when the sun hits just right, my best friend’s leather couch serves as a perfect selfie spot @lizxmurray

right now i’m in a state of mind i wanna be in like all the time.


damn im beautiful

best seat in the house (yes that is me. no i wasn’t aware that flower pots weren’t chairs. yes i know i didn’t have the best fashion sense.)

I’m pretty sure golden hour car selfies are like my thing now. I’m not mad about it though

night on the town

BREAKING NEWS: i love myself and u should follow suit !! everyday should be “love tf outta yourself” day

Rooftop party/reception for A Quiet Place with Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. Very nice people to chat with, plus the added bonus of being at an Oscar event for a horror film. Love that genre fare is getting the awards push #aquietplace #aquietplacemovie @aquietplacemovie #emilyblunt #johnkrasinski #film #films #movie #movies #cinema #fyc #foryourconsideration #oscarhopeful #awardseason #awardsseason #oscarseason

you will be missed #burtreynolds

spontaneous beach nights with my best pal !!

the original baddie

thinkin’ bout Paul Rudd in clueless pt. 2


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