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Ahhhhhh!! My @aloyoga goodies arrived! Thanks to the hosts of the #fallfundamentals challenege for choosing me to receive a gift to help me afford my first ever alo outfit under $25!! 😵👊🏻 My practice is inspired by the beautiful people here on Instagram and I am so thankful for this community. ❤️ cannot wait to be ever so comfy on my flight to Florida tomorrow!! •

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Good morning!! And most importantly congratulations winners!! Sorry for the late announcement in my other one. 🙈

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#FallFundamentals @accountin_designyogii @aloyoga

Via @cherylfyoga | For Day 3 of #fallfundamentals, Cailey and I are bringing you chaturanga. Cailey and I practiced this so much today that by the time I was ready to film, she just wasn’t having it. I got one good rep each take, and then eventually she just smacks me in the head. 😂🐶😂 (watch till the last take). __
Cues for chaturanga: Start w/arms in a 90-degree angle to the floor as you lower down from plank position. That means you have to shift your body forward while in plank to lower down. Engage your core and your upper back, broadening through the collar bones while plugging your shoulder blades down into their sockets. Next, bend your elbows and hug them in towards your ribs as you lower your body down all at once towards the ground. Your hands should be by your lower ribs, elbows pointing towards your heels, hands both facing forward. Lengthen your tailbone and reach your heels towards the back of the room, engaging all the way from head to heel, and keeping your neck long.
Plz forgive any weight shifts I have in my chaturanga, I’m hiding a treat under my hand. #foodmotivateddog
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Be a conduit of love.
Receive, give and let it flow through you. 💜

You are essence.
You are pure light.
You are unwavering love.
Trust yourself.

Partner yoga flows, lost in Malibu, moving through the shaky stuff...together❤️my favorite people are the ones who are always down for an adventure👣

The journey of my life’s purpose has been such a 🎢.... especially lately.
I knew from the time I was a little girl I wanted to be a mom. And when I began my yoga practice I knew my purpose was to share my practice and teach others with raw unapologetic realness.
And for a while I felt (sometimes still feel) like a failure...
Lately, it feels like each step I take forward there is 2 or 3 steps I take back.
What I have to remember is that this journey is never backtracking. It is ALWAYS forward progress... even if it feels like epically shitty progress.
Learning from bad life choices, and loving good life choices today.
And give your heart and soul up to your life’s purpose.

Vol 3 dropping Friday.
Join @awkwardyogagirl @yogawithdavina and @thirdcoastvegan as we Flow it out together!

We can spend our entire life dissecting our short comings...continuously beating ourselves down with what we do wrong.
Accept the imperfections.
Focus everyday on your best self, and if you fall... get back up.
You got this.

Overthink less and live more.
Seek the happiness that already lives with in you, and share your beautiful magic with others.

This @2dopeyogis Production ( @thirdcoastvegan & @awkwardyogagirl ) is about to be LIT with @awkwardyogagirl and @yogawithdavina co-teaching a powerful flow with @unclerichnasty spinning live!!!
December 1, 2017 7pm

Fall cardio🍁🍂#fallfundamentals #getitdone

This gorgeousness is wrapped up and headed to her new home! #stinkmuffin #handmade #comfycardi #plaid #fallfundamentals

Take a moment today to acknowledge your amazingly epic badass self.
Know right now... as you are... you are beautiful.
There’s no reason to be a lesser YOU for the sake of others.
You are free... and maybe a little wild, but you are light... and no one can blow you out. 🕯

Find solace in others happiness. Look to lift other up especially the ones who do you dirty. They’re the ones who need your love most.
Travel through life with the heart of a warrior.
Love and live fearlessly 💜

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