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Sweetest L320 I have driven so far, its a beauty. Mileage Just slightly above 7,000Km only and still practically has some tear rubber inside (means new car protection wrap)  The 2013 Range Rover Sport 5.0 Supercharged is a perfect balance of power and composure, its chunky lines, aggressive response and a huge array of 510 horses reminds me of the classic MK2 GOLF Gti way back the love of so many young motor heads then, only this car has given me that feel good satisfying smile of driving a sweet car. Over smooth tarmac, back roads and sand I just kept on smiling.
Ok right now on your mind the question is there is a new newer Range Rover Sport with a cleaner classier modern sexier design, the L494 2014 Range Rover Sport, you see, that is my problem exactly. The new Range Rover Sport is too sexy and borders on that wall of 'is it really masculine?' and then it is lighter, some of us love that heavy clean thud feel of solidity when you go over bumps and just smile as the variable dampers sucks each one with aplomb, The new Sport is more economical but buying a car like this I don’t think fuel economy is the first worry on my list. The new sport is more dynamic is curves but not that much faster than this, after all The SVR is faster than the standard sport so there is always a faster model. That being said it is worth noting that the new Sport 5.0 Super charged and Range Rover L405 (big body) 5.0 Super charged are the only variants faster than this car is the whole line up, any other model asides the SVR and above this car will eat it up and that includes, yes my princess your VELAR.
In conclusion the new Sport is beautiful on its own and at the end of the day will definitely come out tops if a deep analysis is done but there is Range Rover for everyone and my choice from the Range Rover Marque is the 2013 L320 Range Rover Sport Super Charged.

Now here is the perfect DJ mix to jam in your rangie doing that lean back,head bob  and fist pump.....@djmoesticky #djmoesticky #3rdlaneradio #3rdlane #un#diplomats

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oh lest I forget, NO the car is not for sale....

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