Breakfast for dinner and more! @uglyapplecafe is here. Join this #credible encore-sales of our Credible Pale Ale benefit Rape Crisis Center Madison! #embraceyourvoice #rccbelieves #beerforgood #wibeer #madisoncraftbeer #giantleaps

In Ireland, counsel for man acquitted of rape suggested jurors should reflect on underwear worn by the 17yo complainant. Following this unacceptable comment, many have been posting pictures of underwear and thongs under the hash tag #ThisIsNotConsent #Repost @posfeministvibes
#ThisIsNotConsent #clothesarenotconsent #rapeculture #victimblaming #sexualassault #metoo #feminist #feminism #onlyyesmeansyes #consent

Please mark your calendar for Giving Tuesday on November 27th! #GivingTuesday was designated as the Tuesday after Thanksgiving to encourage an international day of giving and goodwill kicking off the Christmas and holiday shopping season (following Black Friday and Cyber Monday). This year, please consider making a donation to the Domestic Violence Outreach as every dollar contributes to expanding our ministry in Chicagoland and throughout other dioceses in the country. Follow the link in our bio or visit bit.ly/acdvogivingtuesday

Day 4 of the #voiceandbodychallenge .

A song.

Here's the thing. When I came up with this theme earlier in the week, I had a nice, clever little idea of whispering some lyrics and crawling about and doing something fun. But this morning it sounded super lame. And I couldn't think of a clever way to do it. I was super regretting choosing this. I mean, I DO NOT SING. So how was I meant to do this? I couldn't quit on my own challenge.

Then @glowwithpriya posted hers. And I realised how much I was still hiding, still searching for a cop out.
So this is a multi layered offering, like the richest piece of baklava, in love and gratitude, to whatever spirit is hiding behind this challenge. Because truly, it's not just mine.

A layer for dearest Priya, who inspired me to step into boldness in a way I never believed I could.

A birthday layer for @mrsjowright , who will understand the song, and perhaps also the invitation to step into her own magic a little deeper, on this trip around the sun.

A layer for this student of mine, Gerry, who won't even see this as he doesn't use the internet, but once told me I had a song in me, as all people did, and I doubted him.

And... for you. Today, more so than ever, I invite you to join me. To create, to share, to sing.

With love and music in my heart to yours.

#voiceandbody #voicework #singyourheartout
#embraceyourvoice #creativity #inspiration #friendship #love

"...no matter what, I am a survivor NOT a victim." - Patricia Buckley #embraceyourvoice #NoShameNovember #survivor

Just a lil reminder. #mybodymychoice

The latest statistics say that 99% of domestic violence victims experience financial abuse. Know the signs and share with those you know that are being affected.

repost @msgezzabelle
Just taken delivery of the first few books to establish our Diversity Library 🌈
Any suggestions for more??? Let us know!
#wokebookclub coming soon...

#Repost @campesinasunite
A year ago, Alianza Nacional De Campesinas made a public statement of support on behalf of the individuals in the entertainment industry, who spoke out about workplace sexual violence. We were all inspired and empowered by Tarana Burke's Me Too Movement - #metoo. Since then, we have had the great honor of joining with women in the entertainment industry and other professions to say #TIMESUP on this pervasive problem. We have also committed to working together to make workplaces, and all places, safer for everyone. Watch the full video where we reaffirm this pledge here: https://youtu.be/T27H2iAxZf0

To learn more about #TIMESUP and its Legal Defense Fund for survivors of sexual assault in the workplace, please visit www.timesupnow.com.

To learn more about Alianza and to support our work, go to www.campesinasunite.org. ---
Member organizations include: Centro de los Derechos del Migrante, Inc., Lideres Campesinas, Rural Coalition, Mónica Ramírez, Workers' Center of CNY, Colonias Development Council , La Mujer Obrera , Farmworker Association of Florida , MESA: Multicultural Efforts to end Sexual Assault , Pineros Y Campesinos Unidos Del Noroes. #solidarity #MeToo #YoTambién #Farmworkerwomen #socialjustice

Are you in need of some guidance today? I have just the thing!
Check out my LIVE video on the Inner Voice Parliament Facebook Group - link in bio -Not a member yet? Here's a taste of the messages you're missing!
"In every area and at any moment of my life, I discover and draw on more sources of joy!"
#IVP #SecondChakra #InnerVoice #SacralChakra #EmbraceYourVoice #DivineFeminine #Meditate #Mantra #ReleaseReplenishRepeat

@y3lda — founder of @CamelAssembly, an international community of creative female leaders who gather to make change — knows what's up. 🙌
Design: @paola_delucca

This is MY take on PERMISSION.

Because for too long, I've waited for assurance, for the nod that's it's ok, for permission from someone else that I'm worth being here.

Everything I do is a process of unlearning that. And of reclaiming my own body and voice and heart to give myself what I want and need.

#voiceandbody #voiceandbodychallenge #voicework #floorflow #movewithjoy #expression #creativity #spokenword #embraceyourvoice

#Repost @makerswomen
“I never did consider or call myself a feminist. But I don’t think you can really be a woman in this world and not be.” 🙌🏾 Oprah has had anything but an easy past. She is the definition of channeling your pain and turning it into something powerful to lift up others. 👑 @oprah #motivationmonday 👉Link in bio for more on this changeMAKER.

Let’s begin our Monday with a prayer for domestic violence victims; that they may find hope and light in Jesus, are able to break their silence, and to ultimately be free from an abusive relationship. 💟

Are you wishing to become a better speaker? Or are holding back from fear? No more leaving opportunities on the table. Come celebrate speaking with other women. .
#herboldvoice #herboldvoicespeaks #shetalks #speak #speakingcoach #publicspeakingclass #publicspeakingtraining #communicationiskey #communicationiskey #femaleentrepreneur #fempreneurs #successmindset #embraceyourvoice

Throughout November, we are using the hashtag #NoShameNovember to support survivors and reduce shame surrounding the issue of sexual violence. Help us empower survivors by reminding them of their bravery, strength, and courage. We believe and empathize with survivors and their stories. If you need to talk, we are here for you 24/7. #hereforyou #embraceyourvoice #NoShameNovember

Our Fall 2018 Newsletter is now available! Read the latest happenings and work within our ministry including a recap of the 3rd Annual Domestic Violence Survivors Mass and a very busy October filled with events for Domestic Violence Awareness Month! Visit bit.ly/dvofall2018news or click on the link in our bio!

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