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❧ rikki + will
Don't get me wrong, I'm still a full hearted Zikki shipper. I just find Rikki and Will's relationship very interesting 👀 If they had the chance I would've loved to see Rikki ending up with Will instead. Mostly because I'm not much of a Wella shipper because I'm not really a fan of Bella, lol. Also I believe Zane could've fixed things between him and Rikki if he didn't make all those stupid accusations about Rikki's change and and if he didn't act so jealous on Will🙅🏼‍♀️
Full video on the link in my bio!
cc: simply mendes (edited a lot)
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i wanna see you smile! 🌟
nuovo post;; andate a votare il sondaggio che ora metto nella instastory, è molto importante per me! grazie mille💗


>> sole o pioggia?🍃

i don’t know who you are anymore.
clikki | left alone
ac me cc me

My life is kinda fucked up right now.
So I PRAY that you won’t hate me for not posting very often.
I love you guys.

nuovo post! mi piace moltissimo questo tema aah 🌈


>> quale coppia?? (già so tutte le risposte 😂)
// clewis🌺
ps. adoro le unghie da sirena 😍

nuovo temaaa!!🙈🔥
spero vi piaccia;;

cc eyes' photos: @sereismo 🌹

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>> quale occhio preferite??♡👀
// quello di emma 🌈 •
[crediti tema 🚫]

Emma💙🐬 she's amazing❤ ~shell🐚

#emmagilbert #claireholt

I wish it was summer already😭💙🐬
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❧ bella hartley
a hottiiiiieee
cc: simply mendes (edited a lot)
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❧ h2o just add water
Today it's 1 year of my "H2O | Where It All Began" video, and it already reached 104k views! How sick is that??? It's honestly unbelievable that it reached over 100 000 views, I can't believe it, haha. Well anyway, I chose to do a remake of it for you since you loved it so much. I hope you'll like this one too, even though it's very much of the same. I like how this ended up better than the previous one tho!
Full video on the link in my bio💋
cc: @maryxxstuart (edited)
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— whoah.. what a hbic.
dear nat, (@h2o.just.add.water)
i love you so sooo much and you literally mean the world to me. ive never been so close to an internet friend in my life and tbh i literally feel like i know you irl coz we BASICALLY spill our entire secrets and lives to each other and even our families know about us lmao. i already wrote like all my emotional feelings down in the card i shipped you and you probably did the same vice versa and i know how much we love each other so this is bible 2.0 lmao. i cant believe we’ve been friends for over one and a half years already, it honestly doesnt feel like it. we’ve been through a ton of shit and ive never been more thankful for you to have stuck with me this whole time. i actually have no idea what the fuck i would do without you. i cant imagine not being your best friend. it would suck. you’re always there for me in all your crazy weirdness and every time we wanna rant youre always available to ft and i’m always available to ft for you unless youre watching shameless or im watching tvd/to lol. anyways my number one dream in life is to meet you and give you the biggest hug in the world. i hate that you live on the other side of the world but i know we will meet one day because we’ve come this far and you’ll forever be my best friend. i feel so incredibly lucky to have you in my life. i love you so much nat, have an amazing day snake 🐍😘😘💜
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