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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."-Nelson Mandela
The time to ACT is now. Together we can END IT.
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Yesterday, I ran my first and longest run yet at 8.7km. It was nerve-racking. I know I couldn't do it. I've never ran before I committed to do this. But I wanna do this for all the human trafficking survivors. May they know that we are here and we care and love them and we want to provide for them. Let's do this for all 27 Million people who are in slavery right now. That they may keep holding on to hope knowing that there are people out here doing the best we can to free them. I am running to raise money so we can prosecute the traffickers. This is OUR run for freedom. Help @a21 eradicate human trafficking NOW! Go to bit.ly/runfora21 to know more about this cause and help make a difference in this world or click the link in my profile.

I'm so proud of our WRV Leadership/Student Council students. They've been working hard on their anti-slavery program and they presented to the parents this morning. We should all be aware of what is going on around us and get involved to bring awareness to #endslavery. #walkfree #bluecampaign #redsandproject

INCREDIBLE update from our @hopeforjusticeintl office in the U.K. Seven men and one woman have been arrested in several raids. All were arrested on suspicion of conspiring to traffic for sexual exploitation and conspiring to incite prostitution. Eight women were found inside the houses suspected of being trafficked from Romania. Thankfully our team from @hopeforjusticeintl were at the scene helping the victims and assisting police. YES! FREEDOM. Please pray for these rescued girls. #endit #endslavery

Shout out to @irongoddess for showing some support for the fight against human trafficking while crushing some deads in the gym👊
A percentage of all sales from our Freedom Fighter line benefits @traffick911 in their fight to free children from human trafficking.
N O T D E A D Y E T A P P A R E L . C O M

The brave women of @freesetglobal make your #FairTrade #TheToteProject bags. For safety many of them cannot show their faces, but we are grateful that Freeset provides them with a safe, healing environment, health insurance, pension plans, and a living wage. We are proud to support them in their mission to #EndSlavery in Kolkata, India. #FashionRevolutionWeek

We feel so privileged to have walked through this time with six of our girls from Lighthouse as they head to their home province to pursue their dreams of further education and vocational projects. From university to baking, and everything in between, we are so proud of them as they take this next step into the future! #roadtofreedom #changelives #endslavery 📷 @anneliseblackwood

+ B E T H E F I R S T +
As many of you know, my husband runs an amazing non-profit organization called @covenanthouseca which exists to assist youth experiencing homelessness. I believe wholeheartedly in the work he does and have seen first hand the lives that have been changed through the love that the Covenant House staff shows to the kids they work with. Their annual gala is this Saturday and I donated this un-released set to their silent auction! So...if you want to not only be the first to own THREE pieces from our upcoming and unreleased Summer collection AND know that your money is going towards helping to end youth homelessness in California, click the link in my bio to bid! 🎉🙌🏼 Set includes a three strand layered necklace with various 14kt gold-filled chains accented by three pendants (gold charm, quartz point and amazonite slice), a hammered gold and quartz cuff, and gold wire wrapped Amazonite stud earrings. ☀️ #jewelrytoendslavery

“First she must take small steps toward her dream and then bigger steps to reach success in her life. Slowly, her dreams will happen if she moves forward.” - Bithika
At HFC, we are rebuilding lives through shelter, education and employment so #HerFutureIs full of dreams that can and will come true.
#endslavery #humantrafficking #ForeverFree


What a powerful event! We are grateful for the life-changing mission of Stolen Youth and so proud to sponsor this organization. #notinmybackyard

We love seeing how you wear your Purpose Exchange scarves and bracelets! Make sure to tag us in your photos and use the hashtag #buywithpurpose 💗💗 📸: @ashtyn_rene

Choose DadaPro for superior fit and temperature regulation. ------------
Shop the link in bio.
#madetomeasureLA #WhoMadeMyClothes #DadaPro #EthicalFashion

Celebrate your mom with a gift that gives twice this Mother's Day www.mytradesofhope.com/parties/54986

#endslavery #moderndayslavery these stats are far too much.

We can't wait!! #Repost @ericag44 ・・・
In one week we'll be in Nashville y'all!! Come and join us for a super fun night, live performances and Unlikely Heroes benefit!! I can't wait to celebrate with so many favorites!! Link in bio for tickets! 👆🏼 #citywinerynashville #nashville #citywinery #unlikelyheroes #enditmovement #stoptrafficking #stoptraffic #endslavery #redcarpet #saraevans #savannahchrisley #georgemichael #georgemichaeltribute #cassadeepope #redcarpet

In one week we'll be in Nashville y'all!! Come and join us for a super fun night, live performances and Unlikely Heroes benefit!! I can't wait to celebrate with so many favorites!! Link in bio for tickets! 👆🏼 #citywinerynashville #nashville #citywinery #unlikelyheroes #enditmovement #stoptrafficking #stoptraffic #endslavery #redcarpet #saraevans #savannahchrisley #georgemichael #georgemichaeltribute #cassadeepope #redcarpet

What if you exist in this place for such a time as this? Read our new blog post linked up in our bio. #slavery #mlkjr #redeemingloveca #endslavery #moderndayslavery #sextrafficking #endsextrafficking #youronesmallact #activism #volunteer #donate #advocate

“Every mother, sister, daughter deserves freedom”

Her Future Coalition provides the shelter, education, and high wage employment needed to keep survivors of human trafficking and slavery #ForeverFree #endslavery #humantrafficking #everymother #everysister #everydaughter #herfutureis

Are we unknowingly supporting human trafficking? Sex trafficking is only part of this worldwide epidemic, as there are over 14 million people forced into labor. We as American consumers unfortunately interact with this inhumane industry every day without knowing. See link in profile to know more about the issue and how you can take action to #EndHumanTrafficking.  #FairTrade (Img: fresnoeoc.org)

No one should be a slave to fashion. Thank you Sarah Minney MBE for this book. #fashionrevolution

Meet Denis, the exceptional photographer behind the launch of our website! ☄️ All pics were taken by him—giving us great material to work with! ⭐️ Denis was born in The Hague, Netherlands, to a #Canadian Foreign Affairs family. At the age of 12, he inherited an antique Brownie 620, and a neighbor introduced him to black & white printing. It was the beginning of a lifelong passion. In 1998, Denis purchased his first digital camera, which in his own words, “revolutionized my creative process.” 📷 You can see this #creativity in action in the 3rd video, which he put together with his 8-year old son. Find out more about Denis via http://youth-underground.com/staff/ 〰

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."-Nelson Mandela
The time to ACT is now. Together we can END IT.
Thanks for sharing @sonyamills98!❌#enditmovement

Limited edition 5x7" @chazaqmovement prints are STILL AVAILABLE! How do you get one? Simply make a donation [ www.chazaqmovement.com ] then comment below or DM me with which style you want [ green or brown ], and your mailing address. While supplies last.
Chazaq Movement is a growing private, not-for-profit organization which provides services to victims or survivors of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking based in Midland, Michigan. They will be will be offering group home settings with trauma informed care, individual therapy, group therapy, recreation, life skills, education, and a safe community.
This Chazaq Lotus print was created to celebrate human rights and help raise money to help get this much needed home open and running! .
"Just like the lotus we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world." -Author Unknown #freelance #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #enditmovement #chazaqmovement #humanrights #endslavery #paperheartdesignMI #social #lifelibertyhappiness #hope #lotus #donate #support #bethegood #nonprofit #human #endhumantrafficking

(Read all) Before this photo was taken, we had a discussion with our staff & trainees about #fashionrevolution. One trainee who has worked in a factory said 'foreigners will never understand how bad it is'. We explained why at Offspring we want to make sure we provide a safe & nurturing environment for all. That then followed with 'yes... good idea' 😊 They were quite happy, and proud, to then hold up the sign saying #imadeyourbag.
SHARE this image to show your support for fairer working conditions right across the globe! Let's give everyone the chance to #dreambig.

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