Going deep within is the art and practice of connecting with your innermost self in an ever deepening way. Choosing to explore YOUR THOUGHTS, YOUR NEEDS, YOUR DREAMS. Discovering that the spring from which your life flows is eternal. The well that feeds your soul has no bottom.

If you long to feel more powerful, more centered and more connected with your own source, Embrace Your Voice Retreat is happening THIS WEEKEND. It will be a deep dive for women who are ready to connect with their own heart, (re)claim their power and create the life that is calling to them from the depths of their own heart. If this is YOU, now is the time to ACT.
Enrollment closes Wednesday at midnight. You can find out more and register at http://tinagreenewisdom.com/retreat/. There are only 2 places left so don't wait any longer 😘 #presentmomentliving #spiritualgrowth #thepowertochoose #openheart #embraceyourvoice #embraceyourvoiceretreat #retreats2018

If someone insists on seeing your naked body before dating or pressures you, even while in a relationship, to share or reveal your body in ways that you are not comfortable, we empower you to be true to yourself and be honest with them. Our dating partner or person should never put us in a situation where our beliefs or values are challenged or questioned. Saying "no" shouldn't put our relationship on the chopping block but if it does, then that tells you a lot about the person's intentions. **plus, remember that if you are under 18, it is illegal... #respectyourself #loveyourself #naked #nudes #NoNeedforNudes #embraceyourvoice

Sacred Heart Church hosts a Silent Witness Exhibit on Sunday, September 23rd from 2:00-4:00pm. This event includes special guest speaker Victor Pacini, presentation from Palos Hills Police Department, domestic violence community outreach resources, and candlelight vigil. For questions and to RSVP, see complete details on second image!
#ACDVO #dvochicago #domesticviolenceoutreach #sacredheartchurch #silentwitness #paloshills #enddvnow #domesticviolenceawareness #DVAM2018 #strongertogether #embraceyourvoice #unity #community #youarenotalone #loveisrespect #dvsurvivors

I am filled with an overwhelming amount of gratitude for the Community Changemaker Award from @oaesv. Thank you for providing a platform for men and women to share their voice and commitment to end sexual violence everywhere. #ShineTheLight #embraceyourvoice #metoo

This past Monday, St. Alexander Domestic Violence Ministry in Palos Heights had a great turnout for their Domestic Violence Awareness event. The Ministry collaborated with the Crisis Center for South Suburbia, the Palos Heights Police Department, and a domestic violence survivor to give information and resources on domestic violence and its impact on the lives of families. Great job!

Like the acorn and the oak tree, you were born with everything you need to become the fullest expression of yourself possible. We all have the power to create the life we long for. That power lives within and nothing that anyone - including you - has ever said or done can change or reduce it. It is your divine inheritance no matter your spiritual beliefs.
Are you ready to (re)claim the power you were born with and start creating the life you long for in the stillness of your own heart? If so, Embrace Your Voice, an experiential retreat for women to be held September 21-23 at Divine Flame Studios in Sacramento, CA is for you! For more information and to register, go here: http://tinagreenewisdom.com/retreat/
There are only a few spaces left, so if you're at all interested, don't delay. Check this out today! #presentmomentliving #spiritualgrowth #openheart #thepowertochoose #embraceyourvoice #embraceyourvoiceretreat #retreats2018

Natalee and Juan are sharing with you their #dailyaffirmations! What is yours? If you don’t have one, use theirs!:) #empoweryourself #embraceyourvoice #wednesdaywisdom #HappyHumpDay #casemanager #intern #SacState #TheCenter

69/100 ::The absence of gravity:: Every day was wrought with fear of impending violence. I, as all children are, was wired to reach for my mother for protection in the face of danger. Her hollow words: “I love you, I would give my life for you” disintegrated at the slightest pressure to manifest.

In the free fall of panic my abuse engulfed me in—her embrace never caught me. Her arms echoed what having a mother must feel like, but those same arms held me out to feed me to the wolves again and again. My world lacked ground, it was a bottomless anti-gravity chamber of torture. The faces that mouthed the seeds of my brainwashing: "no one is loved more than you” “we give you everything and you don’t appreciate it” “other children are jealous of what amazing parents you have”—those same faces were emotionless cold conductors of shrouded violence so dark society seems paralyzed to even speak the words: “child rape”

This incongruity of reality left me in a nauseated tailspin. Only recently have I begun to find the ground.
To those not educated in attachment disorders, the way they manifest in parent/child relationships can be counter-intuitive. My mother was a body in the room but I could never reach her—forever insatiated I was desperately clingy to her. She seemed to consider this our “connection”. Not knowing any better I understood my desperation as love. My memories of his violence are confused and coded in my mind. Her abuse is clear and raw—more damaging. I parented her, loved her, and continually attempted to comfort her in her grief. I carried both of us through our nightmare, I gave her the sunshine I fought so hard for because her world was terminally dark.
Today grieving her comes with sharp pain. I see her lack, her smallness, her inability to parent. I put my everything in her hands, I was incapable of seeing her faults. Mourning her, as living with her, is centered not on her—but her absence. Clarity washes over me: I never had a mother so I can freely leave the one who posed as one. This simplicity shines on my soul, each step more liberating. It allows new gravity to pool at my feet so, grounded, I can feel my lightness—for this I am so grateful.

The topic of consent is always best discussed within a healthy relationship full of respect and trust. Consent is not silent; it should be 1) verbal and 2) enthusiastic. If it is not both of these things, then consent has not been given. #LetsNotAssume #Consent #embraceyourvoice #CampusSafety

This week’s #withitwednesday recognizes @dvochicago.
The Archdiocese of Chicago Domestic Violence outreach efforts to raise educational awareness on safety planning to prevent and handle violent incidents have shared important information with new audiences.
#illinoiscoalition #embraceyourvoice #enddvnow #strongertogether #yourenotalone #loveisrespect #safetyplanning #survivors #archdioceseofchicago #domesticviolenceoutreach

Sometimes you can have all the power one could possibly have at your disposal and still have someone control your entire life. #like #comment #soulfulvibes🎼 #galactic #music #blues #soul #jazz #rock #rap #country #soulfulvoice🎤 #goodvibes #smoothvibes🎶 #coolvibes✌️❤🌎🌗 #embraceyourvoice #africa #Namibia #girl #yearsandyears #king

Enjoying our first #SafeDates program of the year at Floyd County's @pepperellhigh. This drawing is from one of our wonderful students. #embraceyourvoice #preventionispossible #healthyrelationships #CampusSafety

In honor of September 11th and all of the #magnificent people who have fought for us, who have lost their lives, who continue to fight for us, and to their families.. #THANKYOU! Todays, #dailyaffirmation is "I stand up for what I believe in." You are never alone. It usually just takes one person to speak up and stand up for more people to follow. Always #speakyourtruth, #bekind, #loveyourself, #loveothers, and #beyou! #Fight for what is important to you. #Stop those who are hurting others. Don't ever be afraid to use your #voice! #EmbraceYourVoice #InMemoryof9/11 #NeverForget #911 #TwinTowers #Pentagon #Heroesontheplanes #Heroesontheground Be your own #superhero! Be the #hero and influence you need in your life! #UnitedStates #NewYork #WashingtonDC #America #Foreverinourhearts

So often we look outside ourselves for the answers to life's challenges (big and small) instead of looking within our own hearts. You have all the answers you need. They are right there inside of you.
If you want to learn to hear them, to access your own wisdom, please check out Tina Greene's upcoming Embrace Your Voice retreat to be held September 21-23 at Divine Flame Studios in Sacramento, CA.
For more information and to register, go here: http://tinagreenewisdom.com/retreat/ #spiritualliving #openheart #thepowertochoose #presentmomentliving #embraceyourvoice #embraceyourvoiceretreat #retreats2018

I don’t know what program did this, but seeing these all over campus made my day. @hawaiicc #loveiskind #loveisrespect #embraceyourvoice #yourvoicehaspower

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