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Skinfinity is an ablative and non-ablative radiofrequency laser. We use this laser for various skin issues. For this patient we are reducing pore size and treating ice pick acne acars. Not gonna lie this one hurts🙈. We incorporate Pro-Nox which is an inhaled patient controlled analgesia. Pro-Nox is a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen.

Sometimes you just gotta slay. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Face/Base
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“Its for a friend and I need this to be about her”
He smiled.
“Tell me something about her then” “She loves coffee. She’s an illustrator, you know? Absolutely loves art. And she really likes Old houses, elephants, serenity.”
His eyes lit up.
“She loves the ocean. She’s like one” he shook his head.
Somebody please tell my friend, he’s in trouble and honestly there’s nothing quite like it 💙🧜🏽‍♀️. Here’s a customised ocean theme candle with the ocean breeze fragrance lighting up your shore lust.

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Can't wait to work on this 👨‍🔧 #mitsubishieclipse #mitsubishi #eclipse #4g #4geclipse #6g75

As mentioned from my last post, let's discover more about this super blue blood moon and its energitic influence to us.
So, let me share some info. about this rare concurrence of the moon.
A Supermoon occurs when the Full Moon is at perigee, the point on its orbit when it’s closest to Earth.
What's rare is that its the 2nd Supermoon of the month. We barely had a Supermoon in an ordinary year and yet 2018 already have twice the occurence of this supermoon in January.
And speaking of the second supermoon of the month, the second fullmoon that falls on the same month is also called bluemoon. And it's also a rare thing to have 2 full moons in a month.
Hence, the expression "once in a bluemoon" was got about. A famous expressions used to emphasis a rare events or things.
And Blue moon is also widely associated with romance and lovers. 💏💕💓
When I was young, I heard this myth that when lovers are together during bluemoon, they will be together forever. Uhh❤️😋😁 (btw, 2018 is a really special year, for it has 2 bluemoons, January and March. I must say 2018 truly is a rare kind of year and it truly loves full moons, and so do I.😍💓🙏)
Last but not least, the January 31 Blue Supermoon coincides with a simultaneous Total Lunar Eclipse, making it what NASA has dubbed as a Super Blue Blood Moon or Red Blue Moon.
On the night of the next Blue Moon on January 31 (UTC), there will be a total lunar eclipse in some areas, including in most of N.A., Asia,& Australia. (info. via timeanddate.com)
A totally eclipsed Moon, sometimes called a Blood Moon, usually looks red, so this may be a rare opportunity to see a red Blue Moon.
The Earth will pass directly between the Sun and the Supermoon, casting a shadow over the large-than-normal lunation. The eclipse will reach totality at 21:29:51 PH time, giving the Moon an eerie red appearance.
(check the pics above for 🇵🇭 timezone of eclipse.) The last time a Blue Moon coincided with a Total Lunar Eclipse in North America was March 31,1866 (that’s over 150 years ago!)
and the next one won’t happen until Dec 31, 2047!
follow @lovelightsanctuary for details of event. 🙏🌔

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