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This isn't my favorite photo I've taken, but today I just feel so tired, so it's the best I've got lol. Nora slept with us last night because she had a cough we wanted to keep an eye on... and thankfully we were able to keep both eyes open on her like all night because we got nearly no sleep 😳😂 She also fought naps all day, so instead of napping myself like I'd hoped, I brewed coffee at 4pm and made my first candle. It was very messy. Hoping for a more rested, more calm tomorrow 😅

Den ehei h vavo genethlia alla ena paidaki pou tou aresi polu h vavo mesa apo ta videos .kai etsi tou eftiaksan afti tin tourta kai ehoume mini afonoi!! #vavo #vavoterteam #vavokalhsperes #eo #arhigos #odigos #kouklara #koukla #kaitetoia #nafpaktos #funny #time #love #lefterismitsopoulos #videos #instclip #instphoto

Batenang ini diri cuma panitia nda peserta 😝👸😇👑💕💐

It's that time of the month 🙈. Time to get my army ready for battle, but like actually, anyone else have bad periods 🤦🏻‍♀️. Clary calm is amazing for emotional support, calming and soothing emotions. Rub on abdomen twice daily.
Deep blue is great for muscle pain, which I don't know about you but everything is sore and I feel like jello. I apply this to my lower back and legs as need to help ease tension and soothe sore muscles.

Organic tampons because do you know what nasties are in your traditional drugstore tampons 😳?! Most tampons and pads are bleached with chlorine which leads to a toxic byproduct called dioxin, which is linked to cancer as it's a known carcinogen and endometriosis. Uh yeah, NO THANKS!

I used to take Advil religiously during this time because, school or work or just life and I needed to be able to function. Since switching to safer and natural options, I have been Advil free for over a year! #realtalk
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My girl @heartandroot has only the finest collection of oils. Her story is fabulous. She has had an incredibly hard year and these oils have helped support her so much emotionally! I love hearing the way these oils have helped so many people! 💕

This incredible hollow essential oil diffuser pendant by Joe @earthchunksglass along with several others will be available shortly on EarthChunks.com

The openings for the cord allow you add a few drops of your favorite #essentialoils inside to be diffused out for hours. Pure silver is used to create the incredible designs in this series. The blues and teals come alive on a dark background but can easily blend in with a lighter one. The background color will make a big difference in how colorful it appears. This style will come with a braided hemp necklace and leather carrying case. Prices will start around $50 delivered in the USA, $10- $15 additional for international.

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New mothers need to be able to relax after taking care of a newborn👶🏼 all day.
Check out the Essential Oils and Diffusers that @athoriabeauty sells! Diffuse a great scent throughout your home!
📦Use code: "NEWMAMA" for 10% OFF your ENTIRE ORDER!🎁

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Amazing lunch creation 😋 we love what @sweetgreen comes up with ❤ #EO

Sweet orange deodorant made! Now it's going in the freezer to harden🍊 #organic #coconutoil #homemade #deodorant #planttherapy #sweetorange #EO

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I unfortunately don't have an Itovi scanner, but I hear they are amazing. I was curious who has one and what do you love about it? Also has the scanner surprised you with its suggestion for you for that day? 😊

The dragon week line up. 🐲 When those feelings start surfacing that I *know* are my hormones speaking, this amazing blend gets rolled right on the inside of my ankles. Seriously, my husband gave me the ok to buy this stuff by the gallon. It's that good, my friends. 😍 And bergamot-one of faves for uplifting my mood. Diffuse it, wear it, inhale it. You know. All the good stuff. 👊🏻 #beanicepersonagain #andahappyone #dragontime #hormones

Why pay more? And February 23, 2017, save an additional 20%! WOW! CRAZY GOOD! Sale on entire product line excluding only the essential oil diffuser and Wild Rose Beauty Balm! *Offer valid for USA addresses only.
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These 200 year old Oaks hold a lot of secrets and wisdom! They are telling me to order the Douglas Fir BOGO with @doterra today! Are you taking advantage of the offer?!

When you get caught playing with snap chat...oops 😊😊😊
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I love when they throw curve balls in the BOGO days! These two are perfect and I'm almost out of both!
💧Douglas Fir is Christmas in a bottle, has tons of respiratory support, emotionally uplifting, helps combat mental fatigue and helps with healthy digestion as well. Amazing little oil here. .
💧Lime is a new found love. Tastes amazing in beer 😜🍻, also amazing for respiratory support, perfect natural cleaner, aids in pain management and is emotionally uplifting. .
For respiratory support diffuse two drops of each. #doterrabogo #bogo #freeoils

Need some good news this afternoon?! All Premium Starter Kits are 10% off today!! With a kit you get 11 oils, an awesome diffuser, lots of samples, wholesale membership, and an amazing community that will walk with you and actually teach you HOW to use the oils ((seriously, that last one is what has made such a difference to me!)) to sign up, use the link in my profile, or message me for more info!! Don't miss out!!

Obrigada pela confiança , ficamos felizes por ter você como cliente 😍💖💅🏻 #cliente #satisfeita #eo #nosso #foco

How is it that short weeks always tend to feel longer than regular weeks?! Today I am reminded by this cute little sign to keep choosing joy, even when the week feels long. Also, that Thieves hand purifier has been my BFF over the past couple of weeks with the flu, strep throat, & a stomach bug getting passed around. No thank you!! I love that this uses peppermint oil that leaves my hands soft and not dried out!

TODAY ONLY - Buy One Douglas Fir (5 mL) & Get One Lime (15 mL) FREE!
🌿$22.50 wholesale OR $30 retail.🌿
I'm so thankful for today's BOGO!! I literally had these on my LRP for next month! 🤗 Can't wait to stock up.
Douglas Fir_______________________________________
It's unique chemical composition
•Provides feelings of clear airways*
•Can be used to purify the skin*
•Promotes a positive mood
•Diffusing Douglas Fir with citrus oils, such as Lime, will create an uplifting environment while freshening the air •Add 1 drop to your facial cleanser, bar soap or body wash for added cleansing benefits and invigorating aroma •Diffuse 2-3 drops of Douglas Fir with 2-3 drops of Eucalyptus, or rub into hands and inhale deeply to promote feelings of clear airways and easy breathing
•Combine 1-2 drops of Wintergreen for a relaxing massage experience
•Douglas Fir can be used aromatically or topically
It's unique chemical composition
•Is refreshing and energizing in both aroma and taste •Diffuse to cleanse the air and uplift your mood
•Put Lime on a cotton pad and use to help remove grease spots and sticker residue
•Add a drop of lime to your drinking water for a refreshing flavor, use in your cocktails/mocktails, salsas and anywhere you would use lime fruit!
•Add 1 drop to your facial cleanser or shampoo for added cleansing properties
•Add 3 drops of Lime with 3 drops of dōTERRA's Breathe Respiratory Blend in the diffuser or diluted topically on the chest to support clear airways
•Lime can be used aromatically, topically and internally.
If you've been on the fence for a while about getting started with dōTERRA this is a great time to start. 🤗 If you want to get your hands on these 2, here are a few ways to purchase them!
▶️ Retail - Go to my link in my profile to shop! Order them quickly at:
http://mydoterra.com/essentiallyinspiredoils/ href="/tag//">#/ (Get BOTH oils for $30 +t&s)
▶️ Wholesale - Wellness Advocate - Let's get you set up with your own wholesale account (earn 25%-55% off), Go to my link: Join & Save at:
http://mydoterra.com/essentiallyinspiredoils/ href="/tag//">#/
Limit 6 per account. Avail. to U.S., Canada NZ NFR • BOGO SKU: 31509991

Yesterday I wrote out Thank You cards to everyone who sent my Cleo a birthday present or card. What I also did was take a cotton pad and put 2 drops of Joy, 2 drops of Grapefruit and 2 drops of Orange and seal all the cards and the pad inside a ziploc overnight. I opened it up this morning and let's just say, if the sweet unicorn on the cover doesn't make them smile when they open their card, the smell will.