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Such a cutie 😍 Yes or No? 👌🏻
Via @fashionzine

Beautiful yay ?
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By @khristinabelous 💕

Me being artistic

Something about this is captivating. Art & Inspiration everywhere!!! #DTATL @michael_zajkov

All the elements in today's #fbf outfit post. And no, that's not Ed Sheeran 😆#edsheeran #styledbyme

Beautiful 😍 Yes or No? 💜
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Cute Yay ?
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By @kaseytrione 💕


#FBF to our gelato whippin session in Auckland 😍🍦
Why Gelato? ..
✔ It's churned at a slower speed so it has less than 30% air in the mix vs ice cream which can have up to 50% air, sometimes more 😐 ..
✔ It's served at a warmer temperature, so its texture is silky and smooth 😍
✔ Made with more milk than cream, gelato has <10% butter fat. Normal ice cream, has to have AT LEAST 10% in order to be classed as ice cream😐
✔ ^^^ the lack of fat in gelato means there's less getting in the way of experiencing the richness and intensity of the flavours
✔ It offers dairy free options..hheelluurr sorbet 😍 ..
So the real question is.. Why NOT Gelato??
See you soon for some fresh, handmade gelato and sorbet!! We'll even be using local fruit with some flavours, adding a tasty Samoan twist to this Italian dessert 🍌🍋🍍🥑👌🏽
#watchthisspace #whippedapia #churning #sweettreat #xislandroad #scoopedlife #saltedcaramel #crunchie #feelthecrunch

Rather be here. #fbf

Dat pout...what is everyone dressing up as for Halloween?? I think I’m going to dress up as Darth Vader. 😏🔥🔥🔥

The way I look before my brother died & after is totally different, you can tell my the pics, don't need a date to see the difference. This is DEF before he died. #FBF 2013

Flashback Friday: To the time my Mum managed to source Mac and Me on DVD and we sat down to watch it... mostly to Kylie's confusion that it could be found and embarrassment that it was one of her favourite films as a child. Seriously though, how much money did McDonald’s pay to be endlessly featured in this movie?
#macandme #istilldontquiteknowtheplot #2011 #shelovedthatdamnsnuggie #fbf

Rise and shine! ☀️
Happy Friday ft @hotimportnights_au 😁

✖ вот помню лето тепленькое, (не очень тепленькое на самом деле) вышли пофоткаться и разошлись домой, хорошее время было 😂

#MyFavorite Rnb girl group of all tym

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