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1 year ago God gave me a vision to write ny next book, Dear Fear, but I knew it was much bigger than me and I could not do it alone. I am so happy to announce that On November 21st, I am launching more than 15 authors into the world. We are getting ready to share our powerful life lessons and stories in the upcoming book Dear Fear. Join the VIP List at www.dearfearbook.com to learn more and grab exclusive VIP offers today!! #DearFearBook #ActivateYourFearless #BestSellingAuthor #FiftyTwoShadesOfFearless #Swipe

#FBF it's been almost a week since I was blessed to meet my sister @iamtwinkiebyrd and let me tell you, I am so grateful for her, for her wisdom, her genuineness, her gifts of seeing more for me than I can see for myself and for the fearless brand. This is just the beginning! #FiftyTwoShadesOfFearless #ActivateYourFearless #UnleashYourInnerCEO #TheFearlessExperience

10 Of These Babies Will Be Signed In Gold & Shipped This Weekend!! Want your signed copy shipped to you? Comment below and I'll send you your special link. $20

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Part 2.
God is making a way out of no way for YOU! Do you not see it?
Your tests are being made into your testimony, do you not see it??? Your past is making way for your promise...do you not see it?? Press Play! Full video on YouTube and FB!
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Part 3
God is making a way out of no way for YOU! Do you not see it?
Your tests are being made into your testimony, do you not see it??? Your past is making way for your promise...do you not see it?? Press Play! Full Video On Youtube and Facebook
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God is making a way out of no way for YOU! Do you not see it?
Your tests are being made into your testimony, do you not see it??? Your past is making way for your promise...do you not see it?? Press Play! Full Video on Youtube amd FB!! #Isaiah4319
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"She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future." Proverbs 31:25

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I AM...

On this day I declare that the weight of stress, overwhelm and confusion has no power of your life. Comment, share and repost if you agree!! #FiftyTwoShadesOfFearless
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Just a little walk with Jesus this morning...focusing more on my wealth and my health. Good morning yall!

When I find myself making excuses and not doing the work, I reach for my book #FiftyTwoShadesOfFearless and kick my own butt back into high gear!
It happens to us all, and no one is exempt. We all have or ARE making excuses right now. And when we pull back those layers the real reason behind the excuses is fear.
Here's my favorite excerpt from Chapter 22 Drop The Excuses, "Stop allowing fear to validate your excuses. When your vision is greater than you, you must demand your excuses away. That means facing your fear. Whatever that fear is, you must get the courage to breakthrough"
How many of yall are ready to DEMAND your excuses away? DEMAND fear away? How many of yall are ready to #ActivateYourFearless
Join me LIVE tomorrow 12 NOON CST as we discuss dropping your excuses, uncovering your true fears AND dropping even more information about The Fearless Tour.

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Grab your copy here --> www.fiftytwoshadesoffearless.com
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When your WHY is bigger than your Fear, then you will never stop pushing, never stop trying, never stop learning, never stop believing and never stop reaching for your dreams... What's your WHY?

These are some of the things we are teaching at The Fearless Tour ladies!! What is your WHY? What is that thing that will keep you going, when fear demands that you stop?? How do you incorporate your WHY into your success?? It's time ladies! You are so much more than your fear. It's time to expand your current way of thinking. Together, we are #AMillionFearlessStrong
Join us at bit.ly/TheFearlessTourDothan

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On this day, I declare that YOU matter. YOUR DREAMS matter. YOUR GOALS matter...Fear will not silence you or your purpose! #FiftyTwoShadesOfFearless #AMillionFearLessStrong #TheFearLessTour

On this day, I declare that I am fearlessly pursuing my dreams. My dreams will never be denied. I will not be deterred. #Chapter15 #FiftyTwoShadesOfFearless Grab Your Copy At www.fiftytwoshadesoffearless.com or on #Amazon

How many of you are tired, I mean sick and tired of feeling broken? Beat up? Misunderstood? Broke!? Confused? Tired? Unworthy? No Sense Of Direction? Unclear?
I get it! WE get it! But it doesn't have to be this way. Jeremiah 29:11 tells us "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." But somehow fear has crept into our being and has forced us into a habitual life of being the tail, instead of the head!
Enough is enough!! The Fearless Tour was designed to help women of purpose live their life on the other side of fear. This means setting powerful goals. This means operating from a mindset of abundance. This means taking action, not just dreaming! And we want to not only empower you, but give you the tools and strategies to do so successfully.
Join us at The Fearless Tour and take back your power. Come learn how to shift your mindset, and declare your greatness at The Fearless tour with guest speaker Courtney Aiken. Fear doesn't have to win! But you have to make the bold decision to stand tall in your power.
On this day, what would you have for your life!

You deserve an unlimited life. You deserve a fulfilled life. You deserve a life of abundance. Come as you are, and leave renewed, refilled and READY to take action in your own life.

Tickets are on sale right now at bit.ly/TheFearlessTourDothan and includes your conference ticket, fearless swag bag, breakfast and lunch, 90's networking after party PLUS a conference booklet full of activities to help shift you from your next to your now!

Don't miss this opportunity to change your life. Your NEXT is NOW...on the other side of your fear.

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People will love you on Monday, and on Tuesday they may talk about you. Neither day is your concern. Stop working for the likes of others and start operating in your purpose... #FiftyTwoShadesOfFearless #ActivateYourFearless #TheFearlessTour #AMillionFearLessStrong #ItsAMovement #JoinUsInACityNearYou #YouHaveTheRightToLiveAbundantly #FocusOnYOURFocus

Get up, and create the day you want to have. You were not created to live a mediocre life. The riches of this world are yours but you must get up and operate in your gifts. You must push through fear. You must have more faith than fear will know what to do with! You did not wake up this morning to be average. So on THIS day, what would you have for your life? #ActivateYourFearless #AMillionFearLessStrong

Be Intentional...
If it's not growing you, allowing you to grow others, in alignment or making you money...
You Need To Cut It!
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My book paired alongside my fellow author and a fearless Queen @tianapatrice's book! It's a wonderful feeling being connected to such a positive woman 🙌🏾! "This Isn't It: Reviving the Woman Within" available now via Amazon (link in bio), kindle, Nook, and iBook!

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... When you activate your FEARLESS ... #womenempoweringwomen #activateyourfearless #thisisntit #fiftytwoshadesoffearless 📚 ...

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."
- Dr. Seuss

Excited about my new book haul! *Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear
*Fifty Two Shades of Fearless: Powerful Declarations for the Purpose Driven Woman
*You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

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