It's been amazing having my family here over the past fortnight, I miss them so much and wish they could stay forever. I've enjoyed relaxing and eating and drinking whatever I felt like but now I'm feeling pretty bleh after indulging in far too many pieces of birthday cake and am looking forward to getting back into my regular routine with sleep, exercise and nutrition 😴🔩🍉 .
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Trail Tuesday: Out on the Zamia Trail, walking with Rob and soaking up this magnificent autumnal sunshine before the weather finally breaks on Friday (so the forecasters tell us). My back is giving me a low-grade rumbling pain. Tolerable but not up for running yet. I am trying be zen and cool about this but... I still have goals. 😎🍂🌞
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I am so excited to share something with you today! The ladies behind this product have been family friends for years now and everything that they produce inspires others to live healthy and happy lives. On my blog my focus is living a happy life in simple ways. This product does just that!
The Vibrant Bite takes time and stress out of feeding your family. Each week you will get a suggested menu - complete with recipes and a detailed shopping list!
One thing I hear from my readers a lot is that they don't have time to plan menus and on top of that they don't have time to research what's healthy and not healthy. This product takes care of that COMPLETELY! Vibrant Bite recipes are healthy, quick and family friendly. PLUS they use normal ingredients. 😉
Another thing that my readers tell me is that they have to workout at home because of lack of babysitters. However, they don't know what to do! Once again this product has you covered! Each week you’ll get three quick and fun workouts designed by their personal trainers. Their workouts can be done anywhere with little to no equipment. You will simply click on the workout to see their coaching on how to perform each move.
The Vibrant Bite is delivered each Thursday by email so you can prepare for the week ahead at your convenience.
BONUS: Through May 30th, all those who sign up with receive special access to our Virtual Grocery Store Tour as an added bonus! This helps you know how to navigate through the grocery store in a smart and healthy way!
All for the crazy low price of $19.99/month! I've been using it for 2 weeks now and love all the tips, tricks, and ways it has simplified my life. CHECK IT OUT BY FOLLOWING THE LINKS IN NY BIO! USE CODE "SHAMBRAY" AT CHECKOUT.

Massive congrats to @elanjm1 on his win at National Lead Climbing Championships! I was busy watching so didn’t get any killer videos, but it’s great to see a @vancouverisland local take the win. Now, onward & upward (no pun intended). #movebetter #tothetop #exerciseismedicine #sportclimbingbc #thebouldersclimbinggym #centralsaanich #climbingescaladecanada



Oestrogen-packed Tuesday morning! Lucky Edward 😏
Happy sweating this morning - thanks for coming in on the public holiday 💦 enjoy the rest of your day off ladies ☀️🏊‍♂️🏖

This is the last week for you to purchase a special breast friends singlet at our studio or online shop to support @janine_le_febour fundraising for @solaris_cancer_care #giveback #support #breasties #breastcancer #breastfriends #breastcancersurvivor #charity

Not a cloud in sight.. what an awesome day! Get to BoxFit tonight at @ 5.30 to finish off the day with a big session 🥊🥊 #tuesdaymotivation #gloriousday #noexcuses #autumn

M E E T Katie 🌟

One of our superstar ⭐️ clients!
She started attending our clinic in December of 2017 when she saw our program to start exercising whilst undergoing cancer treatment.
It was May 2013 when she was 38 weeks pregnant and was diagnosed with breast cancer. She gave birth to her gorgeous little boy and began chemo 2 weeks later.

Katie’s Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment continued for 9 months. Everything was working well until May 2016 when exercising she felt “crunching” in back and hip. This prompted her to get a scan which showed that a tumour had developed around the lumbar spine. She promptly had this removed and a fusion at that location. From the location of the tumour she developed Epidural Disease causing severe weakness in left leg. She is currently undergoing treatment.
Katie has worked so diligently over the past 6 months attending twice weekly sessions that include specific strength training of the lower limbs, cardio respiratory conditioning and Pilates based sessions for overall strengthening. She always has a lovely smile on her face and a beautiful energy when she enters the clinic at 6 am!
It has been such a pleasure working with Katie, she’s even managed to get her husband on board and he too attends the clinic twice weekly!
Thanks Katie for letting us share your story ❤️ #optsylvania #motivationtomove #exerciserightweek2018 #iampolestar #exerciseismedicine

Exercise is a fabulous tool to manage PCOS! The @jeanhailes organisation suggest women with PCOS should have exercise and lifestyle modifications included in the first line of their management plan. Sadly however this is often missed and women are placed straight on to medications.
Exercise has so many great effects for PCOS including
- improved mood
- weight management - improved fertility and cycle regularity
- reduced excess hair growth - reduced anxiety
- improved muscle tone - reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease

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This National #exerciserightweek we’re talking about your #motivationtomove - what gets you up and gets you active!
For so many of our clients it’s the desire to maintain strength during their treatment for cancer. Appropriately prescribed exercise has been proven to maintain - and in some cases - increase muscle tone during chemotherapy and hormone therapies. 👍🏼
A couple of important points to avoid muscle loss:
1. AVOID extended periods of sedentary activity, which on serve to increase muscle wastage 📉. As much as possible active with your everyday activities which involve movement such as house duties and gardening.
2. See your Exercise Physiologist for an appropriately tailored resistance training program, which should ideally be performed 2-3 times per week. 💪🏼

Holy glute and quad burn. 🔥🔥 Majority of your weight should be on the leg under you hip. The back leg is just for support.
Slowly lower yourself down (3 seconds down) and then slowly raise yourself up (another 3 seconds). This was part of the exercise program for gluteal tendinopathy, but could also be used for patellar tendinopathy as well.
Can you guess what exercise is coming next?
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My current physique. It's always been easy for me to build muscle but not so easy trying to lean out. I guess that's what happens when you inherit the genes of a mom who used to be a bodybuilder! I'm starting the process of writing out all my race and fitness goals for this race season and I cannot wait to get started! I really want to make this a page as much about fitness and nutrition as it is medicine because I truly believe exercise and nutrition ARE medicine! I'm going to start highlighting some of my favorite workouts (especially catered to obstacle course training), my weekly nutrition, and current research as well as my transformation to become race ready and hopefully complete my goal of placing in a Spartan race! 😊💪 also any tips on filming workouts would be much appreciated!

One week post-Neurosurgery and can’t keep @emptykate on the couch.. There go all my excuses 😬 #exerciseismedicine #motivationmonday

Need WebExercises? Sale details below...
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Memorial Day Sale. Get a WebExercises Annual Subscription for $279. That’s less than $25 per month for a complete home exercise program and patient engagement service. Use code ‘MEMORIAL’ at checkout. No more paper copies but videos your patients can access from any device. Patient portal, social media library, patient education and marketing resources included. Find out more www.webexercises.com/join #webexercises #exerciseprescription #homeexerciseprogram #sportsmedicine #physicaltherapy #sportschiropractic #sportschiro #exerciseismedicine #sportsrehab #prehab #morethanexrx #morethanexerciserx #rocktape

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