🤔How can I turn my hobby into a profitable business? Where should I start? These are the common questions that I receive from my clients.

🙋🏻‍♀️This profile @mvcoachsulting in English is new, but in fact I've been consulting and coaching new entrepreneurs and business owners for quite a while. My name is Marina and I also run a consulting and business coaching profile in Spanish @minegociocreativo, as well as a very popular blog in Spanish minegociocreativo.com that hits 30-50K visits per month. So, if you prefer Spanish, these are the resources.

📚I started to sell my handmade journals, albums and baby keepsakes (@mv_designatelier) when I still worked in the financial sector. Handmade has always been my hobby, I would constantly make something for myself, as well as gifts for my family and friends. But there came the day, when my friends started to ask me to make journals for them and pay for it. So, these were my first orders and the beginning of my handmade business.

💥For all of you, who want to quit your 9 to 5 job and turn your hobby or your passion into a business, I´d recommend to try it first while you still work as an employee. I understand that it´s an extra effort, that you will need to spend hours at night or on weekends to do that, but it´s worth doing it that way, while you still have your salary and some money coming in. Because every business is an investment, and there is nothing more bitter for a new entrepreneur to see that his business does not work and there is no more money left to change and adapt the things to move forward to your dream.

📈Every business is a complex project. There are a lot of business expenses: social security charges (I pay them in Spain), cost of materials, marketing expenses, educational expenses, website maintenance fees etc. When we speak about a handmade business or any other business that implies production, retail, it´s not only "make and sell" or "buy and sell". There is a lot of money to invest behind the scenes. And when you start, it´s so important to have any additional income or at least savings to be able to pay all that in the beginning to avoid ...
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