So many first experiences are happening, from ENVEST girls jumping on a trampoline to host families cooking halal meat! Many more new experiences to come! // Sponsored by
@sportsdiplomacy @exchangeourworld
#ExchangeOurWorld #ENVEST

Welcome and congratulations to this summer's group of #MandelaFellows who just arrived at @ucdavis! We can't wait to see what this amazing group of African #YoungLeaders is capable of! Thanks for sharing this photo with us by using #ExchangeOurWorld. (photo via @ucdavisglobalaffairs)

#PAYLP enjoying their last day in Chicago with this beautiful view of the city from 103 stories up! #exchangeourworld

The #PAYLP group volunteers alongside American citizens preparing fresh produce for those in need. Thanks @breadforthecity for this wonderful opportunity! #exchangeourworld

The one and only @kaimana77 facilitating a workshop for #PAYLP participants. They’re learning about action planning and how to develop social impact projects. #exchangeourworld

Nothing like your first snow angel! #PAYLP participants from across Africa experience snow for the first time! ❄️ #exchangeourworld

Visiting the Lincoln Memorial in #DC #IHaveADream #civilrights #exchangeourworld

Love the summer colors in this photo from #CLSChinese 🧡 #ExchangeOurWorld #Repost @_turtlefrog_ ・・・
Russia? China? It suddenly got harder to tell where I am #clschinese

FLEX Fame Alert 🚨
Our recent returnee of #FLEXProgram, George ‘18 from Romania just returned home from his exchange year on last Sunday and has already been invited to speak on the radio about his exchange year.

Hi There!!! Today i bring to your attention The South African Beauty Mind...Ayanda Ayanda😊😊😊💪💪💪One thing i know about her is that she has this power and sharpness of a typical South African Woman..Like the Winnie Mandela Type😄😄you know whatcha um saying...!?Yeah that type. Ayanda -Allie Paine is a Broadcaster and Development Practitioner within Eleven Years Experience in Media... She actually once Interviewed President Jacob Zuma...Ohh Yeah thats a Power woman @zaharatunda please draw inspiration from Ayanda..And i hope one day you will be able to secure an Opportunity to interview our dearest President @johnpombemagufulioficial. Ayanda is also a Founder and CEO of Bukho Bami Youth Centre, a development Facility launched in 2015 aimed at Empowering disadvantages teenagers, where services are rendered for free of charge and include educational assistance, psychosocial intervention, skills development and training, career guidance and mentorship. The core beneficiaries of Bukho Bami are 140 tenth, eleventh and twelfth graders who converge on premises afterschool to improve their lives and escape the communities’ social ills such as ( teenage pregnancy, drug/alcohol, abuse and crime. In 2014 Ayanda-Allie started Shekinah Media a Company she currently heads which produces socially responsible media content. As a broadcaster she has always been drawn towards human-interest stories. As a result, after completing her BA Degree in Communication Science she ventured into Development Studies. Upon completion of Mandela Fellowship she wishes to garner international insights principles and best practices when it comes to management of various entities and scaling thereof, as she hopes to spread the efforts of youth centre country wise within the next five years.
I and Ayanda have this one thing in Common we found out that we both want to work at the @unwomen and Heeey dreams are valid💪💪 To see Ayanda interview with President Jacob Zuma please click the link at https:www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2ilNo5EHwU&t=65s
#yali2018 #udglobal #ExchangeOurWorld

ENVEST and Judge Memorial HS had a friendly match in the afternoon! // Sponsored by
@sportsdiplomacy @exchangeourworld
#ExchangeOurWorld #ENVEST

During lunch, we played a few get-to-know-you games and ended with a round of head-it/catch-it! // Sponsored by
@sportsdiplomacy @exchangeourworld
#ExchangeOurWorld #ENVEST

Welcome back FLEX Ukraine Class of 2018! We’re looking forward to seeing you and hearing about your year in the US. We are also excited for you to join the #flexalumni community and see what awesome things you will do now that you’re back in your hometowns and communities across Ukraine! Be sure to check your emails for Re-Entry Seminar information! If you have questions, reach out to your alumni coordinator @flexalumnicentralua, @flexalumniwestua, @flexalumnieastua or @flexalumnisouthukraine! #welcomeback #flexukraine #flexprogram #exchangeourworld #ukraine #exchangestudent #flexprogramukraine

#Repost @afsphilippines with @get_repost
To the fathers, daddys, and tatays all over the world, thank you for lifting us up through out the years. This is your day — it’s time to celebrate!

Happy Father’s day from your AFS Family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

#Repost @yesabroad ・・・
👏👏👏 to the #yesabroad class of 2018-2019 on a successful PDO! We look forward to following your adventures this year and all that awaits you on your journey.

It's never just black and white, the #spectrum is always there. Sometimes we need a different perspective or different lens to see it and appreciate its beauty. 🌈

Studying how nature creates, I made these images of #polarized #crystallization under the #microscope with Stanisław Łoboziak, while American Arts Incubator exchange artist to Poland and as Artist in Residence @ Copernicus Science Center. Presented as prints & in a planetarium show (opening 5/18) @ Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium, Centrum Nauki Kopernik. Warsaw, Poland.

#bioart #crystals #ArtistinResidence #collaborationwithnature #art #artsciencetech #collaboration #microscopy #exchangeourworld

Orientation by The Presidential Precincts

Studying how nature forms & grows while considering the role of #salts in our bodies, earth & universe and questioning "What is life in the #biotech era?", I made these crystallization images with support from Stanisław Łoboziak as American Arts Incubator exchange artist to Poland and Artist in Residence @ Copernicus Science Center.
Presented as prints & in a planetarium film show (opening 5/18) @ Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium, Centrum Nauki Kopernik. Warsaw, Poland.

#macro to #micro #transcendthelayers #transcendence #artscience #bioart #science #tech #exchangeourworld @cnkopernik

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