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Six years ago today. #tbt Make-up text for the #poto 25th anniversary. The most painful thing to take off with the way they put this bad boy on for this specific event. Good times though. #makeup #instagram

Sometimes I like to stop for a few minutes and think about how far I've come.

This music reminded me where I was born #Africa
I had nothing and couldn't even eat a good meal a day.

Today I travel the world with so much more choices than I ever thought I will have.

Sometime don't just focus on what you don't have yet, but also thinks bout how far you've come .

Then keep working hard to chase your dreams, but appreciate the journey.

I can't wait to visit Africa soon, I haven't been back for 11 years now🙉


Women who love themselves love other women 👌🏽
WBFF Queens 👑 #family .

When you were born you filled my heart with pride,
And I was overcome by the joy I felt inside.
As I held you in my arms that very first day,
I knew I would never let any harm come your way.
With your tiny little hands and tiny little feet,
Every time I look at you my heart skips a beat.
As I watch you sleep in the middle of the night,
I hope and pray I will do everything right.
I know I may make some mistakes along the way,
But I promise to do my best every single day.
I often wonder what you will grow up to be,
But whatever you become will be fine with me.
So whatever you may decide to do in your life,
Maybe an astronaut, a president, or a zookeeper's wife.
I can say this without any doubt at all,
I will always be there to catch you if you fall.
And another promise I make to you from me,
Daddy's little angel you will always be.
📝 poem by Jason A. Hodges
📸 @actionhiro
👖 @aloyoga

my first birthday dinner💋💋Thank you @applieee ,u always stand by me like I'm your bigbig daughter 😁😁
每年生日都有的燭光晚餐跟貼心禮物,Natalie mama最疼我😚#以為30歲以後都不用過生日了😂#family

Always 💓🔐


А у нас в Базилике есть настоящая пиратская пицца! 😋 "Чёрная жемчужина" порадует не только гурманов, но и эстетов. 😎
Это же такая красота — нежный лосось, сочный болгарский перчик и томаты под соусом Бешамель, и это всё на необыкновенном чёрном тесте. 😱 Вы обязаны попробовать "Чёрную жемчужину"! Приходите к нам или сделайте заказ на сайте. 😉
📌 Адрес: Донецк, мкр р-н Донской, ул Независимости 8б.
☎ 095 732 11 33⠀⠀
☎ 071 001 90 18
#basilicodonetsk #trattoriabasilicodonetsk #pizza #sushi #coffee #family #fooddelivery #донецк #семья #goodfood #like #share #типичныйдонецк

Un petit coin de paradis contre un coin de parapluie ! #cuba #meliahotel #family #love #fidelcastro

Become BFFs with your tailor....A tailor is arguably your most important assest when it comes to dressing thinner and looking good👗👗👗👗👘👘👘👘👘👚👚👚👚👚✂✂✂✂✂ #africanfabric #nigerianowambe #lagosparty #tttfashionfreak #fashionrules #dressuprules #fabrics #lookinggood #asoebibella #mercyjohnson #nigerianwedding #josweddings #owambeparries #nigerianbrides #family #familyasoebi #friendsofbride

Guess who turns 83 today?? Happy Birthday Dad!!🎂 He has a lot on his plate with my mom's illness and his own health...yet he still tells the best Dad jokes and knows more random facts than anyone I know. I want this year to bring him peace, comfort, and love❤️ #happybirthday #happybirthdaydad #dad #father #family #birthday

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