17/08: Adidas Harden Volume 2 Traffic Jam (Part 3)
Very nice colourway of the Vol2 purchased at a fraction of the retail price...but my size was sold out so had to purchase a smaller size 😂🤦‍♂️...need to look for a size swap now....
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Work and life can get overwhelming and over the last month my has been super crazy to the point I want to just start over somewhere else and it was hard when your oldest boy tells you dad I don’t want to play soccer right now and not sure if I want to go back so I was heart broken after he told me but he has been busting is ass for me for six years giving me everything he has in the field running miles after miles after miles but when I told he that he is not going to sit around and do thing and when I told he that the days I workout he will work out he said ok and for a week he has risen to that challenge and I have seen the pain on his face with every breath he takes and but doesn’t stop weather he feels like puking and when I coach him I see that fire and the heart he gave me on that field and there when I see him push himself to his limit I realize that after all these years that he gave me everything was because I was his soccer coach pushing to be his best and watching smile and laugh with his friends loving the game cause he shared it with me and now I share that same feeling when I coach him in are home gym with his friends having fun encouraging his friend on that what I love about coaching and motivating people to be there best. So remember everyone life is to short and you only live once so take those chances and get out of your comfort zone once in a while because never know then that will be the last time to smile, laugh and get your fit on. So thanks son for be you love you tons and great job on your first week at Libra Libra SC and with you and your friend working you have start the first step in Libra Libra Vatos for kids want to just get off the coach for a half hour to and hour to get that blood moving so keep up the great work boys. @libra_x_libra_sc #fearthebeard #nevergiveup #findyourpassion #libraxlibravatos

Rockets take the Dub and Head to San Antonio to Face the spurs
🔻 Harden :
32 pts
15 ast
6 reb
▪️Harden currently leading the league in Assists per game and 2nd in ppg.
▪️ Rockets 4-3
▪️- hardens 30+ 15+ game was never done by any rocket but harden and hes had 30+ pts and 15+ ast 4 times this season!
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Who is the best shooting guard in the NBA? -comment below- -
Here are my top 10 best shooting guards in the NBA right now! I feel like this list is pretty reasonable tbh but I did feel a little bad about snubbing Tyreke Evans and Will Barton from this list, but I felt it necessary. I've gotten all of the players' positions off Basketball Reference as well so before your comment "Giannis is a shooting guard" or something just chill out haha. Comment below who your top 3 shooting guards are and we can debate!
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Philosophy Friday OG EBIZZLE Minister Of Information And Propaganda For The Mighty Mighty Super Bowl Winning PTG Birdgang Responds To Butthurt Cowturds, Deadskins, Squealers, Miners, Vagiants, And Other Associated Last Years Losers Who Say We Need To Get Over Our First Super Bowl Lombardi Trophy Win! #fuckyourfeelings #fuckyourteams #nofucksgiven #worldfuckingchampions #wefromfuckingphilly #nobodylikesus #wedontcare #finallygotaring #flyeaglesfly #fearthefans #fearthebeard

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