This beauty is part of the #dontwantmenopopularboy series by @cookienamnam 💚🖤

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I had to borrow this from the insanely talented @cookienamnam 👩‍🎨 🎨 ❤️ because it's perfect. Every day is Valentines Day when you're in love with your best friend. #dontwantmenopopularboy #cookienamnam #happyvalentinesday #happygirlinlove

The best love is unexpected 🖤
Happy Valentines beauties!
This is my full series of 4 #DontWantMeNoPopularBoy paintings inspired from romantic vintage photographs, recreated with all my favorite classic monsters.
We don’t have to regurgitate other peoples visions of what’s beautiful, let’s allow ourselves to create our own 🤗
#everydayisloveday #frankenstein #dracula #werewolf #creatureoftheblacklagoon (Since I got so many requests I will be making this into a postcard set)

Working on my #dontwantmenopopularboy series for @swoongalleryla 🌹🖤🌹

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