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Is there an internal desire and delight in you for Jesus? These students are such an encouragement in their faith! #EXPLICITGOSPEL #Colossians3 :2

" I meet a lot of people swimming neck deep in Christian culture who have been inoculated to Jesus Christ. They have just enough of him to not want all of Him. When that happens, what you have are people who have been conformed to a pattern of religious behavior but not transformed by God. This explains why we see a lot of people who know objective spiritual truths but in the end have failed to apply them in such a way that their lives demonstrate real change. They're hearing, but they are not hearing. The gospel message goes out, and while some hearers respond with faith in Christ, some people simply can't hear." -Matt Chandler
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"Let the explicit gospel drive us to worship with all "the fullness of God" and in awe of BOTH God's immense, universe subsiding glory and his deep, personal love for sinners"
Taking a break from this mid-day heat and finally finished The Explicit Gospel 🙌🏼 (I strongly recommend it!! 10/10)

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#explicitgospel #mattchandler
Lord give me the desire to worship after You and You alone. I pray nothing in my life grabs my attention more than you.

And one day I want to be humble
One day I want to think about Jesus
Oh Lord
And Today we're on your mind
Today you want to win our hearts

Already loving the #explicitgospel series by Matt Chandler! Had an awesome time at small group last night and loved reflecting on it this morning during my personal devos. So thankful that the gospel is for me!! #fbcexplicitgospel #fbcsmallgroups #fbclloyd @fbclloyd @mamawestman

"So every aspect of creation, from the largest galaxy to the tiniest burst of flavor in food or drink or seasoning, radiates the goodness of God. Everything declares that 'in the beginning, God made me.'" - #MattChandler // Reading some #ExplicitGospel and missing my east coast home and being so close to views like this. Can't wait to be back in just a couple weeks!

Another new small group kicked off tonight.
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Students BOLDLY sharing what the gospel is & how it has GREATLY impacted their personal lives. #unashamed #explicitgospel #ndklife


👏🏼👏🏼 yes. #explicitgospel

Praying my desire for Jesus would be greater than my desire for anything else. #ExplicitGospel #MattChandler

Oh, and no show tomorrow, but we will be back next Monday 🙃 #explicitgospel

Not doing anything tonight? Come check out our new study through The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler at The Six! It's a great way to start the week plus you get to have some great worship and meet some new people! Bring your friends! 6-7pm in the main sanctuary at New Covenant Community Church! The Table (Discussion group) starts at 7:15. #ExplicitGospel #BrandNewSeries #YouDontWannaMissThis

Reminder small groups start back tonight for the spring semester! Don't miss! This series is gonna be awesome!! #ExplicitGospel #MattChandler #ComeToCalvary

Happy Friday everyone 😁 #explicitgospel

Don't forget to tune in for our show today at 3 PM EST on WPUB.org 😸#explicitgospel

No one like our God😍 #explicitgospel

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