Lezlie’s story is awesome and it is the why so so many people fall in love with these supplements! “4.5 years ago I clicked “JOIN” and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. 😂 I knew I needed FREEDOM from being exhausted all day, FREEDOM from the bondage I felt to food, FREEDOM from chronic skin issues and crippling anxiety, FREEDOM from lack of motivation and drive...and most importantly...FREEDOM to dream again. I’ve never been so thankful to have clicked JOIN! I’ve grown as a person, a wife, a mother. I’ve learned how our bodies are SUPPOSED to feel - healthy and strong. I’ve learned that NO product is meant to replace healthy choices like the food we eat and exercising regularly. I’ve learned that real change comes from addressing the root cause of our issues - not by putting a bandaid on them. And these supplements have been a phenomenal tool in helping me do just that! I’ve shared some of my before/after photos that are only possible because of that little moment I clicked join. These are just the outward signs of the changes I’ve experienced though! To put it into perspective (excuse me while I get real vulnerable for a sec)...🙌 I jumped on the trampoline with my kids yesterday instead of telling them “mommy’s too tired”
🌈 I flew on an airplane last month without anxiety (or fear that I wouldn’t fit in the seat) 🙌 I slid my wedding ring in with ease today after more than a decade of it not fitting 🌈 I paddle-boarded with my daughter recently! 🙌I slept all night last night after years of dealing with insomnia! 🌈 I went to a bible study this year (I used to sign up for them and not be able to get myself to get out of the car due to anxiety) 🙌I spend peaceful time with the Lord now (the darkness I lived in made this impossible before) 🌈 I worked out this week without my feet and joints killing me 🙌 I got a pedicure a few days ago without the lady commenting on the eczema on my legs and feet” 💕 #anxietyattack #insomiac #momneedshelp #lifewithkids #weightlosslife #excema #feelgoodlookgood

Bucket of Bombs, perfect for kids. Will personalize bucket with a name. #bathbombs #bathfun #kidfriendly #allnatural #Handmade #greatForMoisture #excema #great scent #funColors

💚Let's delve briefly onto the topic of skin and body:

Love to eczema and psoriasis and birthmarks and moles and rosacea and lupus and all that other chronic visible skin signs we can’t change and makes us feel different or in a horrible sense of anger, iritability, the heated waves of fevers at times that nears the breaking point, ((To all others that weren't mentioned I know you're out there and I love you)) These are not 'pretty' illnesses. In a way the media see's fit most of the time, over the centuries not everyone see's this way. What people make of each concept, how they grow from it. This might just be a jumbled mess from my pain pilled fogged mind, I do apologies if my words are off a loss,

This first photo is heavily edited. From covering up the splotches on my shoulders and neck to the peak line of my hair. The second. Growth. As I see it. I feel, better. Again strong, its okay to have down days. Apart from it all, I'm not going to lie I was rather dark these last few nights sitting in bed. Bitter even. A nasty flurry set of thoughts settled deep into my mind and it took a long minute for me to snap out of it.

People have those times. Its there. Mental health goes hand in hand with the physical portion that makes up each one of us. Well, as far as I know on the spectral plane. You matter.

So much to me. I believe your perfect. From the deepest points of your life to your highest peaks. From the bad to the good. I know your you. 😊

Added: I do hope this makes sense. --- #excema #happyness #illness #growth #peace #shavedhead #skin #body #love #bulima #mentalhealth

Visit our healing Salt Room this week. You deserve it! 🙏💙 Adults $30/ 1hr
Student$20/ 1hr
Children $5/ Sundays only
Babies FREE/ Sundays only

Book online under “classes” 24/7 at www.exhalo.ca or call our exhālō #dreamteam at 613-825-2226
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💚🌿TAMANU BALM🌿💚 If you've not tried Tamanu Balm yet, you are missing out!! This little pot can be used on any sores, bites and burns and so much more!! It's a little pot of green magic, known as 'green gold' used in polynesia for centuries that's why i call it my 'Harry Potter cream', It can be used on all the following things....... • Stretch marks (Award winning)
• Nappy rash
• Psoriasis
• Rosacea
• Sun damage(pigmentation)
• Sore nipples (joggers, breast feeding mums)
• Eczema
• Bites & Stings (nettles and wasps)
• Burns (sunburn, oven burns, scalds, friction)
• Acne (It reduces inflammation and kills germs)
• Scars (old and new)
• Radiation burns from radiotherapy
• Minor surgery sites
• Grazes (magic cream for kiddies!)
• Piles!
• Episiotomy scars
• Splinters
• Itchy varicose veins
• Bruises
• Chicken pox scabs
• Lip balm (good for skiers)
. After tattoos
• After hair removal (waxing, laser and plucking)
• Cold sores
• Cracked heels
• Cracked skin on hands (builders, decorators)
You can even apply biodegradable glitter with it too so great for Summer festivals!!💚 Every home should have a pot its natures miracle healer and far kinder to your skin and the environment than chemical medicated creams, ive been using it recently on a bad bout of excema thats flared up in my ears an its working a treat!!😍
Try it yourself TODAY!!💚 #freshlymade #vegan #veganskincare #natural #tamanuoil #tamanubalm #crueltyfree #greengold #plantpowered #plants #nochemicals #balm #skincareremedy #multitasking #excema #cuts #sores #nappyrash #bites #crackedheels #natureshealer #lovetropic #polynesia #tropicskincare #tropicwithcarol💚

One of the many reasons I’m proud to endorse this brand!!!Chemo and radiation are painful enough as it is...and many times, the radiation burn that patients suffer is just so raw, tender, and aggravating. Our Rodan+Fields Soothe regimen has brought sweet relief to so many, and I'm so thankful that we are able to offer such a source of relief to those suffering with inflammation or sensitive skin. Can Soothe help you or someone you love? Message me and I'll be happy to help you!
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Mumma Js Healing Balm 5g tubes. Another batch all labeled ready for your purses or first aid kits
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If you could choose your "FOREVER" age what would it be and why?

Some may say that's an easy question, some might say it's difficult.

But for me my FOREVER age would be 30 years of age!

This was a great time, id finally started to learn who i was.
That HEALTH both physical and mental were a value of mine i held very high in my life.

I was working hard on me my brand, learning what was important to me.
I was looking my best and feeling great!

Of late it's come to my attention that i have let that slip. But i can say im working on driving a strong focus on this in my life once again.

So why the Berry and Omgea combo you may ask...
Because it's the perfect duo to combat anything skin related.
🌸 11 different berries 🌸 Powerful antioxidants 🌸 Healthy clear skin
🌸 Vegan plant based Omegas
🌸 Omegas 3,5,7 and 9
This duo helps battle.
💣 Acne 💣 Excema
💣 Psoriasis 💣 Redness
For the price of a small coffee a day you too could be on the road to clear, beautiful skin!
Ask me about my journey on these gems and my battle with Adult acne!

Staying hydrated in all capacities. For every cup of coffee I get 2 cups of water. 🤗
#DQ has the best ice...well next to #sonic . .
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Pj party while looking after my horrific skin #onesie #excema #stitch

Limited time!! Friends. If you are the least bit curious, THIS is the time to jump. Start balancing your body for even less than what I pay!! You won't regret it and you get a risk free money back guarantee!! What have you got to lose? #Migraines #Weight #Nerves #Fatigue #Anxiety #hypothyroidism #bloodsugarimbalance #excema #yeastinfections #autoimmunedisease
Message me before Tuesday!!
Plus I'll add an additional $10 off a $99 welcome pack or $20 off a $199 welcome pack!🎉🎉🎉

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