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Bowlegged Lou/Full Force>Look at Lisa Lisa doin her Lisa Lisa dance in front of Michael Jordan while we were filming his home video>Michael Jordan's playground! #MichaelJordan #Full Force #LisaLisa DoctorIce #CherylPepsiiRiley #ExGirlFriend #KidNPlay #TyrinTurner

Ex-girlfriend and I bought a house today. We'll see how this goes. We'll also let you know when the first party is. #exgirlfriend #nugeandnan #houston

There was time when I used to be like this ....now I look like that when she does answer🤠 #relationshipgoals #exgirlfriend #exboyfriend #jealousboyfriend

Old one 🙄 #EXGIRLFRIEND ... you know... @alisja____
Kurz am Rande... ich werde morgen 3 meiner Follower posten, als dank für alles ❤
Ihr müsst nichts dafür tun ich stalk einfach bisschen über die Profile in meinen Statistiken 😂🙈
Und schreib natürlich erst die Personen an ob sie es wollen

#WitchoDumbAss ... @Regrann from @chakabars - If you can't hear you must feel... #ExBoyfriend #ExGirlfriend #Ex

Ex-girlfriend, future baby mama. #supafrenz #babymama #exgirlfriend

Running low on my Gwen collection lip liner in #exgirlfriend 😩💄 Can @urbandecaycosmetics please bring this on as a permanent sku? #cantlivewithoutit #lipliner #girlproblems


#exgirlfriend#hellobitches#stalker#truestory#hellno. Also falls du das sehen solltest (bin mir sogar sicher das du es sehen wirst), schreib mir 😘

So sad when your ex sees you looking hot then before #selfie #meme #metime #exgirlfriend#me

W H E N they just can't control their tongue. They "apologise" and yet moments later are back to the abusive drawing board. Apparently, the other day - out of the blue, the #narc text my fella and said "you've done me a favour, I'm so glad to have her out of my life, such a relief"...to which he replied "she binned you..." there was no response after that. But seriously, where the fuck do they get off sending these types of messages? This was literally random and off the cuff. What goes through their heads, seriously!? FUCK OFF YOU LOSER. It doesn't hurt me to hear things like that any more. I honestly think it's just pathetic and sad. And knowing what I know, it's frustrating knowing that we're being used as a "supply", simply because he is bored and needs a fix to some degree. Just wish he'd find someone else and leave us alone. #parentingwithapsycho #narcabuse #narcissist #narcparents #sociopath #psychopath #abuse #abuseisnotok #domesticabuse #emotionalabuse #mentalabuse #mentalhealth #ptsd #coercivecontrol #controlling #coparenting #counterparenting #deadbeatdad #exgirlfriend #exboyfriend #getalife #keepstrong #enablers #flyingmonkey #smearcampaign #hate #selflove

Miss everything about this, except for the mosquitoes maybe, because they were a real pain in the ass 😂🔥#exgirlfriend #jungletour

Bowlegged Lou/Full Force>Look at Lisa Lisa doin her Lisa Lisa dance in front of Michael Jordan while we were filming his home video>Michael Jordan's playground! #MichaelJordan #Full Force #LisaLisa DoctorIce #CherylPepsiiRiley #ExGirlFriend #KidNPlay #TyrinTurner

05.28.17 ~ Ex-girlfriend, I'm not going to ask our son, what is going on, also, all I can do is hope that our daughter doesn't know that you when through her private personal texts with her father, I won't say anything to either one, unless you force me to. I will never intentionally hurt our kids, telling this if I don't have to, in my eyes, would. So I'm assuming you punished our daughter, because you have her phone. So why would you punish her on a day she is has a sleep over with a new friend for the first time. What ever she did wrong couldn't be postponed until after, so she isn't completely embarrassed? I'm going to explain something about myself to you, I am a grown man, that had a horrific life, but, learned from all of that horror I had to endure. What I learned allows me to have not feel fear, in fact the only thing I was afraid of is you taken our kids away from me again, but that ends now. I am make a conscious decision to never fear any threats you make towards me. I will no longer let you mental instability control my life. So, do all those things you have threatened to do, you already took everything I care about away from me when you made me leave for no reason, forcing me to leave my best friends, my cats. I don't understand, how you, don't understand, that our kids are not kids, they see everything you are doing, they know everything you have done, do you think that because you choose to block out all of the horrible things you do, that they do also? They will grow up, they will remember all of this. How do you not understand when you hurt me, you hurt them? I am the only man that they have known as a father, our son, remembers the sperm donor, he calls him, but he fucking hates him, our only remembers bits and pieces. Do you understand what sacrifice for “your kids” like you so condescending said. You are correct they are your kids, so tell me why am I more worried about their feelings than you? Just because your blood runs through their veins doesn't mean my love don't. It's not what you say, it what you do, and my actions speak for me. CONTINUES IN COMMENTS

05.28.17 ~ Ex-girlfriend, I'm going to explain to you the reality of this whole situation. The man who has committed himself to being the father to your children, that you created, This
man-me has no genetic or legal obligations to make this commitment. Wait, first do understand what it truly means to take responsibility another life especially that of a child? You are taken responsibility for that child entire life. There is no quitting, no backing out, no walking away. You are committing yourself to the responsibility of making sure that child's physical, mental, and emotional well being are taken care of,also the responsibility of the financial needs. The responsibility to support, in every aspect of that child's life, throughout their entire life. This is an enormous responsibility to commit to. I have made this commitment to, two children lives, your two children. And, you not only don't acknowledge this monumental selfless act that this man-me. Has made to your children. You show no respect, appreciation, or gratitude either. In fact you choose to diminish, degrade, belittle, insult, go out of your way to make this man-me, life as difficult as you possibly. When all this man-me wants is, to be a father to the children he has raise almost their entire life's. Now this man-me messaged you, calling you out for the extremely fucked up shit you just did to him, then explains to you how he is putting his personal problems aside because his daughter has expressed how worried she is about her parents living situations. So much that she was almost in tears. This man-me, asks you to tell him what you are planning on doing so he can help his daughter, your daughter not worry about her parents so much. Your response was to laugh at the concern of this man-me, then threaten to take your children, the children he has committed his life to, away from him, know this would destroy him, deliberately trying to make this man-me afraid of losing his children, that has threaten to put a restraining order on him making it impossible to see the children he has committed his life to. Than go into a rant about how much you hate this man-me. CONTINUES IN COMMENTS.

The two #urbandecay Vice lipsticks I reach for on a daily basis #exgirlfriend #ravenswood #lipstickismyvice

Just making memories and dinner with this bitch 😙

I've started wearing shorts to school?? Also I've started curling my hair and it makes me feel less insecure so woo! -Scarlett
I'm v obsessed with this song right now but I've also been v obsessed with No Doubt for a while now so.
#nodoubt #exgirlfriend #gwenstefani #tonykanal #adrianyoung #tomdumont #ericstefani #johnspence #dontspeak

Ex-girlfriend, future baby mama. #supafrenz #babymama #exgirlfriend

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