Wiz Khalifa - "Rolling Papers 2" | Director @erniereyesjr | DP @davidcweldonjr | Color @ariannashiningstar -
Shooting on a rooftop is always challenging when you don't have time or the budget to setup a lot of lighting. On an Alexa or a RED (pre Gemini sensor) I would have attempted to push to 1280 ISO and I still wouldn't have had enough light. On the @panasonicusa Varicam 35 I set the camera to the 2md dual native ISO of 5000 and came down to 4000. The 5000 is just as clean as the 800 and setting the base ISO to 5000 and coming down to 4000 is much cleaner than setting it to 800 and going up. I matched my expsosure of the background to Wiz with lighting him with a single @quasarscience 4' tube on the ground. It was a different look, Wiz seemed to dig it, so we went with it. Everything is lit by natural light, no VFX, that is the LA skyline behind him and you can even see some clouds in the air, all at 10pm. Keep in mind, I'm on a @tokinacinemausa 25mm Vista Prime at a T2.8-T4. I didn't want it to become too shallow when I moved in on him and it worked great.

O melhor da Millennium Contabilidade propagado pelos clientes. Que honra!!! .
A melhor propaganda é feita por clientes satisfeitos (Philip Kotler).
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душу придумали от эстетики.
она - продукт деятельности мозга,и существует как это определение,которое напичкано многовековыми религиозными(и прочими) убеждениями.
душа не материальна?скажите себе об этом,когда будете пытаться изменить её сознание этиловым спиртом.#чувства#чувствую#мысли#усталость#выпьем#алкоголь#фото#fotos#sad#feelings#alone#alcohol#dp#dnepr

On the way home from a night shoot with @paradox.digital I turned around and saw this amazing view. Always be on the lookout for gorgeous sights.

Ждем вас с новыми идеями, а главное - искренними чувствами сделать приятное близкому человеку! Готовы воплощать все ваши задумки с помощью цветов 💕🌸 Порадуйте свою вторую половинку, а мы вам в этом поможем 💪

bolso dp viajero, malla lona impermeable, especial todo terreno para exteriores, lavable en color crudo con semipiel color colonial a juego con estuche tipo tobito... #travel#dp#bolsodemamo#unico

This was a real labor of love I collaborated on with @juliette_larthe @prettybirdpic UK for the song “I’m Your Man” by @jspaceman3 of Spiritualized! .
It’s quite a bonding experience to run around in the desert heat in a car with no AC and you can’t complain because you’re not the one wearing a spacesuit. It was a real Skelton crew and everyone went above and beyond to make it happen. I find that often they can be the most fun and rewarding shoots. @juliette_larthe @hannahbellil @tiffanysuh @traviswaddell @swervinherman @riichgood and an extra special thanks to @a.j._crankshaw & @thecameradivision for making is possible. 👨‍🚀 #theicfc #dp #femaledp #womeninfilm #cinematographer #cinematography #filmmaking #dop #directorofphotography
#arri #zeisssuperspeeds #arrimini #joshuatree #spaceman #jasonspaceman

That’s a wrap in Miami. Directed our @eliteedgetv shoot w/ DWade.

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