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Wow looking 👀 at these pictures brings me so much joy because it shows how far I have come….. The left picture is a girl that faked her happiness and told herself she loved her life and said everything was FINE ~ look in my eyes you can tell that it was a mask 😷 . I was happy for some things in my life (my kids) BUT I always felt like I was meant for so much more 🧚🏻‍♂️.. I felt like there was something else for my life something to make me feel that I was meant for greatness and happiness 🤗. The right picture is the present me, the happy me🤩, a girl that is living her life to the fullest and enjoying every second of it. 😍 I have been and still go through so many bumps in the road and have major mountains to climb BUT those hard times make me so strong and make me who I am today (every hard time has a lesson). Since taking that left picture so many great things have changed in my life- ☘️ I finally found my soul mate that loves me with his whole being and shows me daily of that 💞… I also started building an at home business as a health and fitness coach with Beachbody. Beachbody coaching allows me to help others and guide them into the healthier lifestyle 🌱 BUT it also helps me grow my own mind, body, and soul!!! I am surrounded daily by positive like minded individuals that help me stay on track with the goals I have set for myself and my family🥇
Do you feel like you are meant for something more? Do you feel stuck in your life right now? Let me help you- let me show you what helped me in more ways than 1 and let's see if it can help you too- you deserve to have your eyes smile!! .
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Too a rest day today to rest my body before my new journey starts Monday BUT I haven’t rested yet 🤷🏼‍♀️ I still have to put all this away and fold the last load of close- I am definitely getting my workout in with all this mom/wife job stuff today 🤣 .
#getfitwithtanya #cleanupaftervacay #fitmama #ftmomptgirlboss #Momlife #musiclover #doglover #beachlife #fitlife #freespirit #blendedfamily #womenempowerment #perfectlyimperfect #tinkerbell #tattoolover #lovethesun #familycomesfirstnomatterwhat #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #neverstopliving #foodie #traveladdict #inspiringmom #selflove #livelovetan #momof2 #shopaholic #vacationlover #alwaysexploring #tatmom

Omg I freaking love this show- I have made the couch my office today while starting this new show- who else has watched or is watching this? #getfitwithtanya #girlboss #fitmama #ftmomptgirlboss

A face of a mama that isn’t gonna see her kids for 14 days 😭
I hate not seeing them for long stretches of time- makes me feel a little empty - they will have fun on their trip and @alex.griss and I will have fun on our cruise- but I will still be missing my kiddos
Where are my timeshare going mamas at- is this hard for you too? #timesharingmama #getfitwithtanya #toolongwithoutthem #fitmama #ftmomptgirlboss

I am a sad mama right now my baby boy is sick 😷- I hate when my babies are sick especially when I want to take them to Disney. 🧚🏻‍♂️
Hoping he feels better when he wakes up and we can still go do Christmas in Disney #getfitwithtanya #fitmom #sickday #ftmomptgirlboss

I SO love that I can do my #girlboss anywhere...: today my office was my nieces house. She had surgery last week so I spent the morning with her in case she needed anything. She had me watch a new show called Jane the virgin - it’s pretty good- has anyone seen it? #ftmomptgirlboss #fitmom #getfitwithtanya #family

My world 🌎 in 1 picture 💞 #lovemyfamily #getfitwithtanya #fitmom #ftmomptgirlboss

Its a Shepard’s Pie kinda night but this mama used mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes. Made the fam regular and made a mini for me- first time having it and I think it’s way more flavorful than the regular. ~
Has anyone else tried mashed cauliflower to sub out regular mash 🥔 ? #getfitwithtanya #healthyeats #fitmom #healthylife #ftmomptgirlboss

You will want to be part of this!
I am going to host a Healthy Holiday Hosting group
starting Dec 18th 🎄 to help us all navigate the slippery slope of holiday indulging!
It's the best time of year to celebrate friends, family, fellowship, and faith. Whether we are hosting ☃️
in our homes, planning an office party, or coordinate schedules for large family meals, we know its extra work and extra time.⏰ Not to mention, how do we do it without compromising our healthy eating goals and ending up on the naughty list? 😱

I've got a group and a guide chalked full of helpful tips, tricks, delicious recipes 🥘, and most of all accountability and support to help keep you on the HEALTHY list this holiday season! COMMENT below if you WANT IN! :) #getfitwithtanya #healthyholidays #fitmom #ftmomptgirlboss

Have I mentioned recently how proud I am of my team? I feel like once a week is NOT enough, but here I am to brag on this past week's TOP COACHES in all of GetFitCrew!

These ladies set the bar HIGH and continue to lead from the front ❤️ Some of these ladies have been on our team for a while, and I've never stopped being blown away by them! #getfitwithtanya #teamwork #getfitcrewrocks #ceolife #ftmomptgirlboss

Just enjoyed my breakfast (AKA activating my SuperPowers 🌱) while I chatted about being HAPPY ON PURPOSE over on my #getfitwithtanya FB page (link in bio)
Every morning ☀️ around this time I go LIVE with some feedback from my reading that morning or something that is weighing heavy on my heart and we chat it out. ~
I ❤️ to pay forward what I learn when doing my personal development and what I have learned in life. I feel that I was given the hard life and struggles I had so I can share it with others and share how I changed it. 🧚🏻‍♂️ If it helps 1 person I have done what I set out to do. ~
Make today a Marvelous Monday (it’s all up to you what kinda day you have) #happyonpurpose #fitmom #ftmomptgirlboss #mondayvibes

Leg day is about to go down!!!! Who else got a workout in today- what did you do? #getfitwithtanya #sweatfest #fitmom #legday #ftmomptgirlboss

Stop focusing and you will find it #getfitwithtanya #stoplooking #fitmom #ftmomptgirlboss

I started today like any other day - whining that i didn’t want to get up- activated my superpowers- did a coach call with a new GFC coach- did my sweat fest- got my work done (messages answered, invited some new friends to my next group, did some planning)- ate lunch - now about to open up our team call..... we switched out Saturday morning calls to Friday Lunch & Learns.... O and I did all that while getting laundry done ✅
This mama definitelyneeda her superpowers today
What has your day looked like? #busygirlboss #getfitwithtanya #ftmomptgirlboss #teamwork

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