Happy #dipawali
Photo by S Magendran.
During #klidance 2015, world premier of #ganjam .
At that time everything for me was premier, first time stage performance (nine years being my father's assistant but backstage so I know backstage atmosphere since I was 7 years old but not a single step on stage), first time dancing, first time with live music, first time in top ten halls in Asia...such an amazing moment, I forgot my steps while turning and looking at huge LED light projectors, being full of stress for backdrops, which has been done by #DrDinanathPathy , Sivarajah and animated by me, counting when it's going to be finish and I can have a rest. But beside all these premier dramas, I felt in love for the first time with Indian Community, after #ganjam , I get to know what a beautiful culture is Indian and of course without master #ramliibrahim #sutradancetheatre #sutrafoundation I never could have received these cultural gift - #Indian #Classical #Dance #Theatre - so my premier happy dipavali to all my Indian friends.

Sutra Foundation’s chairman and internationally celebrated dancer-choreographer Datuk Ramli Ibrahim is seen here in his brand new full length work – Ganjam – which is currently being staged at Istana Budaya until tomorrow, 27th September 2015. Ganjam which took over a year to develop is Sutra Foundation’s first dance theatre production in 9 years, and is designed to extend and redefine interpretations of “odissi” which is regarded as the oldest surviving dance form in India. Ganjam’s global premiere is one of the world class programs that are being presented during the KL International Dance Festival 2015, which is the dance portion of the inaugural Diversecity KL 2015 International Arts Festival. Be one of the first few to delight in this phenomenal dance theatre production from Malaysia’s master of dance, Datuk Ramli Ibrahim and the incredible Sutra Foundation. (Photo Credit – Dragon @ © 2015)

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