I said hello beautiful
you said hello stud
your voice sounded like a musical 
my blood starting flowing like a flash flood
oh' how our love had just begun...... From two different worlds, yet able to feel love
neither of us are unworthy of, what feels like true love

Somethings I know you wish you could dispose of
and are intolerant of,
which i'm admitting of
and willing to get rid of
but i refuse to let this be the end of....... us......... From two different worlds, yet able to feel love
nether of us are unworthy of, what feels like true love

you're used to a certain type
but can you at least admit they didn't live up to the hype?
So i beg you, please do not stereotype,
I may just be a one of a kind prototype

From two different worlds, yet able to feel love
neither of us are unworthy of, what feels like true love

you've seen me at my lowest
but, you loving me didn't go unnoticed,
you said you're a realist,
but at some point you were feeling this
So I know it's worth repeating this,
and keeping this..... love going.......
If we focus on growing, ....our love will keep on flowing.

From two different worlds, yet able to feel love
neither of us are unworthy of, what feels like true love. #gciipoem

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Spazieren gehen.

(Camino a comprar un churro)


I find that, when I #write with a #passion or #purpose -
#Words tend to flow out more freely...
#Uncensored -
Half of the time I wonder...am I only but a vessel for something greater?
When I write...I still wrestle and dance with my #doubts
#Insecurities -
But something else calls out with a even greater demand.
#Creation, #life.
The #stories, wherever they come from, are something I want to desperately share.
Only late at night, when the world is quiet, they are ready to surface and share what they know. #knowledge #expression #itsagifttoreadandwrite #awritersjourney #mind

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