Started from the bottom

📍: Dawera, Dawelor island, MBD, Indonesia
📷: @welly_fernandes

~ Learn to master the mind. And, embark on the journey of Success! 🙏💪

Yesterday marked an ending to a chapter in our lives. Jami moved out here 7 months to live out her dream and move to San Diego. We lived in our first beach house together & shared a room for the first time. We have been through thick and thin times together while sharing the experience, but it made us become even closer than we were before. As we move out and move on to bigger and better things, I know this girl will always be my best friend & sister at heart. I've completely watched you grow from a party girl to a business minded and driven girl with big goals. I'm so proud of you @jamishaferr and I can't wait for the next step in our journey... Traveling for 3 straight months! I love you sista. #BestFriend #PartnerInCrime #LBR #EmbarkTheJourney

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