For those that might have missed it, these are my new drag wheels and tires. I haven’t installed them yet because I need to roll the fenders first to make them fit. #fairmontproject #dragtires #norestforthemechanicallyinclined

Not as fast as I would have liked, but faster than it’s ever been at the track. #FairmontProject

Carburetors are cool when tuned right. #fairmontproject #carburetor

My last newsletter from this office, the #FairmontProject is better than ever and still doesn't run, at least the Mini runs. This and so much more! The ETCG August 2018 Newsletter is live! #EricTheCarGuy #ETCGNewsletter #Newsletter


Yesterday I found out why the #fairmontproject isn’t running. I think I remember @finnegan999 mentioning he’s seen a lot of bad ignition coils lately. Thank you #mustang for donating your coil. #partscar #spareparts

I’m at the Iola WI car show today and tomorrow, in the “modified” section. I’m walking the show but I’ll be by from time to time. Stop by for a T-shirt. #fairmontproject #carshow

From this to start up took about 14 hours. #deathmetal got me through it. #darkmatterpikachu #fairmontproject

Last stop before Iola WI. The #fairmontproject has done very well and I’m giving it another dose of Shell V-Power NiTRO+. It seems to really like it. #sponsored

I’m headed to Iola WI car show today. If you’re in the area stop by. I’ll be there through Saturday. #carshow #fairmontproject

It was fast before, now it’s flat out frightening. 👍#fairmontproject

One crisis averted. On to the next. #darkmatterpikachu #fairmontproject

Well, things were going great until they weren’t. At Kalvinator Engines now getting bigger holes drilled. #darkmatterpikachu #fairmontproject

Parts are in! It just might come to life tonight. @compcamsofficial #fairmontproject #darkmatterpikachu

Some said it was detonation that broke my piston. In todays ETCG1 video, we talk about that possibility and what I’ve done to prevent it. If nothing else, you’ll learn what detonation is and what damage it can cause. #FairmontProject

Justin Frische from Kalvinator Engines is in the shop today helping put #darkmatterpikachu back together. #fairmontproject

Never pass up an opportunity to spend more money on your project car. For me the latest is a turbo upgrade for the #FairmontProject. Check it out. #Turbo

Happy #4thofjuly everyone. I’m celebrating my independence by working on my project car today. What are you up to? #fairmontproject

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