like Octavia and Raven are dating, more like Octavia has a crush on her💓

Fc: @ravennreyes
Who do you ship Octavia with?🍃

~ My fav males 3/3
Finn Collins, he’s so brave and loyal, I fell in love with him from the first time I saw him, I want him to come back💔
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the ground, that's the dream
y'all don't know how many times i rewatched season 1, i love it so much

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the one who mended her heart
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also sorry for this unsmooth piece of shit sigh

I stan one ship🤷🏻‍♀️😏

Dt: @finnscollins and all the Flarke stans💖

*No hate on bellarke btw

Their first time on the ground😍
I love and miss these happy times.

Which scene was better?🍃

take me home ⠀⠀
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[Cheryl x Octavia]
I love my two bi queen and this is the actual crack ship😏

Do you watch riverdale?

My mf lane😍

-working on the 5x04 episode but for now someone requested this @voidsblake 💕 •
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This is how it works on canon couples😏😂

I’m gonna keep doing au’s cause it’s the way funnier to make✨

Finn Collins saved them if he hadn’t taken responsibility for his actions and gave up his life then a war would’ve started and skaikru would probably be dead. He did so many good things yet people focus on the negativity with him and hate him but not Bellmay who was the reason those people died in the sky, he killed 300 grounders, and got the man his sister loved so much killed. None of the characters are better than Finn they’ve all done things but without finn’s sacrifice none of the things, all of the things they’ve been through would have never happened because of war. So let me say this thank you Finn I love you and miss you may we meet again.
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“We are grounders” is one of my favorite quotes🙌🏻❤️

Okay so please do not remind me that Finn isn’t in the second picture😫

Did you like the blakes reunion?✨

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