Just had a wonderful time hanging with the kiddos at vista view park ... yes I gave myself some time off to spend with the kids 💞
Moments like these solidify why I work as hard as I do.... I am so blessed to have taken the opportunity to start my own business at home (while working FT) to be more present in their lives... To be able to take a break mid day and go to the park and watch @kayla.flo do her photography thing, bike with @ryan_florenco and just have that quality time just means Everything i h to me. I set my own schedule to be able to be there for them ~ life is good! ~
When I first thought about becoming a virtual fitness and health coach I thought it would take time away from my family BUT I was wrong - granted there are times that I win trips and go away but every day working is on MY time and MY schedule. ~
My dream and goal is that in 4-5 years when Ryan graduates HS I have built such an amazing team and business that I can retire me and my man and we can move to TN and work only the coaching biz and enjoy our time together❤️ I know I can make that dream come true with some hard work and dedication. ~
I am ALWAYS looking for other mamas like me to join my tribe and build the life they have always wanted-if that is you reach out to me 📲 and lest chat.
What's your biggest dream?? .
#getfitwithtanya #ceolife #fitmama #ftmomptgirlboss #Momlife #musiclover #doglover #beachlife #fitlife #freespirit #blendedfamily #womenempowerment #perfectlyimperfect #tinkerbell #tattoolover #lovethesun #familycomesfirstnomatterwhat #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #neverstopliving #foodie #traveladdict #inspiringmom #selflove #livelovetan #momof2 #shopaholic #vacationlover #alwaysexploring #tatmom

Wow looking 👀 at these pictures brings me so much joy because it shows how far I have come….. The left picture is a girl that faked her happiness and told herself she loved her life and said everything was FINE ~ look in my eyes you can tell that it was a mask 😷 . I was happy for some things in my life (my kids) BUT I always felt like I was meant for so much more 🧚🏻‍♂️.. I felt like there was something else for my life something to make me feel that I was meant for greatness and happiness 🤗. The right picture is the present me, the happy me🤩, a girl that is living her life to the fullest and enjoying every second of it. 😍 I have been and still go through so many bumps in the road and have major mountains to climb BUT those hard times make me so strong and make me who I am today (every hard time has a lesson). Since taking that left picture so many great things have changed in my life- ☘️ I finally found my soul mate that loves me with his whole being and shows me daily of that 💞… I also started building an at home business as a health and fitness coach with Beachbody. Beachbody coaching allows me to help others and guide them into the healthier lifestyle 🌱 BUT it also helps me grow my own mind, body, and soul!!! I am surrounded daily by positive like minded individuals that help me stay on track with the goals I have set for myself and my family🥇
Do you feel like you are meant for something more? Do you feel stuck in your life right now? Let me help you- let me show you what helped me in more ways than 1 and let's see if it can help you too- you deserve to have your eyes smile!! .
#getfitwithtanya #transformationtuesday #fitmama #mompreneur #ftmomptgirlboss #Momlife #musiclover #doglover #beachlife #fitlife #freespirit #blendedfamily #womenempowerment #perfectlyimperfect #tinkerbell #tattoolover #lovethesun #familycomesfirstnomatterwhat #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #neverstopliving #foodie #traveladdict #inspiringmom #selflove #livelovetan #momof2 #shopaholic #vacationlover #alwaysexploring #tatmom

Too a rest day today to rest my body before my new journey starts Monday BUT I haven’t rested yet 🤷🏼‍♀️ I still have to put all this away and fold the last load of close- I am definitely getting my workout in with all this mom/wife job stuff today 🤣 .
#getfitwithtanya #cleanupaftervacay #fitmama #ftmomptgirlboss #Momlife #musiclover #doglover #beachlife #fitlife #freespirit #blendedfamily #womenempowerment #perfectlyimperfect #tinkerbell #tattoolover #lovethesun #familycomesfirstnomatterwhat #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #neverstopliving #foodie #traveladdict #inspiringmom #selflove #livelovetan #momof2 #shopaholic #vacationlover #alwaysexploring #tatmom

Omg I freaking love this show- I have made the couch my office today while starting this new show- who else has watched or is watching this? #getfitwithtanya #girlboss #fitmama #ftmomptgirlboss

A face of a mama that isn’t gonna see her kids for 14 days 😭
I hate not seeing them for long stretches of time- makes me feel a little empty - they will have fun on their trip and @alex.griss and I will have fun on our cruise- but I will still be missing my kiddos
Where are my timeshare going mamas at- is this hard for you too? #timesharingmama #getfitwithtanya #toolongwithoutthem #fitmama #ftmomptgirlboss

I am a sad mama right now my baby boy is sick 😷- I hate when my babies are sick especially when I want to take them to Disney. 🧚🏻‍♂️
Hoping he feels better when he wakes up and we can still go do Christmas in Disney #getfitwithtanya #fitmom #sickday #ftmomptgirlboss

I SO love that I can do my #girlboss anywhere...: today my office was my nieces house. She had surgery last week so I spent the morning with her in case she needed anything. She had me watch a new show called Jane the virgin - it’s pretty good- has anyone seen it? #ftmomptgirlboss #fitmom #getfitwithtanya #family

My world 🌎 in 1 picture 💞 #lovemyfamily #getfitwithtanya #fitmom #ftmomptgirlboss

Its a Shepard’s Pie kinda night but this mama used mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes. Made the fam regular and made a mini for me- first time having it and I think it’s way more flavorful than the regular. ~
Has anyone else tried mashed cauliflower to sub out regular mash 🥔 ? #getfitwithtanya #healthyeats #fitmom #healthylife #ftmomptgirlboss

You will want to be part of this!
I am going to host a Healthy Holiday Hosting group
starting Dec 18th 🎄 to help us all navigate the slippery slope of holiday indulging!
It's the best time of year to celebrate friends, family, fellowship, and faith. Whether we are hosting ☃️
in our homes, planning an office party, or coordinate schedules for large family meals, we know its extra work and extra time.⏰ Not to mention, how do we do it without compromising our healthy eating goals and ending up on the naughty list? 😱

I've got a group and a guide chalked full of helpful tips, tricks, delicious recipes 🥘, and most of all accountability and support to help keep you on the HEALTHY list this holiday season! COMMENT below if you WANT IN! :) #getfitwithtanya #healthyholidays #fitmom #ftmomptgirlboss

Have I mentioned recently how proud I am of my team? I feel like once a week is NOT enough, but here I am to brag on this past week's TOP COACHES in all of GetFitCrew!

These ladies set the bar HIGH and continue to lead from the front ❤️ Some of these ladies have been on our team for a while, and I've never stopped being blown away by them! #getfitwithtanya #teamwork #getfitcrewrocks #ceolife #ftmomptgirlboss

Just enjoyed my breakfast (AKA activating my SuperPowers 🌱) while I chatted about being HAPPY ON PURPOSE over on my #getfitwithtanya FB page (link in bio)
Every morning ☀️ around this time I go LIVE with some feedback from my reading that morning or something that is weighing heavy on my heart and we chat it out. ~
I ❤️ to pay forward what I learn when doing my personal development and what I have learned in life. I feel that I was given the hard life and struggles I had so I can share it with others and share how I changed it. 🧚🏻‍♂️ If it helps 1 person I have done what I set out to do. ~
Make today a Marvelous Monday (it’s all up to you what kinda day you have) #happyonpurpose #fitmom #ftmomptgirlboss #mondayvibes

Leg day is about to go down!!!! Who else got a workout in today- what did you do? #getfitwithtanya #sweatfest #fitmom #legday #ftmomptgirlboss

I started today like any other day - whining that i didn’t want to get up- activated my superpowers- did a coach call with a new GFC coach- did my sweat fest- got my work done (messages answered, invited some new friends to my next group, did some planning)- ate lunch - now about to open up our team call..... we switched out Saturday morning calls to Friday Lunch & Learns.... O and I did all that while getting laundry done ✅
This mama definitelyneeda her superpowers today
What has your day looked like? #busygirlboss #getfitwithtanya #ftmomptgirlboss #teamwork

Mother son date night is in full effect ~ I love the when I get time with my handsome guy💞 we are gonna enjoy some grub and then walk the beach 🏝 @ryan_florenco #mothersondatenight #getfitwithtanya #fitmom #ftmomptgirlboss #mothersontime❤️

Some prizes just came in the mail!!! Our bands came in for our family getaway to the Walt @waltdisneyworld Christmas party - I ❤️ Christmas & Disney so I will be in my happy place 🤗 AND my new @adidasoriginals came in~ I used to wear these all the time (no clue why i stopped lol) couldn’t resist them for cyber Monday on amazon 🤷🏼‍♀️..... Totally loving my mailman right now- sorry @alex.griss 🤭 JK your the only man for me 😘 #getfitwithtanya #newsneaks #familytrip #ftmomptgirlboss

I can’t wait for January 15th (when my new journey begins) !! ~
I took time this morning ~while enjoying my breakfast AKA activating my superpowers for today 💪🏻~ to learn all about my new journey and what to expect... the day will be here before I know it.... and who better to learn it from then the creator🤷🏼‍♀️
I have been super excited cause this program is going to teach me so much- she will be telling me what to eat when and how long before and after my workouts for the MAXIMUM results! I am totally getting a personal trainer I don’t have to pay hourly for 🙌🏻
I would love to have my ladies by my side that are ready to COMMIT to their health for 2018.... ready to start focusing on and making themselves a PRIORITY 💞 ~
Stop letting fear hold you back- you don’t reach your goals that way- I’m a little fearful of this next journey is something different than I have ever done BUT if we do it together we can help each other through it🧚🏻‍♂️
Who wants 2018 to be THEIR YEAR?! #2018goals #getfitwithtanya #noexcuses #fitmom #ftmomptgirlboss #newjourney

Crushing on my team HARD today as we get ready to jump into this new year.
I am SO proud of this group of amazing people for always showing up and proving that they are worthy of everything they deserve!!! Congrats to this weeks GFC top coaches! I just KNOW you all will be CRUSHING it this new year too ❤️ #getfitwithtanya #ftmomptgirlboss #GFCrocks #lovemyteam

It’s Tanya Tip Tuesday- today I gave tips on the best way to start and stay on track with this lifestyle.... head over to my Facebook to see while video (click link in bio to connect with me ) #getfitwithtanya #tanyatiptuesday #stayontrack #firststep #ftmomptgirlboss

A yummy quick thrown together salad for dinner ~ now time to digest then a nice run with my babes to end our day #getfitwithtanya #salad #dinner #healthyeats #ftmomptgirlboss

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