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In 1949, #EldzierCortor won a Guggenheim Fellowship to study the African diaspora in Jamaica, Cuba and Haiti. He later learned that a number of his colleagues in Haiti had been murdered by the country's dictatorial regime. His response to the experience was a series of prints, titled "L'Abbatoire"—visceral woodcuts and etchings that use the metaphor of slaughter to comment on man's inhumanity to man.
Pictured: "L'Abbatoire No. VI," about 1967, on view in "Wilson/Cortor."

Totally in love with this #EldzierCortor color #woodcut . 😍😍😍 Swipe left to see some detail shots. #julielovesart #mfaboston #africanamericanart

We recently lost this giant in history of great painters . Southern gate #eldziercortor #nationalportraitgallery #master #experienceamerica exhibition

#EldzierCortor , "Untitled," ca 1970, black ink and sepia ink on paper. In "It's Never Just Black or White" #MichaelRosenfeldGallery @michaelrosenfeldgallery

One of Eldzier Cortor's first moments of popular recognition came in 1946, when Life magazine published one of his figures, a seminude woman. He received prestigious fellowships — including the Guggenheim, which allowed him to travel to Cuba, Jamaica, and Haiti, where he was exposed to new examples of art and culture in the African diaspora. “The idea is to get someone to pause awhile” instead of walking past a picture. You try to just get them to stay with that painting for a while, you don’t just burst past it there. And that’s the idea. If you can get someone, to catch their eye a little bit . . . // ELDZIER CORTOR - Artist

The Room No VI 1948


Southern Landscape (Circa 1938-40), oil on canvas by African American artist Eldzier Cortor. From the collection of the Brooklyn Museum #art #artist #EldzierCortor #brooklynmuseum

This painting is beautiful beyond measure. #blackhistorymonth #blackhistory #eldziercortor


Totally in love with this #EldzierCortor color #woodcut . 😍😍😍 Swipe left to see some detail shots. #julielovesart #mfaboston #africanamericanart

#eldziercortor at #mfa #boston - on display til August - #beautiful works of #art

Currently obsessing over late African-American artist Eldzier Cortor. Zamn! 👌🏾🔥 #eldziercortor

A moment in blackhistorymonth. Eldzier Cortor (January 10, 1916 - November 26, 2015) was an African-American painter and printer who worked mostly in the medium of prints, spanned various styles but were unified by their concentration on the theme of African-American womanhood. Cortor represented black women in numerous ways and throughout his career, he spent his entire life depicting the African-American Community in a way that shows respect and freedom. Credit goes to americanart.si.edu #eldziercortor #painter #printmaker #artist #blackartist #blackart #blackhistorymonth

Purchased just last year, this painting was done by an artist not quite as well-known as Aaron Douglas, but just as important nonetheless. Eldzier Cortor was born in Richmond, Virginia in 1916. At a very young age, his family (like many African American families at that time) left the Jim Crow south and moved up north, seeking better opportunities. Cortor’s family ended up in Chicago and it was there that he attended the Art Institute of Chicago, receiving his degree in 1936. He was also one of many artists employed by the WPA’s Federal Art Project under the New Deal.
A painter and a printmaker, Cortor was best known for his elegant paintings of black (typically nude) women. Our painting, Southern Landscape, done in 1941, shows a beautiful and introspective black woman standing in the foreground. Behind her, the artist has depicted an imaginary South after the devastating floods of the 1930s. In the far distance, we see homes submerged half-way underwater. She leans against a brick wall that separates her from a cemetery, evidenced by a spattering of tombstones. As she stares off, she grasps onto her necklace, to which a cross (or crucifix) is attached. In her right hand she holds wild flowers. Beside her we see a basket, which we can assume contains objects that belong to her. Among the basket of possessions lies a small framed photograph of a young man in military uniform (which happens to be a self-portrait of the artist). For Eldzier Cortor, the black female figure represented strength, beauty, resilience, and the continuance of life. When you apply that concept to this work, we see an ideal beauty amidst tragedy and ruin and although there is a somber tone to this scene, the artist has given us a taste of hope. Our main character - the beautiful, black woman - is a source of strength. She is resilient. Perhaps she has survived the tragic floods that took so many lives and ruined so much property and was able to grab those few and precious objects that now sit beside her in that basket? Does the flower in her hand represent the dawn of a new day? #VMFA #arteducation #EldzierCortor #AmericanArt #AfricanAmericanArt #SouthernLandscape #

When you see a masterpiece for the first time, and you have to just sit with it for a long while, this is a close-up of Southern Gate by Eldzier Cortor at The National Portrait Gallery. Still processing!

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A portion of a woodcut by Eldzier Cortor at the MFA. #eldziercortor #museumoffinearts

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