When all this clean eating and self care has you feeling like a whole new woman 👑
Lately I’ve been letting go of the need to be perfect and portraying myself to be. I am a flawed human. A human who dreams, hopes, and evolves daily. I don’t want to give mental energy to things that don’t improve my mental state and well being. I haven’t only just been training my body BUT BABY, I’ve been training my mind.
Life is a blessing. I love you guys 💕

#DollyCastro 😍😍😍😍

#DollyCastro always looking good 😍💎✨ @missdollycastro | Swimwear @sohnandsea #DGC

#DollyCastro 😍😍😍😍😍

Brain, beauty and bad-ass determination 💪🏽 #bossbabe #RaiseYourBar #BarsAndBranches #DollyCastro #mondaymotivation

Good Morning 🌞
Let's begin this week the right way!

Pushing harder & stronger than before, there is always space for progress, and it will only come from ourselves. Don't wait for others to encourage you, encourage yourself to strive for better! And our example will eventually help others do the same.

Outfit by @missyempire
#RaiseYourBar #mondaymotivation #DollyCastro

Buenos días 🌞
Empecemos esta semana de la mejor manera! .
Esforcémonos más que antes, más fuertes que antes, siempre habrá espacio para progresar, y solo vendrá de nosotros mismos. No esperemos a que otros nos animen, animémonos a ser mejores! Y nuestro ejemplo eventualmente ayudará a otros a hacer lo mismo. 🙌🏻 Outfit: @missyempire

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It’s always a great feeling being with someone who cheers you on, gives you constructive criticism so you can grow, embraces your goals, and doesn’t try to destroy them. This applies to any and all relationships not just your partner. You’re only as good as your team or the people you surround yourself with, so make sure that team is always cheering you on and doing whatever it takes to get you to be the best version of you!

Happy #MCM to my husband @smrchvz. Thanks for always holding up light reflectors so I can get the best lighting for my pictures , for helping me iron and laying out my outfits for photoshoots, for dealing with my spicy latina mood swings, for wiping all the sand off me in this picture and for all the other things that you do❤️ te amo muchísimo mi machote hermoso 😘

Bikini 👙 @sohnandsea -
#mondaymotivation #DollyCastro #SohnAndSea #BarsAndBranches #RaiseYourBar

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