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they want to sit with us but we can't stand them.
w/ @crispyrob

Travel like A #BALR ⚫️

The first part of @scientifically_me ‘s senior session was a a tribute to @midland_high, especially @mhschemicpom and @chorusthemighty! #chemicpride #chemicpom #mhschorus

she is beauty, she is grace ☁️ my grandmother is of the utmost beauty and she deserves to be told just that. if you think neens is a super cutie like this pic and comment 💍.


Calling all graduates! If you haven’t booked your senior session now would be the time to do so✨! #wintergraduation


I’ve been so happy lately 🌟 📸: @adrienrrodriguez

Laundry day✨
Portraits of my Aunt Milly.
Washing clothes was one of my most favourite chores as a kid! It is also my little cousin Gladys' favourite chore haha. I might have a picture of her somewhere ... just need to find it

The land that feeds us.✨
More from Uganda. The title is actually from our national anthem. Thought I would share my favourite part of Uganda's national anthem :
Our love and labor we give,
And with neighbours' all,
At our Country's call,
In peace and friendship, we'll live.

Oh Uganda!
The land that Feeds us,
By sun and fertile soil grown,
For our own dear land,
We'll always stand,
The Pearl of Africa's Crown.

I'm not going back home (by back home I'm talking about Uganda) with my family for the holidays again but whenever i do, I have soooo many pictures I need to take because I have sooooo many stories that I want to share.
This is a photo of some family friends digging crops. We plant a lot of potatoes, yams and peanuts which grow underground of course. Oh and about the "yams" I'm not referring to sweet potatoes, I'm referring to what you'd call "taro" or "tropical yam"!!!😊💞✨

People don't realize how easily it is to shape a child. And I mean in a negative and positive way. Children are reflections of those that raise them. We act certain ways because of the way we saw important adults in our lives act. Whether that mean kindness towards all or yelling when they're mad. Think twice about how you react in front of a child. •

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But she still felt the pain // @mollykatekestner


day dreamin✨💭

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