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I got off shift this morning & headed straight to bed like I usually do but I was feeling a little worked up so I couldn’t fall asleep.
So I went to the gym, blared Sam Smith, & worked up a pretty good sweat. Worked myself to the point I could barely stand up from my squats and released that frustration.
Did my weekly weigh in to see where I was at & was pleasantly surprised that I hit my two week goal.
I rid myself of toxic relationships/ people & I’m now feeling genuinely happy.
So yeah, be selfish & invest in yourself because the outcome feels incredible. {#yeahididlegdayagainsowhat #fightme #fitfam #gymmotivation #chickswholift #liftheavy #liftoften #legday #progressnotperfection #fakeittilyamakeit #quads }

You'd think I had a penny to my name these days 🤷🏻💃🏻✨ #fakeittilyamakeit #sorry2dabank

I’ve been trying to keep quiet on this bc I work emphatically (as in I never get tired of it HAHA) to keep my page an encouraging, uplifting, raw & positive space to check into in an otherwise Debby Downer social media world. In choosing to share my life & opting to be as real & down to earth as I can, sometimes that means sharing the gunk in my life, too—bc otherwise I just feel like my #FakeItTilYaMakeIt words are MASKING ME! So...it’s not always sunshine ☀️ & rainbows over here 🌈 Yesterday’s & today’s workouts were both more for my mental health than anything. I’ve been battling some blues the last few weeks & being that I’ve had my brushes with depression in the past, I know what a monumental effort it takes to be proactive on that front. Depression & anxiety don’t really care if you’re physically strong or energetic or have a to-do list or typically bubbly or a health coach or a business mentor or a fiancée. It’s different for everyone, but—FOR ME—it’s always a very real feeling of the devil just trying to rip the rug right out from under my feet. He knows the solid gold paths of HAPPINESS, JOY & ABUNDANCE that God has laid out for me & he ain’t about it. Thankfully, my God is bigger than that 💁🏽‍♀️💕& I keep the belief that better days are coming. In the meantime...I’m soaking myself in what feeds my soul, LOVING on my clients & coaches, spending QT with JC, connecting with my friends to let them in on my struggle, leaning on Chip & drinking all the coffee (bc that’s true happiness, anyway 😂☕️). I feel better just letting this out & being honest. Thanks for being here & if you’re going through your own struggle, keep your eyes on the light ✨ Love you & appreciate you always! 🙏🏽💞 #MentalHealthWarrior // #WildAndBalanced

Pretending I’m not trying really hard to point my foot 😏🙃 #Casual #AllLies #FakeItTilYaMakeIt #SunRise #FirstOneInTheStudio #Newcastle #BalletFeet

My childhood dream was to be an artist and after Junior high art class I gave up the dream because I felt I had no talent. I still like to draw and love art and have discovered that YouTube can teach me. Even though I still lack the true artist talent I just love sketching and painting.
#fakeittilyamakeit #notfishingforcompliments #thesepostsareforthechatbooks #ducksarecutebuttheysurestink

Over here pretending to have my sh*t together💁‍♀️ 💖#fakeittilyamakeit #valentinesday

Serenading my best friends, family and fans 💕💓💕💓💕💓 Love you guys!! #fakeittilyamakeit #eixo #eixomusic @eixomusic

Post-partum is a weird time, y'all. I'm the same old me with a little bit extra (in so many different ways). It's so good and not so good all at the same time. Serious props to all da mamas out there. 🙌 This season of life is pure craziness.

It's MONDAY! Day 1 of Phase 2 and I'll definitely feel it tomorrow (or maybe even later today!) Today took booty day to a whole other level. Just when I was starting to get the moves from last phase figured out it's time to switch it up! Best way to avoid plateaus is to keep the body guessing!! .
Never miss a MONDAY!!

Sunday cruisin. 🏎 Sadly just from one job to the next. Tryna be cool, but in all actuality I just really want a nap and hate everything. #fakeittilyamakeit #pervette #chevrolayed #corvettepet #toystorestpete #toomanyhashtags #hashbrown #tattedup #kbye

They say the pain ain’t cheap, well I must be rich #fakeittilyamakeit #nofilter #greeneyes

Nothing like these other mutha fuckas I can make you rich #fakeittilyamakeit

When it snows, I prefer a thick, gorgeous blanket that creates a serene photo setting and then washes away after about 3 hours. Last year, we had an uncharacteristically brutal winter...Multiple snow storms, multiple ice storms, homes going weeks without power, people missing weeks of work. The problem with the Willamette Valley winter is that we have few resources devoted to managing snow because it happens so rarely. Last year, the county more or less just shut down to wait it out... Enter 2018...Forecasters were predicting a winter similar to last year. We got Marissa fresh snow clothes that were extra warm. A photographer's "snow prep" consists of making sure her child is gorgeously outfitted to contrast with snow pictures. Very proactive of me.

And then, bupkis. I'm not interested in getting snowed in, but a little smattering would really round out my annual galleries nicely. Punxsutawney Phil DID see his shadow, so maybe there is still hope... This picture is in some of the woods near my house. It wasn't actually snowing - how'd I do?

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Little tumbling training today. Looking forward to put these things to an airtrack soon!

Thought it was time to tan again 💁🏽‍♀️ #bondisands #tantime #tanning #faketan #fakeittilyamakeit #smellssogood

Me pretending I’m still feeling beanie season ft my lazy eye... #fakeittilyamakeit #selfie

New Smashbox lippie giving me life today. #makeuplife #fakeittilyamakeit

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