Miami last night was littt👌🏻🔥 #taylorswift #reputationstadiumtour

New profile, new pic 🐍 #taylorswift #reputationstadiumtour

The treasures are in the details.
Most people can do general work, but few can focus on doing the difficult detail work.
High level quality of life requires high level mastery of detailed work.
It’s harder, but the reward is limitless.
What would you rather have?

Spend your life specializing in detail work and teach others how to do it for massive rewards.
Make life easier by being organized. You will spend more time on the important income generating tasks each day.
Every moment is productive and rewarding when you’re attacking your goals.
Have fun!

Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.
📝Leonardo da Vinci

Face to Face - ink on watercolour paper ©SameraGibson2018
All rights reserved by the artist. No Regram.
"Nature loves courage. All lllusions of Fear dissolve when one hurls themself into the abyss only to discover a feather bed. This is the alchemical gold - Face to Face" [ ] Terence Mckenna
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Some of you know EXACTLY what this can be like first hand.

You choose a new path for yourself, set some goals, get excited about pursuing them, and those around you offer nothing but criticism as you begin your journey.


Anything that gets in the way of you and your goal orientation is just another challenge to overcome. We can be a resource for you and offer tips and strategies in dealing with these goal obstacles.


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Lots of Sockeye, Erykah Badu, and 20 knot winds. So windy @lancegibsonsr and I had to peel out before getting our last fish.🤨
@rootsoffight Galveston Giant hoodie on. Jack Johnson was a bad man and I love to represent the fearless champ

Beauty on DTLA walls.
Meet up with Rita, a new vibrant insta friend💃💃
The arts district makes me happy. I feel at home here, #streetart fascinates with since decades👑🏹
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#Repost @liexiande (@get_repost)
Hendra & Fanny, their sessions around Jogjakarta,

brushed by @chris.mua
so glad that I finally home,back to where my beloved people gathers.. this is one of my fave collections from Hendra & Fanny prewedding sessions,the makeup was fully handled by @chris.mua
in case you need superb touch for makeup around banyuwangi & East Java area, you may get her contact at her own business IG bio

@liexiande x @chris.mua
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We had an epic summer day at the beach with friends, today. My girl charged the waves on a surfboard for the first time ever, and even managed to ride a few in! She LOVED every moment of it. I can’t get over how fearless my kids are sometimes. #goals I even hopped on a board for the first time in 7 years, and managed to catch a few waves. 🏄‍♀️ So. Much. Fun. This has been the best summer yet, and while I’m a little sad to see it go, I’m also excited for this next season of life. And besides; we still have a week of summer fun left. 🙌 #aydenrose #fearless

================= Fear is a bastard.
It paralyses you and makes you feel useless.

It is fear that tells you that you have failed even when you have not started.

It is fear that makes a mockery of dreams.

Being FEARLESS does not mean that fear does not exist; what it means is that in spite of everything that makes you afraid, you still live, you still do.

It means getting back up again, as many times as you can, until you get it right.

Being FEARLESS is having the courage to move away from people and circumstances that do not serve you.
Being FEARLESS is going on ahead inspite of what cards we are dealt. Regardless of how sour the grapes are. It is going up and ACHIEVING in spite of the odds.

And so, say to yourself I AM FEARLESS.

Much love😍

Have you ever found yourself at the bottom, facing obstacles and problems, not knowing where to look for answers?
Look up! It’s the only direction you should look
No need for other directions.
Allow yourself to say yes to your biggest dreams and learn to say no to what your intuition says to release 💪🏻 in the comments if you ever hit rock bottom and pulled yourself back
Reading it inspires me and inspire others who may be there now🕶 •

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"If you can imagine it you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you
can become it." - William Arthur Ward

👀👀👀Watch video.. Fear is a crippling emotion that can feel involuntary due to the fact that we live in a world where we are constantly served news about human suffering, tragedies, and war. 🙏🏼
Sometimes we don’t even know where fear comes from...
It could be from this lifetime maybe even a past life time. 😫
What’s worse is when with the power of the mind we numb away fear, prohibiting the ability to be able to tap into the Courage we need to Face and transcend it. 💪🏼🕉
Yet, what if I told you that there is a more powerful incredible force that has the power to abolish fear & that is directly correlated with conviction of belief.? What scientist call “thought beyond environment”, that would be easily and readily available for you to demolish all of your fears? 👍🏼We call this force FAITH.💪🏼💜👊🏼
Join me live for the next five days starting tomorrow at 7:45 AM MST for my #satorifaith Faith Over Fear challenge where each day starting tomorrow at 7:45 AM MST live I’ll be sharing with you a passage to increase faith and decreased fear. 💜I will also be sharing with you a mantra to be used for the day to be in conviction of faith healing yourself and healing all of the generations That came before you and all of the generations that come after you.
We are doing the inner work sweet loves, tag a sacred Soul who needs to abolish FEAR and join me!
I will be raffling off two paid memberships for one month unlimited Yoga, Meditation, and Spiritual Study classes @satorispiritualcenter and if you are not in the Phoenix area an official #satoriMoment bag and shirt to those that join me live will be raffled. One entry per time you watch. 👀Three entries for sharing and tagging #satorifaith .
We are healing This land by healing ourselves Sweet Loves, Join me!
Namaste 🐛✨✨✨🦋
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